Logan a Silver Lining Through Adversity

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Sophomore Abner Logan, one of the promising young stars of the Terps' linebacker future (and a former four-star signee/coup out of Massachusetts), won an appeal last week to be reinstated to play this season.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- In a season, at times, of injury and suspension disappointment, there have been some positives as well.

Through the wreckage of lost players like Levern Jacobs and A.J. Hendy to suspension, Taivon Jacobs, Alvin Hill, Quinton Jefferson, Cavon Walker and Andrew Isaacs, among others, to season-long injury, this week there emerged a bright spot.

Sophomore Abner Logan, one of the promising young stars of the Terps' linebacker future (and a former four-star signee/coup out of Massachusetts), won an appeal last week to be reinstated to play this season. Logan was suspended last spring, for a year, for an off-the-field issue, but never lost focus leading up to his six-month appeal, which he was allowed to present to become eligible to play.

One of the team's best "thumpers" on defense and on special teams, Logan (6-1, 240), stayed focused in practice, awarded multiple Scout Team Players of the Week honors while toiling on scout team and providing the Terps an opposition look each week. Randy Edsall praised him throughout, dating back to August camp. Those close to him say Logan is a "great kid," but just had the slip-up off the field. He's usually always seen with his head up and a smile on his face.

Edsall said on Oct. 16 that Logan is still on disciplinary probation, while his appeal won him the right to play the final six games. He will remain on probation for another six months.

"But the thing is he stayed positive during that time. He did everything that he could do to help the team get better and continue to work on developing his game, which is what you want," Edsall said. "And it shows you he is a team guy, not a me or an I guy, he's a team guy. So now he is back in the fold, he will be on special teams, and will be a backup to [inside linebacker] L.A. [Goree]."

Logan will start Oct. 18 on both the kickoff coverage and punt return teams, while backing up on others. Edsall said he could see him eventually starting on all four before long.

"He's excited to be back out there competing, and he learned a lesson," Edsall said. "And you give him credit for handling it the way that he did. And it has made him a better person for what he had to go through, and he understands there's only one person to look at because of what happened and that was himself. He was disappointed in himself, and disappointed that he let a lot of people down with the poor decision that let people down."

Logan will help beef up some special teams units that have lost some players over the course of the season, while the linebacker corps has had its bouts with injury as well, so his depth will be a welcome site there as well.

Meanwhile, for the Oct. 18 game Edsall named as captains Stefon Diggs (offense), J.J. Johnson (defense) and Brad Craddock (special teams).

Edsall also named Kingsley Opara (defense), Joe Riddle (offense) and Eric Roca (special teams) as his Scout Team Players of the Week.

Flag bearers for the Iowa game are Darius Kilgo (American) and Kenny Goins (Maryland).

The Terps will be in red jerseys, black pants and black helmets for the Homecoming bout.

Edsall said that the team has remained focused through the bye week on the task at hand. Maryland (4-2) hosts Iowa for Homecoming at noon, and it may represent the biggest Big Ten barometer game of the season for the Terps, who are need of a signature win in their new league.

"I think they are ready to play, and we'll what happens on Saturday," Edsall said "I think they have been good, I think they understand that we are halfway through the season now and now we've got to....the next half basically we've got a three-game stretch here then we get another week off. But we know we got a very challenging game this week and a challenging the following week and one the week after that. But what we got to do is go out and minimize the mistakes and take advantage of all the opportunities that will present itself."

Also last week during the bye, Edsall said the fact the entire staff got out to see recruits was key.

"To me, one of the best evaluations you can do is see guys play 'live,'" Edsall said. "You get a better feel for them rather than just watching tape. You see how they react to certain things, do they run on and off the field, how do they take coaches, you know a lot of things. So to me, the live evaluation is very, very critical."

Edsall took in two local prep games on Oct. 10 as well as Oct. 11.

On the season schedule in general, Edsall said the way it has shaken out, with the two byes three weeks apart, has been about as good as it could be.

"I was very pleased with how it has set up," Edsall said.

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