Recruits React to Maryland's Lopsided Loss checks in with Maryland's commits and prospects after the Terps demoralizing 63-0 loss to Florida State on Saturday. checks in with Maryland's commits and prospects to find out if the Terps' 63-0 loss to the Seminoles will impact recruiting.

Gonzaga (Washington D.C.) College High 2015 athlete Marcus Lewis said, "It was a tough one! But I know they will bounce back against UVa. They are still a good team."

St. John's (Washington D.C.) College High 2015 defensive end/tight end Devante Brooks said, "As of right now I still like Maryland. It was a devastating loss but they still have a long season ahead of them."

Gilman (Baltimore, Md.) School 2014 outside linebacker Melvin Keihn attended Virginia Tech's game against North Carolina on Saturday, but he saw enough of the Terps' game to know they didn't give up with out a fight...despite the score.

Keihn said, "I'm not sure what Maryland was doing, but they will be fine! I mean FSU is a good football team and Maryland never gave up."

Future Terp, Coatesville senior linebacker Tyler Burke, was inspired rather than demoralized, after watching his future team.

"Well it wasn't too good," Burke said. "But it definitely motivated me to get there next year and try to help them where they needed help."

Burke's future classmate, St. John's (Washington D.C.) College High quarterback William Ulmer also had an optimistic outlook about the loss.

"The Terps will bounce back," Ulmer said. "They just didn't capitalize on their opportunities, and FSU was just a really good team."

However, not all of Maryland's prospects viewed the loss through rose-colored lenses.

"I saw it coming honestly," one prospect said. "Maryland hasn't played any competition this year so even though they were 4-0, I couldn't take it seriously because I knew that once they started playing better teams or teams on their level they wouldn't be ready because they didn't play anyone to get them ready."

The player added, "[my feelings towards Maryland changed] a little bit, but everybody is gonna lose. I'm interested in how they will bounce back."

Another prospect said,"That definitely wasn't pretty, but it didn't make me not like them or make me not want to look there. It was just kind of surprising-I guess- to see them not even score."

Despite a some less than glowing reviews, only a few prospects seemed to be affected by the blowout loss. Maryland and Florida State share few common recruiting targets, however, the same cannot be said for the Terps next opponent, Virginia. Maryland must get back on track next week against UVa, if not, the Terps recruiting efforts could take a significant blow.

Friendship Collegiate 2015 four-star offensive tackle Quarvez Boulware, who holds an offer both Maryland and Florida State, shared his thoughts on the game.

"Maryland's defense gave up way too many points and should have made more plays on defense," Boulware said. "Their offense was also not that good after they only had 234 yards and only nine first downs and only converted twice on third down, while Florida St was just completely dominating on both sides of the ball."

Boulware took an analytical approach to analyzing the game, and he said neither the win for Florida State nor the loss for Maryland significantly impacted his opinion of either school

** Some recruits agreed to share their comments under the condition that they remain anonymous.**

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