Likely Reflects on Border War Win

BALTIMORE--Maryland cornerback Will Likely talks about the Terps' big defensive day against West Virginia. Plus, find out if the new "Maryland Pride 2.0" uniforms were a hit or a miss.

The Mountaineers had the ball with less than four minutes left in the first quarter when freshman Will Likely turned to junior nickelback A.J. Hendy.

"As a matter of fact I actually called that play out. I told him they were coming with that out route," Likely said. "We were confident we were going to make a play when they threw the ball."

Maryland lost seven straight games to the Mountaineers, so they didn't need any extra incentive to play well on Saturday but they got it anyway courtesy of some of the West Virginia players and coaches.

"They were talking smack before the whole week and all so you know we just wanted to put it on film and let our work show," Likely said. "[They said it] in the papers and stuff. It just got around [they were] saying the DB's are too small and stuff like that."

If there were any questions about the Terps defensive backs answered them on Saturday. Nickelback A.J. Hendy had two interceptions, including a pick-six, while Likely and the rest of the secondary held the Mountaineers to just 62 passing yards.

"We just had to play our defense make plays and make turnovers and that is what we did." Likely said.

Maryland's pressure up front made life tough for West Virginia quarterback Ford Childress, and was key to the success of the Terps secondary.

"It helps the secondary a whole lot because we don't have to cover them that much," Likely said. "They put pressure on them and the ball comes out quick so that gives us an edge to go and attack the ball."

Maryland also unveiled their new Under Armour "Maryland Pride 2.0" uniforms on Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium. The uniforms featured the latest innovations in design and technology, including individually hand-painted helmets and "no-grab" jerseys. Likely, who returns kicks and punts, said the new gear made more than just a fashion statement.

"It felt nice looking good, gotta play good in them. I want to say the cleats because my favorite color is red and everything was all red so it was nice," Likely said. "I was on the kick return and one dude tried to put is arm out and I just went right past him."

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