Calm, Cool, and Collected

COLLEGE PARK, Md.-- Maryland wide receiver Deon Long made the play of the day, a 47-yard catch to set up the Terps go-ahead touchdown and he spoke his big play after the game.

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--After the Terps nail-biting 27-26 win over Virginia, head coach Randy Edsall admitted he was a little nervous to see how his team would respond coming off their 63-0 blowout against Florida State.

"I'll tell you the truth, I was nervous coming into this game. I wasn't sure," Edsall said. "I saw things in practice this week, but with where we were and all the things that transpired going into the Florida State game, and then what happened in the Florida State game, I wasn't sure coming into today. I thought our guys would respond and really do a good thing, but we're young. We're real young."

Edsall might have been nervous, but wide receiver Deon Long certainly was not. Facing a third-and-22, with less than seven minutes remaining and his team trailing by six, Long made an incredible 47-yard catch, with two Virginia defenders on his back, to set up Maryland's final touchdown.

"He [Edsall] didn't look nervous to me," Long said. "I wasn't nervous, I knew I was going to have to do something. I knew it was going to be me or Stefon [Diggs], or some receiver was going to have to make a play. The opportunity came my way and so I came through."

Quarterback Caleb Rowe said Long actually ran the wrong route on the play, so Long broke the situation down himself for reporters after the game.

"Basically it was fade comeback. But the way the were playing it, the corner was hard and the safety came down. I guess they saw Caleb scramble out, so the corner was ahead of me a little bit, and the safety was down," Long said. "I just ran as fast as I could and he gave me a chance to catch it so I came through for him."

Rowe finished the drive with a 12-yard touchdown pass to Dave Stinebaugh to give the Terps their final lead of the game.

"Just to know that our team needed that play or we have would have to punt the ball, and to hear the crowd react the way they did, it was a good feeling," said Long. "We never got down we depend on one another. We lean on one another like were brothers so we just look to our playmakers to make plays and that's what we had to do."

"It's just a mindset we have that we [the wide receivers] are the best and most talent group on the team so we [have] to put the most work in blocking, in class, we just have to do everything right," Long said. "The way [Mike Locksley's] offense is, he throws the ball a lot. When you throw the ball it opens up the run and when we run the ball, it opens up the pass. We relish off explosive plays so we just have to be the best at what we do."

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