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Time to take a quick look at Maryland hoops recruiting over the past couple weeks, and, frankly, get out your eraser as you read this.

Time to take a quick look at Maryland hoops recruiting over the past couple weeks, and, frankly, get out your eraser as you read this.

Andrew White (Kansas transfer) to Nebraska: Not a huge shock, though he would've been a nice fit at UMD. Typically, White dragged the process out for weeks, but in any event, he's off the board.

Dillon Brooks (Brewster Academy/Wolfeboro, N.H.): As we predicted, Brooks popped to Oregon on his first official visit.

Danjel Purifoy (Hargrave Military Academy/Chatham, Va.): We nailed this one too, as Purifoy committed to Auburn and Bruce Pearl on a visit there. I had sensed for several weeks that the Terps had backed off here, and so again, not a big shock.

Jordan Murphy (Brennan HS/San Antonio, Texas): Murphy told TT last week that "Maryland's still in the mix, but I haven't gotten the chance to speak to them much lately." Hmmmmm. Sounds like a definite cooling off on somebody's part. Murphy also said he will be visiting Baylor and UNLV in September. This recruitment sounds like it's not really going anywhere to be honest. We've marked him as "COOL" on the Hot Board.

Noah Blackwell (Woodcreek HS/Roseville, Calif.): Communication between Maryland and Blackwell has lessened. I've been convinced for some time this young point guard prospect will stay in the West for college.

Glynn Watson (St. Joseph's HS/Westchester, Ill.): Still, no official visit set up to Maryland. Nebraska and Creighton remain the leaders. Perhaps the Terps are waiting to see what Justin Robinson does, or perhaps Watson is waiting to see what transpires there as well. In any event, it's late August, and by now you'd think a visit would be set if it was going to happen. Watson, for now at least, still falls in the "COOL" category.

Justin Robinson (St. James School/St. James, Md.): Visits are now set with Virginia Tech this weekend; Maryland Sept. 12-14; Providence Sept. 19-21; UNLV Oct. 23-25; and Creighton Oct. 17-19. I still see this as a two team race between Va Tech and Maryland. Who will prevail? Providence was Robinson's first major offer, so that explains that visit. Creighton is involved with numerous point guard prospects, and could have one locked up prior to Robinson's scheduled visit in October. I don't see UNLV as a viable threat at this time. Given the list of possible Terps point guard recruits, it's fairly obvious that coach Mark Turgeon and Co. have to get this done. If not, they'll be in absolute scramble mode. And, if Robinson indeed does take all his visits, we may not have an answer until early November. Sounds like the Terps are rolling the dice here.

Esa Ahmad (Shaker Heights, Ohio): Ahmad will be in College Park this weekend. I see no way he pops to the Terps on his visit, but needless to say, the red carpet has to be rolled out since there are few viable other options on the board. Ahmad still has probable trips to Michigan State, Tulane, Ohio State, West Virginia, and possibly Wisconsin. Much like Robinson, this recruitment could go on longer than anyone, especially the Terps, expected. Much like Robinson, Esa Ahmad falls under the category of a "must" recruit, and yet I don't get a sense that this one is going to be easy to pull off. If Ahmad doesn't pick Maryland, what's the next option?

Markis McDuffie (St. Anthony HS/Jersey City, N.J.): As we reported earlier, McDuffie has numerous schools trying to line up September visits, while his family prefers to wait until October. At this point, we can't report if Maryland will even get a visit, and if so, when it will be. There does seem to be some genuine interest here on both sides, so we'll continue to monitor this recruitment, and yet, we have more questions than answers at the moment.

Malik Ellison (Life Center Academy/Burlington, N.J.): We recently reported that Ellison's recruitment is in limbo, so to speak, because of a recent serious leg injury. Our inclination would be to drop Ellison from the board, but again, given the dwindling number of prospects left to report on, he'll stay on for now. But it could be spring before we know definitely what Ellison's next move will be.

Kipper Nichols (St. Edward HS/Cleveland, Ohio): Very much a longshot for the Terps it would appear.

Chris Clarke (Cape Henry Collegiate/Virginia Beach, Va.): Clarke's final seven, as reported here last week were UConn, Florida, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Tennessee and Creighton. The Terps could've been a factor here, but chose to look elsewhere.

John Crosby (New Hampton School/New Hampton, N.H.): This whirlwind romance ended late Aug. 24 when Crosby announced that he would go ahead and prep for a year at New Hampton, rather than accept an offer (committable?) to Maryland as a '14 recruit. Crosby is an upper-end mid-major prospect in our eyes, but has some skills and would've filled a nice role in the program as a slick ball-handling point guard with the ability to distribute the basketball. I'm not sure if Maryland just felt they have to have more depth at the position this year, or else this might be a tip off as to what they think their chances are with Robinson, or any other 2015 point guard. Regardless, this bizarre recruitment began suddenly, and ended suddenly, and I doubt the Terps will revisit Crosby in the future. Crosby proclaimed Maryland his "dream school," but alas, this dream is not likely to be fulfilled it would seem.

I'm sure there will be a couple other names they may surface during the fall and winter in regards to 2015 recruiting, but the list gets shorter, and the stakes are getting higher. It's becoming more and more obvious -- a ton of eggs are in the Robinson and Ahmad baskets, and you're going to have to land both to ensure a successful recruiting class. I would think there's a good bit of negative recruiting going on right now by schools recruiting against Maryland, and so we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

The Terps also offered 2016 PG Bryce Aiken recently (The Patrick School/Elizabeth, N.J.), and we expect him to visit in the next couple of weeks. He's one of six floor generals offered in that class, and that's all well and good, but you have to get a solid '15 class done first, and right now, it appears the cold fall winds may be blowing before we have answers.

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