Terps on Williams Early

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Archbishop Carroll (Washington, D.C.) sophomore offensive lineman Jauan Williams is already blowing up on the national recruiting scene, but his hometown team was the first to notice his potential.

Washington, D.C. -- There's a play on sophomore left tackle Jauan Williams' highlight film that sits prominently at the forefront of his mind. Archbishop Carroll (Washington, D.C.) was taking on Pallotti, and Carroll ran a counter play over left tackle. Williams, the blindside blocker, fired off the ball, threw a stunning jab at the Pallotti defender and proceeded to drive him 40 yards downfield, springing a long touchdown run.

It was the kind of stuff that made Michael Oher famous in "The Blindside" movie.

"I want to be dominant and I strive for it every day," said Williams, a 6-foot-6, 270-pound behemoth 2016 recruit. "I'm always working on my game, and studying the game. I go on YouTube and just watch clips of run and pass blocking just to pick up things.

"I like to get my hands on people and love to take them downfield -- take them to the bus. I'm very fast and athletic for my size. My legs, from my hips down, are very flexible; I can put my leg behind my head (laughs). And I may not look like it, but I'm naturally strong too. My feet are really quick, but I have to work on pass blocking and keep moving my feet since they can get crossed up. But I'm always working, trying to get better. I might be playing basketball this winter just to work on getting better feet."

It's that kind of attitude and resolve, not to mention extraordinary physical gifts, that separate Williams from the everyday sophomore football player. No wonder this guy already claims seven scholarship offers from the likes of Maryland, Clemson, Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, UCLA and Virginia.

"Getting these offers is surreal. I did not expect this this early," said Williams, who has a 3.0 GPA. "Just because I have seven offers, it sort of means and shows I'm a good player -- better than I thought. Honestly, it made me feel better about myself. I never thought I was good enough to get those offers, even though I was always tall. I mean, there's a lot of tall kids, but not a lot of them get big offers. So I'm truly blessed and humbled by all of this attention."

Williams went on to say that he was most excited when Penn State and Ohio State offered. He said those are two prominent programs that play the style he desires and routinely produce top-level talent.

But that doesn't mean Williams is counting out his hometown school. Far from it.

"Maryland was my first offer way back in the summer, and it blew my mind," Williams said. "I was like, ‘I got an offer at camp…without film? Really? Dang.' So that was really special for me and it meant a lot.

"And, really, Maryland is a great school too. I love Maryland. It's home, it's great academically and I love the coaches there. I feel like I could live there for four years because I'm very comfortable there."

Williams has been in College Park, Md., multiple times, not just for camps, but for two games this fall as well. He attended the Old Dominion and the Virginia bouts, coming away impressed with the atmosphere and support he received from Terps fans.

"The games were a lot of fun. I was screaming, rooting for [the Terps]," Williams said. "I'm a Maryland fan, so I was rooting pretty hard. They have a young team, a young line, but they're improving. I like the way Maryland is playing and I think they're going to get better with the guys they're bringing in there. They're really trying to get a lot of [local] recruits to stay home."

Yes, that is the message assistant Mike Locksley has delivered to elite recruits in the D.C.-Maryland corridor. The Maryland assistant has had some contact with Williams at the games already, and has a terrific relationship with Carroll's head coach, Rick Houchens.

"Coach Locks said I have more potential than I can even see right now. He said Maryland would be great for me to develop as a player and person," Williams said. "They've sent a lot of big linemen to the league and do a good job developing guys, so it's a good option for me."

Williams plans to be at Maryland for its final game in November, and after the season he'll flesh out a travel schedule. He hasn't thought too much whether to call the Terps an early favorite, but he does enjoy being in College Park.

"I like the idea of staying home [for college] because I do get homesick every once in awhile," Williams said, chuckling. "I like that I'd be able to represent where I'm from. But I also like to travel, see new places, meet new people and see how things are in different parts of the country. So that's a tricky question to answer right now.

"It's still way early for me. It's a long, long process."

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