Ryslik Rising; UMD, Others Intrigued

Dave Ryslik had been sitting on a single offer from Duke since mid-October, but The Peddle School (Hightstown, N.J.) defensive tackle finally added No. 2 March 15. He figures to gain even more as the spring moves along.

David Ryslik had been sitting on a single offer from Duke since mid-October, but The Peddle School (Hightstown, N.J.) defensive tackle finally added No. 2 March 15. The 6-foot-4, 281-pounder pulled in a verbal from Temple, and that could just get the ball rolling in earnest for the burly plugger.

"All it took was for me to go out and visit for [Temple's] junior day and I picked up the offer. I think that's going to be the case with a lot of teams," Ryslik said. "All these coaches are saying they're close, they're close, but they want me to come out first. So it's just, like, finding time to get out to visit. I'm in the Northeast and a lot of the schools talking to me are in the South, so it's not easy to just get up and go. But once I do I think I'll start getting more and more offers."

Some of those programs Ryslik mentioned included Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia Tech and Boston College. He said before the dead period, assistants from those schools visited The Peddle School and indicated they were giving him a long, hard look.

"The coaches were saying, ‘Hey, you come out there's a good chance the offer will be on the table," Ryslik said. "Virginia, they're pushing hard, saying the most to me. They came out a few times in January and have still be hitting me up on Twitter a bunch. They're always asking, ‘When are you gonna come? When are you gonna come?'

"Another one is Maryland. Coach [John] Dunn hits me up all the time and is trying to get me down there. Maryland is making a push too, saying a lot to me."

In fact, Ryslik said his next visit will be to College Park, Md., for the Terps' spring game in April. The Jersey defensive tackle said he's been through Washington, D.C., before, but has never been to Maryland.

"Maryland is a school I'm definitely interested in. Coach Dunn, he's new [recruiting] up in Jersey, but he has been hitting me up for awhile now," Ryslik said. "We've been in touch a bunch on Twitter and all that. He came up to my school too to talk to my coaches about me. And I'm only like 2.5 hours from Maryland as opposed to like five hours from UVA, so I think I'll be able to make it down to Maryland for that spring game."

Ryslik went on to say that he's eager to take in the university, meet the coaches and learn more about the program.

"I know they're going to the Big Ten and that's a good move for them. And I know they're a city school right outside of D.C., so there's a lot going on around there, and that makes them appealing," Ryslik said. "So I want to get down there, and get more acquainted with Maryland and the coaches. Just talking to Coach Dunn and all, I like him a lot, so I want to meet the rest [of the staff] in person.

"I want to get a general feel for the place, because if I can't see myself living there for four years I won't want to be there, no matter how much I like the program. I also want to just get the whole college feel of Maryland, and just learn about the academics and what they have to offer."

Ryslik said it "would be nice" to get a Terps verbal while on campus, but it wouldn't be a game changer by any means. He noted how he'll look closely at any school that offers, and if a program wants to take a chance on him, "I'll take a chance on them."

However, Ryslik admitted there was at least one school that would be hard to deny, although how realistic that option is remains to be seen.

"I do like Stanford a lot," Ryslik said. "Their one coach did come to visit a little while back, but then he took another job at Vanderbilt, so I wasn't really talking to them for awhile. But then the D-line coach at Stanford just got back in touch with me and he was saying they're coming back out in the spring to look at me. So Stanford is looking pretty good right now, and I'm getting out there for a visit this summer."

Speaking of summer visits, that's when Ryslik plans to begin his college tour. His father currently lives in Florida, so on his drive down from Jersey to the Sunshine State he'll hit Virginia, West Virginia, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Miami. He'll also likely stop at Duke, the first school to pull the trigger on him.

"Duke is one of the top schools out there academically, and they're a team on the rise, so I'll look at them," Ryslik said. "There's no school I'm going to say no to if they're willing to offer."

That includes his most recent verbal. Ryslik was just at Temple and doesn't have immediate plans to return. But he is looking forward to keeping in touch with the staff and building a rapport.

"Temple is like the other D-I school around here besides Rutgers," Ryslik said. "My uncle went there and it's a school I grew up watching, so that gives them a little push. I had a good time at the junior day and enjoyed the school, so I'll probably look at them too."

After completing his summer jaunt, Ryslik said he'll sit back and evaluate all his options. He has no plans to commit anytime before his senior season ends, saying he wants to take his time and not rush anything.

"It'll come down to what I ultimately feel is the best fit, and I haven't figured all that out yet," Ryslik said. "Will it be the academics of Duke or UVA that are the best for me? Or will it be like a prestigious school like Stanford? Or will it be a program going to the Big Ten like Maryland, or a familiar school like Temple? I really don't know yet."

Last year Ryslik's Peddle School squad played just eight games, but in those eight the big defensive tackle had 60 tackles, six sacks, three forced fumbles, a recovery and three pass deflections. This offseason he's throwing the shot-put for the track team in addition to cardio and weight lifting.

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