Mitchell Remains High on Terps

Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH) has the week off for Thanksgiving break, and that's given one of the school's star basketball players, Donovan Mitchell, a chance to return home to Greenwich, Conn.

Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH) has the week off for Thanksgiving break, and that's given one of the school's star basketball players, Donovan Mitchell, a chance to return home to Greenwich, Conn. Mitchell, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound shooting guard, said he's enjoyed spending time with his family, working out and just relaxing before returning to school -- and the court -- in a few days.

Brewster is off to a 4-0 start, and though he's not yet the leader of the team, Mitchell has made plenty of noise early during the year. Along with a few assists and rebounds, he scored 15 points during the first game, poured in 19 during the next two and finished with a 10-point outing.

"I'm actually doing better than I thought I would," Mitchell said. "I've played pretty well these first four games. I wouldn't say a leader yet because I'm one of the youngest guys on the team, but I've found my role. I'm scoring when it's needed and doing whatever the team needs. Scoring, passing, rebounding, creating energy – whatever is asked of me, that's the role I'll fill."

Mitchell said his main strength right now is finishing at the rim, while he still needs to hone his jump shot.

"Definitely, getting to the basket is what I'm doing the best with right now," Mitchell said. "But I've only taken like five, six jump shots total, so I need to work on that."

A number of college coaches have been in attendance to evaluate the Brewster guard. He's not sure of every school that's seen him play, but he does know that staff members from Iowa, Connecticut, Boston College, St. John's, Oklahoma State, Creighton and Kansas have been in the gym. So far he has offers from BC, Cincinnati, UConn, Iowa, Maryland, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, Quinnipiac and Iona, and he said Florida just verbaled as well.

"I was actually talking to a Florida coach [Nov. 26], and they offered me too," Mitchell said. "Then there's been a lot of other schools just consistently in touch."

Mitchell said he hasn't spoken to Maryland assistant Scott Spinelli for a while, but he knows the offer is still viable and the Terps still want him. He said he just has to reach out to the staff and they'll readily accommodate him, though he understands Maryland is busy with its own season.

"I'm probably visiting Maryland again over Christmas break; that's when I visited the first time last year and I'll likely do the same thing this year too," Mitchell said. "I plan to reach out to the coaches and set all that up. Maryland is still one of my top schools because they have offered and showed they wanted me."

The Brewster Academy slasher went on to detail what makes Maryland an attractive option. He mentioned a variety of qualities, though he harped on the fan base, the style of play and the coaching staff.

"I love the coaches, I love how the fans are always into it, and I feel like I fit into what they do on the court," Mitchell said. "Maryland is a big-name school and it's somewhere I can see myself playing. Every game is pretty much a big game there. And I love the guys on the team there; they're really great and it seems like a great group."

While Mitchell plans to take in College Park sometime in December, he's already see a couple nearby schools recently. Earlier this week he went over to Fordham with his friend, a Fordham signee, to see a game against Manhattan. And a month earlier he was able to take in Providence for its Midnight Madness event.

"I went [to Fordham] first as a friend and then as a recruit, but it was a lot of fun. Fordham beat Manhattan," Mitchell said. "And the Midnight Madness at Providence was really good. They players, I got to hang out with them and that was great. I went with my one friend and just had a great time there. Then there was a concert afterwards, which was really fun too."

Mitchell hasn't been able to see any schools too far from his home recently, though he has a few in mind. Maryland is one he'd definitely like to get back to, and now that Florida is involved he wants to check out Gainesville as well. St. John's, a school much more accessible for him, figures to get a visit as well, though that's not set in stone.

"But I'm mainly just focused on my season right now," Mitchell said. "I'll worry about visits and things like that when I have more free time and over break.

"I'm not going to [commit] anytime soon or anything. I'm thinking the earliest it will be is around September, but I'm going to wait a little bit."

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