Edsall's Sunday Recap

News and notes from Randy Edsall's Sunday night conference call...

Trailing 14-0 late in the second quarter, Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown launched a long pass down the sideline on second down for wide receiver Nigel King. As Brown released the pass, Christian Jones hit Brown from the backside, driving his helmet into the lower half of the numbers across Brown's back. As Jones made contact, so did his teammate Florida State defensive lineman Jacobii McDaniel. McDaniel drilled his helmet above the numbers on across Brown's chest at full force, causing the quarterback's head to snap back as his body was sent tumbling to the ground. Brown remained on the ground, bend over, face down and clutching the crown of his helmet. After several minutes Maryland trainers helped Brown off the field, immediately taking him to the locker room and he did not return for the remainder of the contest.

Edsall was asked about Brown's status during his weekly teleconference with reporters on Sunday. He said, ""He had a concussion and well just go day to day with it," providing no other details on the injury.

Edsall also declined to provide any specifics or timeline for Brown's return.

"There is a protocol that any of our players have to go through when they get concussed, and we always follow that protocol," Edsall said. "We will do that with C.J. just like we are doing with Tyrek Cheeseboro."

No penalty was assessed on the play that sent Brown to the locker room, however, Maryland head coach Randy Edsall was visibly upset about the "no-call." He was asked Sunday if he had submitted the play to conference for further review.

"As head coaches we are allowed to submit plays each week that we see in the game that kind of might question that there was a penalty call or if there were plays that came up that we see a penalty that wasn't called. We are able to submit those to Doug Rhoades at the league office," Edsall said. "Every time we play an ACC game and I think there are some calls in the nature then I submit those. "

He added, "Again, I had a chance to see it [the play on Brown] on tape and I will handle it the way I feel it is appropriate."

Sophomore Caleb Rowe stepped in for the injured Brown, completing 9 of 17 passes for 119 yards.

"I thought Caleb went in and really did some good things yesterday and he's always made himself ready to be able play if the situation calls for it," Edsall said during the teleconference on Sunday. "He was prepared to go in there yesterday and he had to, and he went in and did some good things. "

**During a three-minute span in the third quarter, three Maryland players, wide receivers Nigel King and Stefon Diggs, walked off the field with apparent injuries. Edsall declined to comment on and specific injuries that may have occurred during the game, saying only "We will put an injury report on Thursday, we have no surgeries for tomorrow."

**Maryland picked up just 33 rushing yards on 25 carries against the Seminoles of Saturday. "I think any time that you aren't successful whether you aren't running the ball or throwing the ball there is always factors involved," Edsall said. "I think number one is: there are usually things with the offensive line that don't go the way that you want, there's things with the backs that don't get done the way you want, and also there's a factor of the other team that your trying to block in terms of contributing to the lack of success as well."

**Edsall addressed how the team is handling the loss and the morale of the team. "I just got done talking to them and the coaches just got done showing them things and we are putting this one behind us and were moving forward," Edsall said. "You know, some days you just have bad days and the thing you gotta to do is put that bad day behind you and move forward.

"Not everyday is always going to be a good day and certainly yesterday wasn't, but it's gone it's over we cant get it back. We have to put all of our attention on moving forward and that's exactly what we are doing here this afternoon."

**Edsall spoke generally about the source of the Terps' struggles on Saturday. "We didn't move the ball offensively and our defense was back on the field," Edsall said. "Then we gave up some big plays and didn't take care of the things that are our responsibilities to the fullest and that led to what took place."

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