It's Official, Trimble Back On Campus

Bishop O'Connell (Arlington, Va.) four-star Terps commit Romelo Trimble recaps his official visit.

For all the times Bishop O'Connell (Arlington, Va.) four-star Terps commit Romelo Trimble had been in College Park, Md., he'd never had the red carpet laid out for him before. Sure, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound point guard had seen his share of games, toured around campus and chatted up the coaches and players, but he'd yet to experience all the flashiness typically associated with an official visit. But on Oct. 25-26, the senior Trimble finally experienced all that Maryland had to offer, basketball and beyond.

"The official was real good -- it was a 10," Trimble said. "To be honest, I didn't think I'd like Maryland as much as I ended up liking it. And, actually, I loved it. I've never seen anything like the student body they have there, the way they get into the team and just how they are as people. I can tell they really care about their teams and are just good people. I really fit in well."

Trimble was actually in College Park the week before for Maryland Madness, which gave him a taste of what those fans could be like. But this time he was able to take in the entire campus; experience a typical day for a student-athlete; check out a basketball practice; see a football game; hang out with the team; meet all the coaches again; try on some Under Armour gear; and go out to dinner -- on the school's dime no less.

"I've gotta tell you, going to dinner with the coaches was the best part," said Trimble, who was accompanied by his mother. "We went to Ruth's Chris, and I got a big ‘ol T-bone steak with fries. It was really good, and it wasn't cheap either, but the coaches paid for it (laughs). So that was great, and then we took a big picture, and that made me feel really welcome."

While at dinner, Trimble and his mother were able to see a different side of a staff they'd come to know well during the last few years. Trimble said the atmosphere was loose and fun as there was no selling or recruiting going on.

"We were all just talking about Maryland's season and how exciting it will be when me, Dion [Wiley], Trayvon [Reed] and Jared [Nickens] all get there next year," Trimble said. "Coach Turgeon was real chill, and all the coaches, even the new trainer, was there. It was just a good time."

Turgeon did, however, mention Dalonte Hill, Trimble's recruiter who has since taken a leave of absence. But the O'Connell guard said he understood the situation and wasn't about to waver on his commitment just because Hill wouldn't be around.

"I mean, it would be great if Dalonte were there because I've known him forever," Trimble said. "But Coach Turgeon makes me feel comfortable too, and I like him. So [Hill not being around] doesn't affect me at all."

Before dinner, Trimble had a chance to see Turgeon and his assistants in action during an open scrimmage. While the head coach wasn't particularly pleased with his team's play, Trimble liked the general tempo of the practice.

"I'd never seen a full college practice before and I was expecting it to be really, really intense," Trimble said. "But it really wasn't, and I think that's because we go so hard at O'Connell. I liked the way they got after it, though, and how some of the guys were shooting. They made some mistakes, but they seemed to play as a team, and I can tell there's a strong bond between them."

Trimble's host during the visit was his former AAU teammate and current freshman Roddy Peters. The O'Connell point said Peters showed him a good time and made sure he met plenty of people, from the team to students.

"I got a lot closer with Nick [Faust], Dez [Wells], Shaq [Cleare], Charles [Mitchell] – all the players. It felt good to talk to them all and just feel like part of the team already," Trimble said. "Then Roddy and me, we went out at night and just hung out with some students, and that made me feel really loved. I loved being around everyone there. They were great."

Trimble also was able to sit in on Peters' classes, which gave him a good idea of the student-athlete's schedule. In addition, he checked out all the Under Armour gear and then took in the Terps-Clemson football game in Byrd Stadium.

"You know, the Under Armour guy went to school there, so they've got all that flashy gear," Trimble said, chuckling. "So that was real good to see some of the cool sweats and socks they had.

"And the football game was cool too. It wasn't like a basketball game atmosphere, but it was good. It was a packed house, and there were a lot of alumni there. The students were all into it, so I enjoyed that. The only problem was it was cold outside (laughs)."

The point guard ended the visit after another sit-down with Turgeon. Afterwards, he was surer than ever he made the right choice in Maryland.

"It's just a great situation at Maryland and I really do love it there," said Trimble, whose main focus now is earning a second straight championship at O'Connell. "I can't wait to get there and just be part of it all."

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