Live Scouting Report: Quarvez Boulware

BALTIMORE, Md. -- An live scouting report on FCA class of 2015 OL Quarvez Boulware.

BALTIMORE, Md. -- Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, D.C.) made the trip up to Gilman (Baltimore, Md.) Oct. 17, and the Greyhounds prevailed over the Knights, 42-27. FCA features four-star offensive lineman Quarvez Boulware, who gave up one sack and recorded three pancake blocks in the effort. As far as his recruitment is concerned, Boulware is maintaining a top five of Maryland, Florida, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Alabama (no offer yet).

Check out his scouting report below:

Boulware lines up at left tackle for FCA, but his frame suggests he’ll be a guard in college. He’s just about 6-3, 285 pounds, and has minimal bad weight on his robust, stout frame. Boulware has a wide base, tree-trunk thick legs and big hands, though he doesn’t have overly long arms (lending to the suggestion he’ll be a guard).

Regardless of where he lines up, Boulware is a well-rounded, and sometimes dominant, high school offensive lineman, showing plenty of potential as both a pass and run blocker. His forte, though, is run blocking, where he has the power to grind and the athleticism to block in space.

At the snap, Boulware has a rapid-fire first step and generally gains a step-advantage on defensive linemen. He has a downhill mentality, typically driving from his base and delivering a potent initial thrust that can knock his man backwards. Boulware strikes low and hard, and then works through the whistle, either holding his block or slipping off into the second level.

When FCA runs off-tackle, Boulware has the athleticism to get downfield and take on the linebackers. He’s fairly deft and nimble for a player his size, so he doesn’t look awkward or methodical when running in space. It follows, then, that Boulware does well on pitch plays/outside runs when he has to pull down the line. This guy can get to the edge quickly, find the linebacker/cornerback and deliver a de-cleating blow.

He’s a finisher, for sure, and once he gets his hands into you there’s the potential he’s going to face-plant you. Boulware has that “edge” to him -- that fighter’s mentality where he’s not satisfied until his man’s on the ground.

In pass protection, Boulware sets up well and generally maintains proper form (flat back, strikes inside the pads). He usually does a good job anchoring and guiding edge rushers past the quarterback. His hands are active and strong, and it’s not easy for high school defenders to disengage.

Boulware also seems to have solid field awareness, as he did well in blitz pickup when the opponent sent an extra rusher over his side.

To improve, Boulware has to continue honing his footwork in pass protection. His kickstep is OK, but his form can lapse at times. And against quicker defensive ends, Boulware can get a bit off-kilter, relying on his arms (the dreaded “lunge” technique) instead of his feet to keep his man at bay. He also has to be able to shift his weight to readjust to rushers that change direction and slice inside. This will improve once Boulware increases his agility and loses some of the stiffness in his hips.

Boulware has to become more consistent with his hand placement as well. Sometimes he’ll strike too high, allowing his man to get into his body or scrape off the block. Once in awhile powerful edge rushers will gain a leverage advantage on him and push him off the ball. In fact, Boulware has to consistently keep his pads low when run and pass blocking. He’ll need to continue working on his conditioning so he can maintain proper form for a full game.

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