Boulware Back At UMD, Impressed With O-Line

He’s been on campus more times than he can count, but Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) offensive guard Quarvez Boulware always seems to have a good time whenever he’s in College Park, Md.

He’s been on campus more times than he can count, but Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) offensive guard Quarvez Boulware always seems to have a good time whenever he’s in College Park, Md. Even when it’s pouring rain and Byrd Stadium is half filled with West Virginia Mountaineers fans, as it was Sept. 13 when Boulware watched UMD lose a heartbreaker, 40-37.

“I thought it was just a really good game overall,” the 6-foot-2, 285-pound Boulware said. “I thought Maryland played really well, but they just have to come out stronger. I didn’t get to see the first half, though, because I got there kind of late. But it was a good thing, because by the time I got there it wasn’t raining as much, so it wasn’t that bad for me like some of the other people there (laughs).”

Although he only saw about 30 minutes of action, Boulware said he was impressed with Maryland’s offensive line. He said he specifically noticed left tackle Michael Dunn and said he had good technique.

“I thought overall the O-line did really well. I watched the tackles, and I thought they did good in general. I liked the left tackle,” Boulware said. “But in general I thought [the unit] did good pass blocking.”

During the game, Boulware said he met one of Maryland’s two official visitors, five-star defensive end Byron Cowart (Armwood/Seffner, Fla.).

“I saw Byron there and I talked to him for a minute. He seemed really cool,” Boulware said. “He looked like he was enjoying himself.”

After the WVU affair, Boulware had a chance to speak to his recruiter, Mike Locksley, and offensive line coach Greg Studrawa. He’s known Locksley since his freshman year, but he’s just begun to develop a relationship with UMD’s new line coach.

“I’ve talked to Coach Stud a couple times now, and he was just telling me [Sept. 13] how the O-line has come along, but how they still can do better,” Boulware said. “I like him as a coach and I think he’s a pretty cool guy. He pushes his guys, and he’s a good teacher.

“And Coach Locks, he was just saying how [the offense] needs to get better overall, and just talking about the team. He’s still trying to get me there, and he wants me there, but we didn’t talk [recruiting] that day. We talk enough about that other times. Me and Coach Locks are real close.”

Boulware left College Park after talking to Locksley and Studrawa, but he should be back soon enough. Maryland is just a short drive from his home, and he wants to return with his mother for a sit-down with the UMD staff.

“I think I’m going up on one of these weekends coming up just so my mom can talk to all the coaches again. She didn’t come with me [Sept. 13], but she’s been up here before,” Boulware said. “Maryland’s still pretty high for me, and my mom likes it too. I’m still thinking about staying home.”

The FCA prospect, though, has four other prime suitors. His top five remains UMD, Florida, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Alabama.

The Deacons are considered a strong contender because that’s where Boulware’s originally from; Alabama is in play due to its national prominence and renowned coaching staff; North Carolina represents another former hometown favorite, in addition to the Heels’ coaches’ overtures; and Florida is an opportunity to play early at an SEC program. Boulware has seen all of the aforementioned programs before and plans to officially visit each later this fall and into November/December.

“I’ll probably take one official during my bye week Oct. 10, either to Wake or UNC most likely,” Boulware said. “And I want to go see Florida when they play Florida State on Nov. 29. Then I’ll go to Alabama after the season. Maryland, I haven’t decided [on an official] there yet, but I can get to see them anytime.”

Boulware said all five final suitors remain even, though when probed he admitted the Gators have started to catch his eye a bit.

“I’d say Florida is really pushing,” he said. “They’re saying I have a chance to play early with some older guys leaving. And I really liked what I saw down there. They’re separating themselves a little bit, but we’ll see. Things can change.”

Boulware plans to make his college decision sometime in December or January. If he’s invited to an All-American game (Under Armour or Army) he said he’d like to announce at said all-star game.

Right now, though, his focus in on his final season at Friendship.

“Right now we’re 3-0 and doing pretty good,” Boulware said. “Our O-line is doing great. We’ve allowed like two sacks all year and I haven’t given one up. And my run blocking has been good too.”

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