Move Over Turgeonites

CHARLOTTE --Evan Smotrycz has fans that could give the Turgeonites a run for their money.

When Evan Smotrycz was a sophomore at Michigan several students attended games at Crisler Arena donning their Michigan "Maize" colored tee-shirts over full lobster costumes. This small yet distinguished group was known as: Smotrycz Lobstrycz's.

"It was like an attempt to rhyme with my name, " Smotrycz said. "Lobstrycz Smotrycz, so yeah they dressed up as lobsters."

Smotrycz's cult-like following went as far as making a facebook page, and the group even made an official tee shirt

The former Michigan wing will finally take the court for the Terps' this fall, providing a much-needed additional scoring threat on the perimeter. Smotrycz's ability to drain threes should open up driving lanes for guys like: Seth Allen, Dez Wells, and Nick Faust, to attack the rim.

But real question is: will Smotrycz's Lobstrycz show up in College Park?

"Hopefully something new," Smotrycz said. "The weirder the better."

So too seems the case on the Maryland's basketball team.

An odd bunch of talented players, from transfers to newcomers and, well, the not-so-newcomers. They all took different and for some disjointed paths en route to College Park, but after one look at any of their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, it's easy to see the natural chemistry of the team. Plus, they all seem to be...the same kind of weird, in a good way.

Smotrycz's teammate, guard Nick Faust laughed when he heard about the "Lobstryczes" however he wasn't surprised.

"Ha, he's a goofy kid. I think it's just him, his little deal, I didn't know," said Faust, who had a suggestion of his own for a new group of Smotrycz supporters. "I would say a giraffe because he's so tall and they are kind of funny looking, he is kind of funny looking. Yeah, definitely a giraffe. He is always just kind of snooping around."

Smotrycz wasn't a big fan of the giraffe idea, "don't use Nick's ideas," he laughed. "We should just squash that one right now."

But that didn't stop Faust from picking the animal which best represented him and his teammates, Dez Wells.

"I would be a chimpanzee or something," Faust said. "Dez [Wells] would definitely be a lion…he is just fearless."

Smotrycz is open to suggestions, just not from Faust.

"Anything, something that will give me a laugh. It would be funny to see people wearing weird costumes, let's get it started put it out there, " said Smotrycz, who had one final suggestion. "A Platypus would be good."

Maryland fans love a challenge, so go ahead dive in….your mission: find a platypus costume.

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