Milan Still Wants To See Terps

Maryland is on the lookout for defensive line recruits, and Al Raby (Chicago, Ill.) trenchman Jamal Milan continues to be a top target.

Maryland is on the lookout for defensive line recruits, and one of the Terps’ top targets, who was supposed to visit College Park, Md., at some point this summer, is still in a holding pattern. Al Raby (Chicago, Ill.) trenchman Jamal Milan saw just one campus – Syracuse – in June and subsequently cancelled several planned trips due to transportation issues.

“Me and my coach had planned to see Maryland, Iowa State and Minnesota, but it was hard to get out, because some things came up and it’s been busy," the 6-foot-3, 285-pounder said. “I couldn’t make it out everywhere I wanted to. I did get to see Syracuse, and then before that in the spring I saw Indiana, Western Michigan, NIU and Illinois, but I haven’t been anywhere since Syracuse.”

Milan currently holds offers from all of the aforementioned programs, in addition to several other MAC schools and New Mexico. Of the institutions that are currently in play, however, there are five he’s focusing on at the moment.

Syracuse and Indiana are standing out now, Milan said, although that’s only because he’s had a chance to see the Orange’s and Hoosiers’ campuses. Others at the forefront of his mind include UMD, Iowa State and Minnesota.

“I definitely want to get out to see Maryland, Iowa State and Minnesota,” Milan said. “Maryland, I want to see the whole staff and how they work. If they’re anything like Coach [Chad] Wilt, I know they’re going to be great. Coach Wilt seems like a real interesting guy, so I want to see how the rest of the staff is and the team atmosphere too.

“With Iowa State, just from the mail I get from them and the conversations I have with them, it seems like an interesting place. They really want to get me out there. And Minnesota, I want to get out there because they have high interest in me and I want to see how they use their D-linemen. I have a really good bond with their D-line coach, so I want to see what he’s like and how I’ll fit in there.”

So far, though, SU and IU have caught Milan’s eye. The Illinois tackle was highly impressed following his June visit to New York, while Indiana is a nearby school pressing for him.

“At Syracuse, I really enjoyed myself and it’s a really good program,” Milan said. “They really came at me and showed me they could help me develop as a person and a player. Syracuse is pushing for me. And Indiana, it’s close to home and only about four hours away. When I was up there for the spring practice it seemed like a place where they’re really looking to build up the program. I think they’re an up-and-coming team.”

Of the schools he’s currently considering, Maryland is the furthest away from home. But that doesn’t seem to faze Milan, who said he’s eager to see College Park and wouldn’t mind playing that far from Illinois.

“One of the main reasons I’m looking at Maryland is because of Coach Wilt. He really wants to get me out there. I feel like, just talking to him, he really knows his stuff and he knows how to coach his guys,” Milan said. “He has a plan for what he wants to do, and I’m really interested to see how Maryland’s defensive line does this year. I think they’re going to be real tough, because Coach Wilt, he seems like a tough guy. I feel like I can learn a lot from him, and playing under him, good things can happen.”

There are a couple other aesthetic factors that have caught Milan’s attention as well.

“Well, I know Maryland is moving to the Big Ten, and that’s interesting. That’s a really tough conference, but like I said, I think Maryland is going to hang tough with those teams,” Milan said. “We’ll see how they do. Then Coach Wilt, he was telling me about the uniforms there and they sound really cool. It’s like Oregon in the East out there, so I definitely want to check those out.”

If Milan’s schedule allows, he’ll be able to see Maryland, in addition to ISU and Minnesota, this summer. But he admitted he’s not sure he or his coach will have the time or finances to do so. If Milan can’t make it out, he wants to officially visit each program, likely after his senior year.

“If I had to say right now I want to take officials to Maryland, Syracuse, Indiana, Iowa State and Minnesota,” Milan said. “I don’t really know exactly when those will be, but I’ll probably be busy during the year, so probably after my season.”

Milan went on to say that he’s content with the offers he has and isn’t looking for any others in particular.

Right now, he’s focusing on improving his game and helping his teammates reach another level.

“Workouts have been going great so far,” Milan said. “We’re working on a new offense, so that’s taking some time, but it’s going well. Personally I’m working on my strength, my speed, my footwork and just my overall mindset.”

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