Stinebaugh Breaks Down Big Play

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--Maryland tight end Dave Stinebaugh breaks down his big touchdown catch, and more...

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--Stefon Diggs turned to Dave Stinebaugh as he walked out of the postgame press conference on Saturday, "Nice catch, Stine."

Its not often that Maryland's best wide receiver Stefon Diggs tells someone else, "nice catch," but Stinebaugh was more than deserving after hauling in the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

"It feels pretty good. Stef and Deon all them they make crazy catches week after week, so its always good when your number is called that you can go out and make a play," Stinebaugh said. "It's definitely one of my top moments, second career touchdown, and it ends up being a game-winning touchdown so you can't ask for more than that."

The game changing play actually wasn't even drawn up for Stinebaugh, but his instincts kicked in and he got open in the end zone.

"I was just running a simple vertical route, Caleb got flushed out of the pocket and I kind of did a little scramble drill to the right," Stinebaugh said. "He ended up throwing it and I just had to go down low and scoop it up."

Just another day in office for the Terps' tight end.

"I mean at that point in the game you're not thinking game-winning, it was still half way through the fourth quarter so it was just a another play for me at that point," Stinebaugh said. "Reflecting on it means a lot more than it did then, but at that point in time it was just another play."

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