Hoops Media Day: Mark Turgeon

Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon spoke about the progress of the team his season, personnel, replacing a first round draft pick, decision making, and more at the first basketball media availability of the year.

Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon Full Media Day Press Conference

Opening statement:

"It is a different feel. My first year was my first year. Last year, we had a lot of new players. This year we have veterans. We have just one senior, but it seems like a veteran team. We have been practicing since the 27th [of September], which is unusual. It is funny; every coach calls every coach around the country trying to figure out how to do it. None of us really know what to do. We are not going as long in practice, but we are going."

On Seth Allen maturing as a point guard and the addition of freshman Roddy Peters:
"Seth has come a long way. He had a good trip to the Bahamas. He had 10 assists in one game there. It was not really the kind of competition that we are going to see when we get into our schedule, but Seth is doing really well. He is just such a dynamic scorer. Seth can get a shot whenever he wants to get it and that is hard sometimes. He is doing a better job getting us into our offense. Roddy has been a real pleasant surprise. I think I have said that many times. Roddy is almost six foot five. He weighs about 202 now I believe. He has put on a lot of muscle since he has been here. He is really good on the break. Roddy has put time in the gym. He has totally changed his shot. It looks good. He has worked hard at it." On starting lineup possibilities: "The way I look at our team right now, I think we have seven and a half starters. Pretty soon it will be eight when the young guys are ready. We can go a lot of different ways. As long as it is doing well for us, I can see us locking into one lineup. Well, at least four of the five guys being pretty consistent throughout the year. I feel really good right now with about seven and a half almost eight players. Most of them are veteran guys that have been around."

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