Scouting Report: OL Damian Prince

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Terrapin Times breaks down one of Maryland top targets in the 2014 class, Bishop McNamara (Washington, D.C.) four-star offensive lineman Damian Prince.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Terrapin Times recently watched a Bishop McNamara game in order to scout four-star Mustangs tackle Damian Prince. The 6-foot-5, 292-pounder allowed zero sacks, one quarterback pressure and executed one pancake block, while helping his team own the time of possession battle during a 15-14 McNamara loss to St. John's.

Here's our take on the prime Terps target:

Areas where he excels: A sturdy, wide-bodied, physical specimen, Prince can play any position along the offensive line and has the goods to stick at the money spot (left tackle) in college.

Right now, Prince is an athletic mauler who excels at run blocking. An overpowering tackle, he comes off the ball low and hard, firing his hands underneath the defensive lineman's pads and then generating power from his stout base. Better yet, Prince has a quick first step, allowing him to get a jump on quicker defenders who try to slice inside. Using his violent hands and motor, Prince then scraps through the whistle, continuing to force his man downfield. A solid drive blocker, he shows the ability to push to the second level and then finish with authority, either making a key block in space or pummeling his man with a pancake. Moreover, during certain packages, Prince shows that he can execute reach blocks by getting to the linebackers.

On stretch plays and other outside runs, Prince has the athleticism to reach the edge and the balance to properly execute a block. He is comfortable in space, and seems to have the field awareness to pick off a linebacker and spring the running back.

Prince's physical qualities should allow him to eventually become a dominant pass blocker as well. He boasts pizza-box sized hands and baseball-bat-long arms, allowing him to anchor and control defensive ends. His thick, wide base and strong hips make it difficult for foes to move Prince, and combined with his length, it's tough to get around him. Naturally, he gains good extension and keeps D-linemen out of his body.

During passing downs, Prince sets up relatively quickly, using a rapid-fire first step to get into his stance. His punch is potent and his hands are violent, and once in awhile they have a stunning effect on defenders. On top of that, Prince has quick enough feet to readjust and/or slide with faster ends. He effortlessly guides them past the quarterback, shuffling quickly when defenders try to cut back into the pocket. And when the signal caller scrambles in the backfield, Prince has the ability shift and hold a block for a prolonged period without allowing a blindside pressure.

Areas that need improvement: Mostly Prince needs to refine his fundamentals. In pass sets he has to be more precise with his kick-out blocks, and when run blocking he has to make sure he's even more decisive when pivoting. Once in awhile Prince will cross up his steps, and elite defenders can take advantage by gaining inside position.

Also, like many high school linemen, Prince has to play with better leverage. He tends to play high on passing plays, and that can limit one of his best qualities -- power. Moreover, Prince has to make sure he keeps his hands inside the defender's pads. Sometimes his punch is slightly off-target, and while that's good enough to stunt most high school linemen, it won't fly against top Big Ten competition.

Finally, we'd like to see Prince get even meaner. He does have some nastiness when run blocking, but it would behoove him to maintain that all game long. Some of that mean streak probably wanes as the game goes on, so as Prince improves his conditioning he should be more effective during the latter half of contests.

Reminds us of… Bruce Campbell. Though the 6-6, 310-pound Campbell never reached his potential at Maryland due to injuries, he showed flashes of being a dominant left tackle and was a fourth round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders. The athleticism and power Campbell displayed during his college career are reminiscent of a young Prince.

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