Thursday Table Talk with Randy Edsall

Get the scoop from behind the closed doors of Randy Edsall's roundtable talk with the select media on Thursday.

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall held his weekly roundtable discussion with the media on Thursday. Get the inside scoop on everything from Saturday's uniforms to injuries and more.

News and notes from Edsall's reporters round table

—Maryland will sport red jerseys, black pants, and black helmets against UVa on Saturday.

—The captains for Saturday's game will be: center Sal Conboy (offense), linebacker L.A. Goree (defense), and safety Zach Dancel (special teams), while running back Albert Reid and linebacker Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil will be the flag bearers.

—Wide receiver Stefon Diggs has been noticeably absent from the return game, and he has been relatively absent on offense as well. Diggs has just four catches for 47 yards in the past two games. The common denominator in both outings?

Diggs required help off the field against both West Virginia and Florida State. His absence on kick and punt returns coupled with low offensive production, suggests the Terps' dynamic playmaker may be less then 100 percent.

On Thursday, Edsall confirmed that Diggs is, "probably not," playing at 100 percent right now.

"A lot of guys aren't 100 percent at this time of year. He got pretty dinged up in that West Virginia game a little bit," Edsall said. "If you really play your tail off in every game at this point in time you're not going to be 100 percent. You got to be able to play with bumps and bruises and take care of your body "

So exactly how is the ultra competitive Diggs handling the difficulties?

"He's practicing. That's the thing you find ou about guys who all of a sudden things don't go well, you have to go out and work and keep trying. You can't get frustrated by it. There is going to be people who take him away. That is what they're going to do. All he can do is do his job. If the ball comes his way he has to make sure he catches the ball and does the things he's supposed to do to get open, but he's just got to keep working. If he does that then he'll be fine. "

—Edsall was also asked about future playing time and the status of DeAndre Lane, who made his lone appearance of the season against Old Dominion on special teams, thus burning his option to redshirt. Edsall said he has talked to Lane, and there is still a lot he can gain from his experience this season regardless of playing time.

"I don't think you ever talk to them about not playing, because you just don't know. It's one of those situations, just from the standpoint of practice and what we've been doing and what we saw, that there's going to be opportunities probably for him on special teams and some of the things we're doing as well, but that's it's all part of it," Edsall said. "We thought he's a guy who would be able to be in the mix of top six, seven wide receivers, and we're going to travel that many. We said hey, we don't know if we're going to need him, but if we do need him at least we will have him…he's ready. Plus he's up practicing with the travel team the whole time, getting all those reps so regardless of how much he plays, it's still going to be very, very beneficial to him. He's still going out there, working really hard, and making sure he's prepared for if his time is called and that's the big thing."

—Maryland and Virginia share similar recruiting territories, so how significant is Saturday's game to future recruiting?

"I think everyone is a recruiting foe," Edsall said. "But any time it's a bordering state and the locale where they are, they are going to come in here and we are going to go in to Virginia those guys are going to happen."

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