New York QB on Maryland's Radar

Maryland is tracking New York quarterback James McHale.

Fordham Prep (Bronx, N.Y.) quarterback james Mchale just had to laugh. For the sixth time in the last half-year he was contacted by a reporter asking to speak to "the kid committed to Temple." That latter kid, who also goes by the name James McHale, is a three-star lineman from Pennsylvania who really couldn't be more different than the gunslinger from the Bronx.

"The thing is I've actually met the James McHale from Pennsylvania before at camps and I asked him about it, and he said the same mixup has happened with him too, reporters contacting him looking to speak to me," McHale said, laughing. "So, yeah, it's really funny, but I'm used to it by now."

In time, perhaps the New York version of James McHale will receive the same kind of attention as the Keystone State lineman. The 6-foot-3, 180-pound signal caller has several Division I-AA offers on the table, including those from Holy Cross, Dickinson and Wesleyan (Conn.), but one BCS program recently emerged as a potential suitor.

"I actually just heard from Coach [Randy] Edsall from Maryland on Facebook [Dec. 20]," McHale said. "That was the first time I had contact with them. [Edsall] just said he wanted to see him film and wanted to check me out. He didn't say much beyond that. I assume [the staff] will be looking at [my film] and getting back to me."

McHale went on to say that if the Terps did show increased interest he'd look to visit College Park in January. Right now, though, he's still in the beginning stages of learning about the program.

"I just heard from them, so I really have to research them and see what they're about down there," McHale said. "I never really followed them or anything, but I know they're looking for a quarterback."

He might not know much, but McHale is aware of what kind of a season the Terps had this year. And he knows UMD is heading to the Big Ten in 2014, which is attractive to many recruits.

"Going to a bowl game, the Big Ten, that's great. Every kid wants a chance to go to a bowl, play at a BCS school in a major conference," McHale said. "So a Maryland offer? Yeah, that would be great, definitely."

The Terps were the first, and so far the only, Division I-A program to contact McHale recently. Besides his offers from Holy Cross, Dickinson and Wesleyan, he's heard from Dartmouth and several other Ivy programs, which makes sense considering his high GPA.

"Dartmouth is my top school, and I'm still talking to them and waiting to see what happens there," McHale said. "They're just checking out academics and making sure everything is good with that."

McHale took in games at Dartmouth, Columbia and Holy Cross this fall and plans to see Dickinson and Wesleyan in January. He'll schedule a College Park trip should he receive a positive report from the UMD staff.

"Things are starting to pick up a little bit," McHale said. "Hopefully I'll hear back from [Maryland] and they'll be interested in bringing me down."

Last season McHale threw for over 2,000 yards and 16 touchdowns, to go along with three rushing touchdowns. He said he was mainly a pocket passer up until last year when his team went to a shotgun spread.

"I threw the ball a lot more this year, but I had more rushing opportunities too and did some zone read," McHale said. "Our team struggled a little bit, but I feel like individually I had a pretty good year."

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