Maryland First to Offer Texas OL

Maryland was able to pull an under-the-radar offensive lineman from Texas in the 2014 class in Brendan Moore, and now the Terps are positioning themselves for another Lone Star State product this year.

Maryland was able to pull an under-the-radar offensive lineman from Texas in the 2014 class in Brendan Moore, and now the Terps are positioning themselves for another Lone Star State product this year. Earlier this week, Maryland extended an offer to George Bush (Houston, Texas) jack-of-all-trades Mbi Tanyi, a 6-foot-3, 255 pounder who has just emerged on the scene.

"My coach notified me [Feb. 17] that I had the offer, but I think it came in [Feb. 15] or [Feb. 16]. I called Coach [Keenan] McCardell from Maryland [Feb. 17] and he filled me and my parents in on all the info," Tanyi said. "He said their coach [Randy Edsall] liked me a lot after seeing my film, and then he talked to my head coach, letting him know I had the offer. Coach McCardell said he really liked my game, and was excited to offer me."

Tanyi was just as thrilled. Even though he knew little about the Terps before speaking to McCardell, an offer is an offer, and now Tanyi is officially an FBS recruit.

"I was really surprised, because at first I thought Maryland was just interested and really wasn't going to offer a scholarship," Tanyi said. "But [McCardell] said they liked me as both an O-lineman and D-lineman and would give me an option, although they think I fit best on the offensive line. [McCardell] was saying he liked the way I blocked and moved."

The Texas product first heard about Maryland's interest a few days before receiving the scholarship. Afterwards, he did a bit of online research and learned UMD has a solid pharmacy program, which is what he wants to study in college.

"I saw about their pharmacy program, and then I asked Coach McCardell about it, and he confirmed it was one of the best and oldest out there," Tanyi said. "So that's really what I like about Maryland right now, and my parents like that too. I haven't had time to research much more, but since they do have my major I'm definitely going to be considering them."

Tanyi may not know much more, but he is aware UMD is shifting conferences in the coming months.

"I also read that they're moving from the ACC to the Big Ten, and from what I can tell the Big Ten is a very competitive conference. I'm a competitive person, so I want to play against the best out there. I saw how a lot of people are doubting Maryland, but it looks like [the Terps] have a lot of returners and have some nice players."

Naturally, one concern Tanyi harbors is the distance between College Park and Houston. He said he's never been outside the Lone Star State and doesn't know what it would feel like to be so far from home.

"That's an experience for sure," Tanyi said. "I've always been in Texas, so it would be different. But [traveling] is a chance to further my education, pursue my major and do what I love to do, so I'll definitely give Maryland a look."

Tanyi and his father plan on flying out to UMD sometime in the spring or summer. He mentioned that his aunt, whom he's never visited, lives about 25 minutes from the school, so the plan is to meet up with her before trekking over to College Park.

"I'd like to meet up with the coaches in person and learn more about the school," Tanyi said. "Coach McCardell was really nice and sounded like a really good guy, so I'd like to meet him."

Although Tanyi has just the one offer, other programs are showing interest. He said Oklahoma invited him out to "almost every home game" last fall, although Tanyi wasn't able to attend. He plans to stop over at OU at some point this offseason, however.

In addition, coaches from Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Duke and others have been through George Bush to talk to his coaches about him.

"I'm just getting started [with recruiting]," Tanyi said. "I'm still figuring the whole process out."

Currently Tanyi is running track for George Bush. He used to play basketball as well but hasn't since earlier during his high school career.

Last year Tanyi played in an offense that mostly threw the ball, so he's used to pass blocking. However, he considers himself an all-around lineman who can do pretty much anything up front.

"Run blocking, pass blocking, guard, tackle and this year I'm playing center too," said Tanyi, who benches 300 pounds and squats 400. "I can do a lot of different things on the line. I attack defenders, I drive guys off the ball, I can move, I'm quick off the ball and I'm athletic. What I need to work on most is just overall speed. I just need to keep developing that and work on some fundamentals – there's still a lot to learn."

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