Edsall's Sunday Recap

News and notes from Randy Edsall's Sunday night conference call.... everything you need, from personnel to injury updates, TurtleSportsReport.com has it here.

Randy Edsall held his weekly conference call on Sunday night, and he kicked things off with recapping his thoughts on the Terps win Over Connecticut.

"I am very pleased at that we got the win last evening in Connecticut, but also very concerned that we have a lot of things we need to work on and get better as we continue to move forward and were addressing those things with the players now. We just can't squander as many opportunities as we did offensively, and also defensively there were some things we need to tighten up and get better at as we move forward."

"It saddens me that I have to announce that Dexter McDougle will be out for the remainder of the year with a shoulder injury. He will have a little bit more tomorrow, but he will be having surgery here at some time next week or some time very, very soon in terms of when we get a few more tests back. He was playing very well for us, but he will be out for the remainder of the year."

Next, Edsall addressed senior cornerback Dexter McDougle's injury on Saturday.

"Dexter was playing as good as he's played since I've been here and he has been playing very, very well and its just sad that this happened to him. He might have had his best game as a Terp on Saturday. The interception was huge for us, well both of them were but the second one when he took it back for a touchdown was in a position when we went up 14 when we were struggling to get that two touchdown lead to hopefully put them away. So for him to make that pick was a great play and to run it in for a touchdown was something."

Unfortunately, Edsall explained that McDougle will not be eligible for a sixth-year per NCAA rules.

"You can't [apply for a medical red-shirt] this is his fifth year, and he hasn't been hurt before. You have five years to complete four years of eligibility and his first year he was redshirted. To get a sixth year you have to miss two full seasons due to injury."

The good news is McDougle's has handled the news well.

"He is a little bit sore and has some pain, but he was in this morning and we talked. He was disappointed of course, but I think for the most part his spirits are okay," Edsall said. "I told him he will go on all the trips with us and he's gotta be kind of a coach for us with some of these young guys that will be playing."

"We want to keep him involved and support him in any way we can through this process. He will sit in on the meetings and continue to keep his mind sharp and learn more football. The good thing is he only needs one class to graduate so he will be taking his class work and helping us from a coaching stand point and working with some of the younger guys."

"I told our team today the one thing we talk about is playing every play like it's the last play you are every going to play. As he went up there made that tackle and that hit, he was playing his tail off and giving everything he had. Its unfortunate that that caused an injury, but he'll comeback strong, but yeah he was playing at a very high level."

With McDougle out for the season and the Terps other starting cornerback Jeremiah Johnson still out with a fractured toe, Maryland will need its young corners, Jarrett Ross and Alvin Hill, to elevate their game…and quickly as West Virginia comes to town after putting up over 600 yards in their last game. This isn't the Mountaineers of 2012, with Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, and Steadman Bailey, but Holgorsen is a Mike Leach disciple with an affinity for the air-raid offense. True freshman Will Likely is a worthy heir to McDougle's starting spot, Isaac Goins might not be up to the same caliber as Johnson and McDougle 100% of the time.

Edsall said, "[With Dexter out] what that does is now is elevates Will [Likely] to a starting position, and Isaac [Goins], and then we have Alvin [Hill] and Jarrett Ross. "They have been out there practicing, Alvin [Hill] came back from being injured and Jarrett [Ross] has done a good job. That's why they are the next guys up ."

**Edsall wouldn't elaborate on the specifics of McDougle's injury** "I don't really ant to say anything more right now because there will be a CT scan tomorrow but it will require surgery, so it will just be a matter of what that shows and if it will be tomorrow and what the CT scan says"

In other injury news, Edsall said that Nigel King suffered a leg injury but since the injury will not require surgery he would not elaborate on King's status.

The recent injuries to Johnson and McDougle leave Maryland with little depth in its secondary. Edsall was asked if he was considering making any positional to a make up for the recent losses.

"We will sit down tonight and talk about anything like that form that stand point. Buu the guys who have been have at corner will be the guys I just mentioned [Hill, Ross, Goins, Likely] those are the guys that have been practicing there and getting the reps. I don't want to get in to any specifics now because we haven't had a chance- we just got through the UConn game film with the guys and we will be on West Virginia game with the guys this evening."

Finally Edsall commented on the return of the "injury bug" which plagued the Terps quarterbacks last year, and has now seemingly "infected" Maryland's cornerbacks.

"Its part of the game it happens [and you have] no control over it. I don't like [it] whenever you have injuries to young people who are out there doing all the things they can to play this great game," Edsall said. "We just have to have the next guy step up and get in there and play and that's all we can do. In this game your going to have injuries, you just hope you don't have to many of them."

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