Ealey Still Has Terps Up Top Following Visit

Maryland still has room for one more outside linebacker recruit, and its No. 1 target was back on campus for the Sept. 13 West Virginia bout.

Maryland still has room for one more outside linebacker recruit, and its No. 1 target was back on campus for the Sept. 13 West Virginia bout. Coatesville (Pa.) backer Amir Ealey, who doubles as a tight end, said he had an “awesome time” at the game, a 40-37 WVU victory, despite the rainy weather.

“I thought it was a real nice experience,” said the 6-foot-4, 240-pound Ealey, who visited College Park, Md., for the first time back during the spring. “That was the first time I saw Maryland live, and I thought they did real good. I really liked the defense, and they got some explosive plays on offense too. I thought West Virginia did real good, too; that’s another school I’m looking at and they did good too with their offense.”

Ealey had already toured the campus, met the academic advisors and chatted up the Maryland staff during his first trip to UMD, but this trip allowed him to see the coaches in a different light, as well as interact with other recruits in attendance.

“I basically talked to all the coaches other than Coach [Randy] Edsall because he was in a press conference,” said Ealey, whose other top contenders are North Carolina, Pittsburgh, UCF, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia. “Coach [Ryan] Steinberg, he’s a really good guy, and Coach [John] Dunn, he recruits me. Coach Dunn, he was telling me he really needs me there and wants me there. We talk all the time.”

While Ealey reiterated that Dunn and UMD want him at the outside linebacker spot, there is a chance he could be moved to tight end in the future. That is, if he chooses Maryland.

“Coach Dunn said outside linebacker, but I might get to play tight end in the future if that’s where I’m needed, but the idea now is linebacker,” Ealey said. “I really don’t have a preference; it’s whatever gets me on the field quicker, and where I can make an impact.”

In addition to speaking to the staff, Ealey talked to numerous Terps targets in attendance. He specifically recalled chatting up current Terps pledge D.J. Moore (Imhotep/Philadelphia, Pa.).

“Me and D.J. are close friends and we talk all the time,” Ealey said. “He’s been telling me all about Maryland, telling me to go there. He said it’s a great program.”

The Coatesville prospect mentioned that after two visits he’s seen enough of College Park to know he’d fit in well. He lauded the campus, the academics, the professors, the area, as well as the coaches, current Terps and the Big Ten move. He said, “there’s not too much more they can show me; I already know I like it there.”

Ealey, of course, had previously stated that Maryland was his No. 1 suitor. And following the Sept. 13 visit, that remains true.

“The [WVU-UMD game] really didn’t change things – Maryland is still at the top,” Ealey said. “The coaching staff, that’s really what’s drawing me there, and the players are cool to be around. I want to take an official visit there after the season just to see the other side of the coaching staff, and to learn even more.”

Ealey doesn’t have any other visits set in stone, but he’ll likely trek to Syracuse this weekend with his father for the SU-Maryland game Sept. 20. He’ll also try to hit a Pittsburgh game before the season is over. Later in the year, when Coatesville finishes, he wants to take officials to UCF, UMD and North Carolina. Pitt and Syracuse also in play for the final two trips, while WVU and Temple are under consideration.

“I don’t want to really, definitely put it out there yet, but there’s a couple schools sticking out [from that list],” Ealey said. “Maryland is pushing the hardest and I really like them. And North Carolina, that’s right up there too.”

UNC, of course, offered Ealey as a tight end, which excited him. He also lived in South Carolina for an extended period and knows the area well.

“North Carolina, that’s a good one for me for tight end. That’s a top 25 team right there,” Ealey said. “UNC is an up-and-coming program and they’re really showing me some things with their offense.”

Ealey tossed around the idea of committing during his senior season, but he said now he's content to wait until after taking a couple official visits.

So far this season Coatesville is 3-0, and Ealey said he’s pleased with his personal performance. He’s currently lining up at tight end and defensive end.

“On offense I’ve got 10 catches for 88 yards, so I’m doing good there,” he said. “And on defense I’ve got two sacks and one fumble recovery for a touchdown. So so far, so good and hopefully we’ll keep it up.”

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