Staying In Line

De'Onte Arnett isn't letting the Terps early success get to his head.

Maryland has totaled over 500 yard in back-to-back games for the first time since 1982. Not bad considering the Terps started a former right tackle turned left tackle, at right guard and a former back up left tackle at right tackle.

But senior left guard De'Onte Anrnett isn't letting those flashy numbers get to his head.

"Coach [Tom Brattan] always says, ‘you're not as good as you think you are, and you're not as bad as you think you are,' so we take every victory with a grain of salt," Arnett said. "Yeah with got the wins and that's always good when you look at the wins and losses, but we know its important for us to look at the film and see the things we did right and the things we did wrong so we can do it better next week."

There were already signs of improvement from week one to week two. One big improvement was the run blocking, after picking up just 30 yards in the Terps season-opener against Florida International, running back Brandon Ross set a new career-high against Old Dominion with 149 yards.

"You know everybody [the o-line] was just really communicating with each other. Everybody knew their assignment and we didn't have as many mistakes," Ross said. "They were making sure everybody knows who to pick up as far as pass protection and run blocking, they were just always communicating on the line, so that really helped."

The line might be improving, but as the lone senior of the front five, Arnett knows they still have a long way to go.

"The biggest thing we need to work on is staying focused, and not worry about what the media is saying and patting us on the back and all that good stuff," Arnett said. " We just need to remember what we need to work on and stay true to our technique."

So far the line has remained focused, and Arnett said he can already see a significant difference.

"Just watching your teammates improve is a great feeling," Arnett said. "When your confident in what the guy next to you is doing you don't have too many worries because you know what your doing and you know they are going to back you up." One

person Arnett certainly isn't worried about is quarterback C.J. Brown, who has been nearly flawless through the first two games of the season. Brown's quiet confidence is quickly spreading to the five guys in front of him as well.

"C.J. brings a completely different energy to the huddle. He is just way more confident," Arnett said. "It is one thing to believe in someone, like last year we always believed that when C.J. comes back he'd be great and its one thing to be confident in him, but its another thing to have that actual physical presence."

"Having him in the huddle and knowing that he will make the right call is a good feeling," Arnett said. "Everyone is confident in him and were just getting better as a team and it feels great."

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