Terps After Canadian PG Haley

The Terps recently offered Canadian 2016 point guard Jermaine Haley, a product of Drive Basketball who will be playing at Canarias Basketball Academy in Spain.

We've not yet seen Jermaine Haley live yet, but we've heard the buzz, and while analyzing a player on video is not an exact science, there is little doubt this young Canadian prospect is going to be a special player. Haley, a 2016 prospect, is a product of Drive Basketball, a basketball academy located in British Columbia. TT spoke to its Founder and Director, Pasha Bains, to get more insight on Haley.

"Jermaine's got some extraordinary skills," said Bains, who played collegiately for Clemson in the early 2000s. "He's one of those kids who has a great feel for the game of basketball. He's a tremendous passer and ball handler. His IQ for the game is at the college level already. And the thing is, he's only 16 and still growing and filling out. I think though what makes Jermaine special is the fact he's 6-7, and really projects as a point guard in college.

"When I first saw him I thought of Penny Hardaway. Penny was one of my favorite players growing up. Jermaine's like that. He sees over the defense and simply has an uncanny ability to find people and get the ball to them in position to score. He wants to play the point in college."

Bains added that Haley is no slouch offensively either when it comes to scoring.

"Jermaine's unselfish, and he really likes to set others up, but he's an above average shooter," said Bains. "I just like the fact that it seems as though every time I see Jermaine, he improves. He's a very coachable kid, a real coach's dream.

"So not only does he have great instincts for the game, he possesses all the intangibles you look for in terms of being team oriented, being a hard worker, those sort of things. We've sent a good number of players recently to DI colleges in the States, but Jermaine has the potential to be the best of them all."

Already, colleges are learning of Haley's outstanding talents and are making offers, even at this early date.

"The offers are coming through," said Bains. "Clemson, Illinois, Maryland and Gonzaga are some of the more recent ones. I'm not real sure how or when Maryland got involved. The plan right now is for Jermaine to play for Canarius Basketball Academy (Spain) next year, and I know Maryland just got a player from there (Michal Cekovsky). So maybe that's the connection. But Jermaine will be someone that will be recruited from all over the country. He's that good."

Haley, who is being recruited by Maryland Assistant Bino Ranson, will be playing for Drive Basketball's Elite 17U team this summer. He projects as one of the elite prospects in the class of 2016.

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