Stewart Ready to Move On

Maryland coaches and players have made it clear...they are moving on from their 63-0 blowout loss to Florida State. On Wednesday, defensive coordinator Brian Stewart spoke about how the team is bouncing back and getting prepared for UVa.

Maryland coaches and players continue to try and forget about the 63-0 blowout last Saturday, but that is easier said than done…so the players and coaches doing a lot of saying and hopefully the rest will take care of itself.

"When Sunday hit we looked at the tape of last week's game, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then we practice on Sunday and when we practice on Sunday the biggest challenge is Virginia, " Stewart said. "I thought Sunday, we ran around well and I thought yesterday was a good practice for us. I thought the energy was up the attention to detail was up I was pretty excited about our practice."

When asked to pinpoint exactly where it all went wrong, or even what seemed to go wrong on Saturday, Stewart wouldn't budge. The team, the coaches, they are moving on.

"I think if I go back to analyze that I won't be able to analyze Virginia," Stewart said.

So with questions unanswered, or deflected, reporters too, were forced to move on to Virginia. The Terps will have their hands full with the Cavaliers running game, including running back Kevin Parks, who has rushed for nearly 400 yards this season and five scores. Virginia quarterback David Watford has shown signs of improvement running the Cavaliers zone read scheme, and is developing into more of a dual threat.

"They have a strong running game, both running backs especially [Kevin] Parks is running really well," Stewart said. "The quarterback [David Watford] is a good runner, he does a good job of reading they have a zone read scheme they run, he's not a bad passer, he has a good strong arm, he's a good athlete.

"The offensive line is different, they have shuffled in some receivers we haven't seen. We have to look at the scheme and what they do in different formations and how they attack it."

Houston-transfer Zeke Riser saw his first game action as a Terp against Florida State on Saturday and Stewart was pleased with the progress he has made.

"I thought he did a good job. He did what we asked him to do, used his hands, held his gap," Stewart said. "I was excited for him, [it was] his first chance to get out there and play for us."

After rehabbing back from a knee injury last season and a preseason toe injury, Junior defensive lineman Andre Monroe is showing significant signs of improvement. He sacked Jameis Winston on Saturday, for one of very few defense highlights. He now has 3.5 sacks this season, despite playing limited minutes.

"He has a short area quicks. He is experienced, he's played before and he's a good player for us," Stewart said. "[If] we see something where we can use him and take advantage of a center, we are going to do that and we thought he did a good job for us [on Saturday]."

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