WR Simmons Set to Visit UMD, Hoping for Offer

The Terps have several receiver targets on their board, but one who doesn't hold an offer yet but could emerge during the May evaluation period is Bethlehem Catholic's (Bethlehem, Pa.) Freddie Simmons.

The Terps have several receiver targets on their board, but one who doesn't hold an offer yet but could emerge during the May evaluation period is Bethlehem Catholic's (Bethlehem, Pa.) Freddie Simmons. The 6-foot-3, 175 pounder has early offers from Buffalo, Rutgers, Purdue, California, Virginia, Wake Forest and Western Michigan, while Maryland, Temple, Boise State, Washington, Boston College and Connecticut have been in contact.

"That Cal offer is legit; I talk to their coaches regularly," Simmons said. "But besides them Purdue and Rutgers are talking to me the most right now. Their coaches e-mail me like every day and are always sending letters. I also talk to BC, UConn and Temple one a regular basis, while everyone else stays in touch like once a week or once every other week."

Simmons said he hasn't had a chance to speak to Maryland receivers coach Keenan McCardell yet, but he's had contact with his recruiter, John Dunn. The Pennsylvania product said he and Dunn have set up a visit for April 11, which is Maryland's spring game.

"Coach Dunn really hasn't spoken about my film or my game yet, but from the little conversations we've had we were able to schedule a visit April 11," Simmons said. "I think Maryland is interested since they want me down there, and I'm sure I'll find out more once I go."

Simmons went on to say that he's looking forward to being back in College Park, Md. He first trekked down to Maryland last summer and thoroughly enjoyed his camp experience.

"It was probably one of the best times I had at a football camp. The facilities were really good, the coaches showed us around, I felt comfortable there, and I liked the location," Simmons said. "I also liked the coaches a lot and how welcoming they were.

"So, yes, I'm definitely looking forward to the spring game. It will be nice to talk to the coaches again and see where the team is right now and see exactly where I stand with them in terms of recruiting."

There are a couple other reasons Simmons is intrigued by the Terps. Two of Maryland's main selling points to out-of-state recruits is attending school in College Park is a chance to play in the Big Ten and a chance to don those Under Armour uniforms.

"The uniforms are sweet. They're the second best ones out there next to Oregon's, so I love them," Simmons said. "And the Big Ten is one of the best conferences in college football, and after some adjusting I think it will really help Maryland with recruiting."

Of course, Maryland hasn't even offered yet, so Simmons' true interest level is dependent on whether or not the Terps push. Right now, he's focusing on the schools that have offered and those whose scholarships are imminent.

"BC told me they're going to offer once I visit, and UConn told me they're going to offer when I go there April 5," Simmons said. "I'm hoping Boise State will offer too since I've been in contact with their receivers coach for a couple weeks now. Then I just started talking to Washington, so we'll see what happens with them."

Most recently, Simmons took in Penn State, although he said he's unsure if PSU will pursue him. Either way, he enjoyed his stay in State College, Pa.

"Penn State was crazy. I loved it. Honestly I don't know how to explain it," Simmons said. "The coaches were perfect, and how they presented the university was very good. Their practice was similar to ours in high school, the stadium was huge, the locker room was great, and they took us through all the academic support too. It was a great experience."

Before that, the Bethlehem Catholic receiver made his way to Rutgers and Pittsburgh in March. RU has already offered, but he said Pitt isn't exactly recruiting him at the moment.

"Rutgers was really cool and I loved the coaches," Simmons said. "I got to know them really well and talked to Coach [Kyle] Flood one on one. The facilities were good, and I like how they're not recruiting any receivers after my class and just one or two in the 2015 class. So they mentioned early playing time, and that's what I liked about them.

"Pitt, I haven't been in contact since I visited, but it was nice. I like how they share facilities with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the coaches are really cool too." Right now Simmons is content to let the recruiting process play out through his senior season before coming to any kind of decision. But he does have a couple early standouts.

"I really, really like Maryland. I hope something happens there," Simmons said. "Then Boise State, I'm hoping for them, and Penn State too. Those are the three standing out in my mind right now."

Simmons is coming off a season where he recorded 37 catches for 700 yards and 11 touchdowns. He currently runs a 4.48 40-yard dash.

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