Edsall's Sunday Recap

News and notes from Randy Edsall's Sunday night conference call.... everything you need, from personnel to bye week plans, TurtleSportsReport.com has it here.

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall's Sunday recap:

Offense- Brandon Ross
Defensive- A.J. Hendy
Special Teams- Brad Craddock

Maryland's defense forced six West Virginia turnovers on Sunday and kept the Mountaineers to 175 yards of total offense, including just 62 passing yards. On Sunday head coach Randy Edsall opened up his weekly conference call with high praise for the D.

"Defensively we played extremely well yesterday and getting six turnovers was big, just really shutting them down. We just gave up three explosive plays you know the 30-yarder and the 51 yard which we could've stopped those but holding them to 2-12 on the third down and getting those turnovers was huge. We had guys flying around and doing a good job."

He followed up with brief evaluations of both the special teams and the offensive performance Saturday.

"I thought we have a good day special teams wise. Brad had an outstanding day; Nate did a good job punting the football. I thought our coverage teams did a really nice job we have to do a better job of look the ball into our hands as punt returners and know where were are on the field so we aren't fielding balls inside the 10 yard line."

Finally, Edsall spoke about the offense, which did not receive such a glowing review.

"Offensively we have to get back to the fundamentals. There were a lot more plays there to be made, but because we were not using the proper fundamentals and techniques it didn't allow us to be as productive offensively as we have been. We had some missed assignments that didn't allow us to be as good as we need to be. Again just every annoyed with the offense we had three false starts by wide receivers, a false start by a running back, a holding penalty, and an illegal forward pass, all those things to me are focus and concentrations issues that we have to get cleaned up."

"One thing I was very proud of the offense about, was in there in the fourth quarter when I challenged them when we got the ball with 12 minutes and change on it we took a 12 play drive and went 8 minutes and gave them the ball back with four minutes and change."

"I thought that was really good. Those are the kind of drives you have to have in that kind of situation to take advantage of the weather, take advantage of what the score was in the game, and going down and scoring, and we made some pretty good third down conversions on that drive. "

West Virginia didn't go down without a fight, the Mountaineers defense got some hard hits on Terps like Stefon Diggs and Deon Long. Edsall addressed the health of the team during the conference call on Sunday.

"We came out of the game healthy, but I thought West Virginia was very physical. They got after us pretty good, we got after them defensively but I thought offensively we could have gotten after them a little bit more. No injury reports until Thursday with conference play. "

Brad Craddock hit three straight field goals during the second quarter to extend Maryland's lead. Craddock hit from 30, 36, and 50 yards out and he also converted all three extra point attempts. Edsall talked about Craddock's performance during his weekly conference call on Sunday.

"It's just doing the same thing over and over again. It just with the kickers its just repetition and muscle memory is what you have to do and creating a focus and a mind set when you go out there to kick the ball with the same routine all the time. A lot of hard work by brad in terms of what he's put in it and just creating a mindset same routine a lot of hard work by brad in terms of what he has put into it and that's why he is having the success he has

During the preseason, sophomore Sean Davis and junior A.J. Hendy battled for the starting free safety spot. Davis got the nod at safety, Hendy his back up. Undeterred, Hendy took advantage of his role as a starter in nickel and dime packages. The result? On Saturday against West Virginia, Hendy recovered two fumbles and returned an interception 28 yards for Maryland's second touchdown of the game and became the first Maryland player to win the Walter Camp National Player of the Week Honors. Edsall spoke about Hendy's performance and his consistent work ethic.

"He wasn't happy about it [not being named the starting safety] but as I told him he is really is a starter on our team. He is a starter in our dime and nickel package and I told him what he has to do. He has to work really hard at practice each and every day, is there a shot that it could come at safety? I don t know if it could, it might, but if it does he has to be ready to go. I told him, he can't sit around and mope and complain and have bad body language and show that your selfish but go do something about it I know you might not agree with the decision we have but that's what we made based on the information from scrimmages and practice and all those things. "

"He is a great role model for other guys. All he has done is worked hard and look what it has gotten him, he is doing more doing things on special teams and contributing. When he is out there playing, he is playing at a very high level. You get out on the field because you earn it not because you're a nice guy, you have to earn the right to be on the field. We have a lot of confidence in A.J. because of how he practices and works."

"A.J. Hendy was the Walter Camp national defensive player of the week, with the two fumbles and interception retuned for a touchdown. Does it surprise me that he does those things? No, because that's the way he practices and that is the way he prepares. That is what you see out of a lot of guys, they play as they practice. A.J. is out there everyday working hard and just trying to take advantage of his opportunities, and same thing with Will [Likely] and Isaac Goins. It's the same with Malcolm Culmer. You know Malcolm Culmer has stepped in for Nigel [King] the past two weeks and has done a really nice job. "

"We are trying to get all these guys to practice like they're starters, whether you start all the time for offense defensive or its on special teams because they never know when they are going to get called upon to go in there and play, and when they do they have to go in and play at very high level. "

The offense sputtered at times against West Virginia, and Edsall spoke about evaluate the play of quarterback C.J. Brown.

"I thought C.J. made a lot of good plays in the game and there a lot of things he's got to continue to get better at and these are the things we will take a look at this week. This week we have time to correct those things and do fundamental things the right way. It was a tough day yes afternoon especially in the second half in terms of throwing the ball in those weather conditions, and it was probably my fault I probably tried to have them throw the ball a little too much. (Edsall added, I could've done a better job of getting ourselves in to a four minute deal starting the second half, so that's something I have to do a better job of.)

"Playing that position there's always going to be something where every read isn't going to be exactly right but we've watch film with him and well mak those corrrections and hell be better."

C.J. Brown had a few high throws in the game Saturday, which nearly resulted in injuries to his wide receiver. Edsall addressed a question about the throws and if they are cause for concern during the call.

"The one time Deon mistimed the jump and sometimes you have to throw the ball a little high based on if there are people there. The throw to Stefon might have been a little high but for the most part he has done a pretty good job of being accurate. We have only had one interception this year and everyone is not going to play a perfect every time out there."

Stefon Diggs only had two catches for 13 yards on Saturday, given Diggs' high expectations and competitiveness how did he handle the tough outing?

"He's got to understand-it happens every week in the NFL-people take guys away, you got to go out there and do your job. Some days you do your job really well, but they might do something from a coverage stand point that takes you away, or put two guys on you, or do certain things to not let that person wreck the game, but you are contributing to the team in other ways and that is what you always have to remember its a team game not an individual game."

The defense was good last year, but they have been even more impressive this season and Edsall spoke about the difference in the defense this season.

"I think they understand the defense a little bit more. Guys are taking a lot of pride in doing the things you need to do to be successful. They are running to the ball, communicating, they are working extremely hard to understand what the offensive is trying to do. It's a really close-knit group that wants to play well and they are out there playing for each other. They are playing really hard on each and every snap and doing really well from a mental standpoint."

Finally, Edsall spoke about plans for the bye week.

Get ready, take time to get healthy and get some work done on Florida State and do a lot of fundamental stuff as well. Recruiting Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Saturday. We will Practice Wednesday and Thursday this week and get into our injury report on Thursday.

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