Terps Tracking Canadian Recruits

When Maryland assistant Chad Wilt made the trek up to Canada May 1, it was quite obvious he wanted to check out longtime defensive tackle target Neville Gallimore of Canada Prep Academy. But while the 16-offer Gallimore, a four-star prospect, is a known name, there are two other recruits that have caught recruiters' eyes.

When Maryland assistant Chad Wilt made the trek up to Canada May 1, it was quite obvious he wanted to check out longtime defensive tackle target Neville Gallimore of Canada Prep Academy (St. Catharines/Ontario). But while the 16-offer Gallimore, a four-star prospect, is a known name, there are two other recruits that have caught recruiters' eyes. Canada Prep coach Geoff McArthur said his 5-foot-8, 170-pound slot receiver, Justin Julien, will find a home at the FCS level, while 5-11 cornerback Shamar Busby is a Division I talent as well.

Wilt, for his part, was impressed by both, and in particular he liked the speed demon slot/return man.

"Both Maryland and West Virginia were up here [May 1], and both of them loved Justin," McArthur said. "The West Virginia coach really, really liked him and started comparing him to Tavon Austin with his speed and sudden movements. It wouldn't surprise me if West Virginia offered him.

"And Maryland loved him too. Coach Wilt said they have a guy over there now, Stefon Diggs, and Justin has that kind of speed and playmaking ability. [Wilt] said he really liked what he saw out of Justin and he's going to take his report back to the staff and see what they think."

Besides UMD and WVU, Julien is receiving significant interest from Tulsa, Kent State, Northwestern, Eastern Michigan and Tulsa. His first offer, according to McArthur, should come in next week when Fordham, a Division I-AA program, makes its way to Canada Prep.

But McArthur and his undersized receiver both believe he'll eventually secure his share of FCS scholarships once he visits campuses and works out in front of more coaches.

"With Justin, his game is all about speed. He has tremendous acceleration, he can turn on a dime, and he can make guys look silly in the open field," the coach said. "He's the type of kid where you get the ball in his hands and just let him make a play for you. He's a classic slot receiver. The only question with him is he's only about 5-8, but, you know, you can't tackle what you can't catch -- and Justin definitely has game-breaking speed."

Maryland, especially, is a school Julien wants to hear more from. Even though he lives north of the border, Julien's seen Maryland on TV before and said he's taking a liking to the Terps' most marketable player.

"When Coach Wilt came up here I was very, very excited," Julien said. "It was really cool to see him up here and I was honored he watched me work out.

"I love Maryland because they have Stefon Diggs and he's someone I admire. I love what he's been able to do there, and I feel I can be a playmaker like that."

Julien said he'll try and visit Maryland this summer, along with Gallimore, who already plans to trip to College Park, Md. If UMD extended an offer at that point, Julien said it would be difficult not to accept it.

"I would be overwhelmed, honestly," Julien said. "I would be so happy. I'd probably commit if they [offered me]."

The Canadian receiver hasn't seen any schools yet but would like to check out WVU, Tulsa and UMD this summer. Eastern Michigan, Tulsa, Kent State and others are also on the radar.

The cornerback Busby, meanwhile, is getting looks from Syracuse, Tulsa, EMU and WVU, while UMD will keep tabs as well. He also doesn't have any offers, but Eastern Michigan could come through shortly.

"Eastern Michigan offered Neville, of course, but they really want both of those guys and I think EMU will offer Shamar once he gets down there," McArthur said. "He's definitely going to end up with an offer of some sort, and he'll be playing college football at the Division I level."

McArthur went on to break down Busby's game, noting how he can hang in press coverage with his speed and physicality.

"He's very fast, he breaks well and he's probably our best defender in our defensive backfield right now," McArthur said. "He has great instincts, he doesn't back down and he plays the ball well in the air. Shamar is going to have options [in college] too."

Like Julien, McArthur said Busby was excited to see a Maryland assistant at Canada Prep. As was the manchild Gallimore, who has been in touch with UMD for several months now.

"There's no question Maryland is one of their favorite schools. These kids, even though they're in Canada, they're big college football fans," the coach said. "They knew all about the school before Coach Wilt even got here. They know Stefon Diggs, Under Armour and all that stuff. They know more about these college football teams than I do."

As for Gallimore, he now holds offers from Maryland, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, West Virginia, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Nevada, USF, Pittsburgh, Purdue, TCU, UCLA, Wake Forest and Wisconsin. UMD, for its part, was the 6-foot-3, 300-pounder's first FCS verbal, a fact that's not lost on the elite Canadian tackle.

"Neville was thrilled to see Coach Wilt here. He really appreciated him coming up, and one of the reasons [Maryland is] high on his board is they offered him first," McArthur said. "He loves the uniforms, he has a great relationship with a couple coaches there and he loves how they're moving to the Big Ten. He really, really has bonded well with Coach [Keith] Dudzinski and likes Coach Wilt, and he was so excited to meet [Wilt] in person. He likes talking to Maryland and connects with their coaches on a personal level."

The Canadian D-tackle chimed in himself. He said not only was he thrilled to see Wilt at his school, but he spoke to both him and his primary recruiter, Dudzinski, on the phone later on.

"Both [Wilt and Dudzinksi] said I can definitely help out an contribute to the team from a defensive standpoint as well as person with character," Gallimore said. "Maryland is definitley a school I want to see and check out. I have a lot of interest in them."

Gallimore plans to visit College Park for the first time this summer. He said he wants to get a better feel for the school, meet the rest of the staff and find out how well he fits in with the team.

"Neville is a different kind of kid. He's not someone that gets caught up in the bright lights. He wants to see what a school is really about, not just judge them on what kind of football program they have," McArthur said. "He wants to get a feel for the environment, meet the coaches, see everything the school has to offer. That will give him a better idea of whether he'd like to go to a school or not. So a school like Maryland is definitely on his radar given the relationship he's already built with them."

There are several other trips potentially on the docket, including those to EMU, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Oklahoma, among others. Gallimore will likely take several official visits next winter, too.

"Right now he's taking everything in stride and he's taking his time. He wants to let [the recruiting process] come to him, go on a few visits and really make an informed decision," McArthur said. "I don't think he has any trips planned yet, but he and his family will decide this summer exactly where they can get to. I know he wants to see Maryland and a few others."

Don't expect Gallimore to make a summer or even a fall decision. It wouldn't surprise if he dragged out his recruiting all the way until January or February.

"That's what he's been saying, and I believe him," McArthur said. "He's very calm about the process and is in no rush to make a decision."

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