VIDEO: Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--Maryland defensive coordinator Brian Stewart will have his hands full this week trying to stop Clemson's high-powered offense. He talks about that and more, here.

Maryland Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

On slowing down Clemson's offense:
"Get off the field on third downs and be good on the early downs. That's what's been hurting us recently, we just have to be better on third downs."

On the defense's lack of production on third downs recently:
"Right now we're just snake bitten in some areas. They pick up the pressure; we don't cover the guy here. It's just a lot of different reasons."

On the decrease in turnovers in recent weeks:
"I think it's everything. For one, some of the teams that we're playing are pretty dynamic offensively. Two, we aren't putting any pressure on them as far as third downs, getting off the field and that's where we got a lot of the pressure as well as our interceptions. So I think we just need to get better on third down and force them to throw the ball deep a little more and do some things, and then attack the ball in the air and get closer to the quarterback."

On getting back on the practice field following a loss from a coaching standpoint:
"When you don't get off the field on third downs and you aren't as good on the run or some element of the game that you want to be, you can't wait to get on the practice field to get those corrections done and then get onto the opponent and then look at those things corrected."

On defensive back Zach Dancel:
"He wants to be good. And when players want to be good they do the little things. They look at extra tape try to look at themselves and then when they see some little idiosyncrasies they are man enough to ask the coach, ‘Hey, I see that I do this, how can I stop doing something like that?' And that's what he does. He is very conscientious about things like that, especially watching himself on tape, and now the preparation period, when watching the other teams on tape he is conscientious with that, he's right in there with the other guys. He just brings a very mature approach to the game."

On linebacker Abner Logan:
"When you redshirt and you don't actually get in the game, you don't know the speed. There are a lot of things you don't know until you get out there and I just think that's he's done a good job. I think Coach Dudzinski has done a good job with him in just the way he goes through the teaching progression so he can pick things up easy and understand what we're doing. Between Coach Dudzinski tutoring as well as him maturing he's just done a good job getting to the point he is now."

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