Giles-Harris Excited About Terps Offer

St. Joseph (Montvale, N.J.) linebacker Joe Giles-Harris added his ninth offer from the Terps, and he goes in-depth with Terrapin Times...

Maryland offered St. Joseph (Montvale, N.J.) offensive lineman Tommy Hatton on Feb. 14 , and two weeks later the Terps extended another verbal to Hatton's teammate, three-star linebacker Joe Giles-Harris. The 6-foot-1, 210-pounder was thrilled when he got the word about his offer from the Terps.

"It is definitely very exciting, especially since it is Maryland and my aunt lives 30 minutes away from school," Giles-Harris said. "So it's good to know I have family close to there."

Giles-Harris' aunt lives just down the road from College Park, in Silver Spring, Md., and he and his family are more than familiar with the area.

"We go to see her all the time, pretty much whenever we are free," Giles-Harris said. "I even went to a couple football games when I was younger. I just remember them being really big, but it was fun and one of the few I went to."

Aside from family trips to Silver Spring, Giles-Harris also got a chance to check out Maryland's campus this summer with his brother, a former Terp lacrosse recruit. Although his brother ended up committing to Duke for lacrosse, that didn't affect the three-star linebacker's experience.

"We mostly saw stuff from the lacrosse perspective and they showed us some of the football stuff, and where everyone eats, the weight room and stuff, so it was a good experience," Giles-Harris said. "I definitely want to get back and see more."

Giles-Harris won't have to wait long for his chance either. He is heading down south for the Duke-UNC basketball game and a quick fishing trip in Carolina, but he plans to stop in College Park on his return trip to get a closer look at Maryland on March 10, just a few days after his teammate Hatton is set to visit.

"Tommy and I talk about going to school together, what it would be like," Giles-Harris said. "We are really close, so it would definitely be cool."

One thing Giles-Harris hopes to learn more about during his second trip is academics.

"This time I definitely plan to look more towards the educational facilities and the academic help programs for the student-athletes, and just some other stuff around campus," Giles-Harris said. "I am just looking for somewhere that would be a nice home, where I can feel comfortable.

He added: "I have spent a lot of time down there so I know College Park and aroud that area is really nice. Last time I saw a lot of the athletic facilities, so this time I really want to focus on the school part."

Of course, Giles-Harris is also looking forward to getting a chance to visit with the Terps' coaching staff again as well. He has built a god relationship with his recruiter, inside linebackers coach Keith Dudzinski over the past year.

"I have been talking with him for about a year now," Giles-Harris said. "He came up to watch one of my basketball practices in January, and I really like him. We have a good relationship. Whenever we talk, he talks about sports and asks how everything is going with my family. It is basically just a nice relaxing conversation it kind of takes the stress off."

After picking up with offer, Giles-Harris said Dudzinksi broke down exactly where they see him fitting in with the Terps defensive scheme.

"Coach Dudzinski said they see me as an inside linebacker as of now," Giles-Harris said. "But when they come up and see my workout this spring, depending on my athleticism, I could play both. Right now they aren't really sure, but they are offering me on the inside."

Giles-Harris played both inside and outside linebacker this year from the Knights, and while he prefers to come off the edge he isn't opposed to staying inside.

"I like playing on the outside but playing on the inside it's no problem," Giles-Harris said. "The switch is easy to make and it's not that big of deal, but if I could choose I'd rather play on the outside. "

He added: "I don't really care if I play in or out, I was just excited about the offer."

Maryland is the ninth school to offer Giles-Harris, along with N.C. State, Boston College, Arizona State, Duke, Illinois, Rutgers, and Temple.

As far as a decision goes, Giles-Harris is in no rush.

"I have no clue, not for a while," Giles-Harris said. "I am going to go on all my visits, but I don't think I will be making a decision anytime soon."

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