Terps Hot On Henderson's Trail

TT spoke with Garner Roads AAU president Dwayne West to get an update on Terry Henderson and what his future plans might be.

Three years ago, Maryland had interest in North Carolina native Terry Henderson, an athletic two-guard from the Raleigh area. However, the Terps pushed harder for Texas wing Christian Sanders, who wound up choosing Stanford, where he's had very little impact.

Henderson, who just received his release from West Virginia over the weekend, is now on the market again, and it appears Maryland has realized the error of its ways.

TT spoke with Garner Roads AAU president Dwayne West to get an update on Henderson and what his future plans might be.

"I've had 17 schools contact me about Terry," said West. "The phone's been ringing off the hook. Terry's a proven commodity at the D1 level, so I expected he'd get a lot of attention."

West then started to list the schools off the top of his head.

"OK, we have UCLA, Virginia, Providence, Maryland, Wake Forest, NC State, Richmond, George Mason, Mississippi State, Oregon, LaSalle, Miami, and well, you get the picture," he said. "There's a dead period which begins Thursday (May 22) and runs through the end of the month. So Terry really can't visit anywhere until early June.

"But he's home now, so he can take several visits quickly after the first of the month. He wants to get this wrapped up by the middle of June if at all possible. At this point in time, no visits are set in stone... I would say they are to be determined. But we'll get that squared away pretty soon."

West went into a little more detail about Maryland and their level of interest this time around.

"Maryland had Terry on the backburner the first time around, as they were pursuing the kid from Texas (Sanders) who wound up at Stanford." said West. "The thing about that was that he wasn't as good as Terry, but I think Coach (Mark) Turgeon had a connection to that area and that particular AAU program (Houston Defenders).

"But I don't see that as a problem now. First of all, Terry is not the type kid who would say, 'Wow, you didn't want me before, why do you want me now?' Terry's family is from the Baltimore area, he still has a lot of relatives up that way, and he liked the Terps a lot the first time around. We'll have to see who he wants to visit.

" I don't even think he will take five visits... probably more like three. All I can tell you is that I have talked to Mark Turgeon every day single since Terry was officially released, and he sounds serious. Terry and the family will go into this with an open mind.

"It's not going to be about location, or playing time, or style of play, and all that. He's more interested in the culture of the program. That will be the determining factor."

Things can change quickly, but it would appear Henderson will make his next destination known in the next three weeks. That's a good thing for Maryland. If he picks the Terps, it takes care of your wing guard recruiting for 2015 it would appear.

If not, at least you know now and can continue to recruit those remaining wing targets on the board. Henderson is an outstanding athlete, with a deadly shooting touch. He reminds me a bit in terms of size and style, of former Montrose Christian star Terence Ross.

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