Thursday Table Talk with Randy Edsall

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall held his weekly roundtable discussion with the media on Thursday. breaks it all down for you, here...

Thursday's Table Talk with Randy Edsall

Fashion Report: Maryland will be sporting black bottoms, with white jerseys and white helmets

News and Notes:
**Tavion Jacobs has looked great, he is back to full health and he can run all day and he has great speed and acceleration

**Maryland held open try outs on Monday. Eight or nine guys came out and Edsall said there are a couple skill guys who they are considering at this point, although no decision has been made yet.

**The big buzz this week of course has a lot to do with Edsall's return to UConn, the place where all the magic started for him as a head coach. Edsall said he has been receiving well wishes from a lot of his former players, administrators, friends etc…this week.

**The Maryland-Connecticut series was originally scheduled when Edsall was the head coach of the Huskies. Edsall said he suggested that the Huskies add Maryland to their schedule to help with recruiting down in the DMV. He also said there were already several players on the Connecticut team from the Maryland area so he thought it would be good for them to play in the area they are from, and it would also potentially be a televised game in both areas.

**With the defense shuffling some of its key pieces around to stay in the dime for the majority of the ODU game, Edsall made some changes to the first team special teams unit. Because more defensive backs were on the field for longer, it gave other guys like Jarrett Ross, who helped out on kick off coverage, Shawn Petty and Abner Logan, a chance to get more experience out there on the field. Edsall said he was pleased with how those guys stepped up and performed.

**Ross's experience on special teams is especially important now with Jeremiah Johnson out for 7-8 weeks. With a big game against WVU, another pass-happy team, on the horizon Maryland could bring back the dime package to keep up with Holgorsen's air-raid offense. Although Goins, McDougle, Likley, and Hill, looked sharp against ODU, Ross could see some action in the future is any of those guys go down or simply need to come out for a rep so any experience he gets out there on the field is valuable.

Grading the Debuts:
**Ricardo Young made his collegiate debut last weekend against ODU. Edsall said he would have liked to see Young handle the four-minute offense a little bit better. He felt Young rushed guys out of the huddle a bit, but it was a good learning experience and something Young can use to help him in the future. Young doesn't get many snaps in practice as the third team quarterback, so the reps were good for him. Edsall also said he thought it was a good lesson for Young to always expect to be ready to go in at anytime.

**Zach Dancel also got back on the field last week, after battling an injury during the preseason. Edsall said Dancel will be in on a few more special teams situations, and he said Dancel is a very smart, tough, aggressive safety that could see more time.

**Edsall was extremely complimentary of Kenny Goins, who has stepped up in the absence of the injured Tyler Cierski. He said having Goins in the backfield makes the offense more versatile because he has good hands, and he is a good runner. He has also improved his blocking. Because of this well-rounded skill set, they can utilize more two-back sets.

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