McDonogh CB Woods Enjoys UMD Visit

McDonogh cornerback/receiver Josh Woods visited College Park Nov. 14 and came away with an offer. But while Woods is high on the program, the 6-foot-3, 180-pounder isn't quite ready to commit just yet.

McDonogh (Owings Mills, Md.) cornerback Josh Woods didn't commit during his visit to College Park, Md., Nov. 14, but he did receive the coveted Terps offer and he is high on the hometown school. The 6-foot-3, 180-pounder, who Maryland began recruiting in earnest just this week, said he had a "great time" with the coaches and players and came away impressed with head coach Randy Edsall's program.

"I talked to all the coaches, Coach [Keith] Dudzinski, Coach [Brian] Stewart, Coach Edsall -- they were great, they showed me a great time," Woods said. "Everyone was really nice and it wasn't for show. It wasn't just, ‘Oh, we want this kid, so let's be nice.' Everyone seemed genuine, from the coaches to the players. They were all interested in where I was from, other schools I was looking at, what my background was. They talked to me like they had known me forever, and that was a really good thing."

Woods admitted to being nervous when he first arrived, but that feeling quickly disipated. He said the Maryland coaches made him feel at home and he felt comfortable talking to them.

"The coaches kind of knew I was nervous, so they kind of made it loose and warmed up to me," Woods said. "They were cool and showed me all around. I enjoyed being around them."

Especially Randy Edsall. Woods said he had a terrific conversation with the UMD head coach and appreciated the message he delivered.

"Coach Edsall walks up and kind of just pulls me away. He pulled me into his office and talked to me for a little bit," Woods said. "He asked me what made me a good defensive back, the classes I was taking, what I think about going to Maryland next year -- just the basics. It was a good conversation.

"And I felt like it was leading up to something. I wasn't completely sure, but it was a great conversation, and it was kind of cool seeing the stadium from his patio, you know? He told me I reminded him of a corner he used to coach, my build and everything was the same. And [that corner] only played at the varsity level for a year before going to the [NFL]. So that meant something to me."

The McDonogh corner also spoke to Edsall about the school's academics. Woods wants to major in communications, and UMD has one of the best such programs in the country.

"[Edsall] was saying how good the communications program is, and the broadcast program too," Woods said. "So that stood out as well."

Besides chatting with the head coach, Woods had a chance to take in a Terps practice, tour the facility and meet with a few players. He said he didn't get to see the entire workout but he got a good idea of how Maryland works. He also met several defensive backs, including Will Likely, Isaac Goins, Jeremiah Johnson, and the like, in addition to injured receiver Stefon Diggs.

"I actually didn't get to talk to [former McDonogh star] Roman [Braglio], but he ran past me and shook my hand and said a couple words," Woods said. "But I talked to a couple DBs in the DB meetings, and they told who is staying, who is leaving and how everything is there. It was real cool."

Woods, who has no other firm offers at this time, insinuated prior to the visit that he might commit should he receive a Terps scholarship. He did indeed get that offer, but he's in a holding pattern for now.

"I knew going in I probably wasn't going to commit because I wasn't able to talk to my mom this week, and I wanted to talk to my coach one-on-one. I knew in that instant I was going to be overwhelmed, so I didn't want to make any moves without going to a couple of classes or going to a couple other places before signing away my next four years," said Woods, who just completed an 11-0 season and finished with four interceptions and close to 800 yards as a receiver. "I talked to my coach [Dom Damico] on the phone, and he told me not so much not to take the offer, but he wanted to talk to me, and I didn't want to make the decision without going one-on-one with him and my parents. So I want to see what they all have to say and then see a couple other places."

Virginia is a school that just recently contacted Woods, and Delaware has been on him for awhile. He plans to see the Blue Hens this weekend and could visit UVa in the future. Woods, however, will return to College Park for the Terps' game against Boston College next weekend.

"I don't really have a timetable. I'm not completely sure. I want to visit as many places as possible just to be sure I'm making the right choice," Woods said. "I want to visit every possible school that wants me to play for them. Everybody is coming in now one by one, so I want to sit back and see what happens. I think I might wait until the winter to decide."

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