Quansah Thrilled With UMD Offer, Set To Visit

UMD offered Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford, Conn.) inside linebacker Koby Quansah

Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford, Conn.) inside linebacker Koby Quansah didn’t attend the Maryland-Iowa game in College Park, Md., Oct. 18, but he certainly heard all about it. In fact, the class of 2016 recruit was so intrigued by the matchup that he DVR’d the game (his high school team played around the same time), and then later exchanged messages about the 38-31 Terps’ victory with his friend, current UMD tight end Andrew Isaacs, and his UMD recruiter, Keith Dudzinski.

“I was actually watching the game before my game today against Hopkins School, and I saw [the Terps] go down 14 points against Iowa,” said the 6-foot, 212-pound Quansah, who has offers from UMD, Boston College, Connecticut, Syracuse, Rutgers and Rhode Island. “But football is all about playing four quarters, and I saw the game on my DVR and Maryland played a real good game and came back. They did a great job [Oct. 18], and it was good to see them pull it out. I thought they looked real good. I messaged Coach Dudzinski on Twitter afterwards and said, ‘Congratulations.’”

That latter comment could easily have been directed towards Quansah himself. A few hours after Maryland’s victory, Dudzinski let the Kingswood Oxford linebacker know the Terps wanted to extend a scholarship, thus becoming his sixth offer.

“It was something real special,” Quansah said. “This was one I was waiting for. Coach Dudzinski is trying to get more players from Connecticut down there, and I was just so happy to get that offer. It’s cool to have the chance to play with some people I know, some people from my area. It’s a chance to play in the Big Ten, and there’s nothing better than that.”

Quansah said he called Dudzinski on the night of Oct. 18, and the former let the Connecticut product know how much the UMD staff likes his game.

“He asked how my game went that afternoon, and I told [Dudzinski] we won 35-14 and how I had 17 tackles and over 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns,” Quansah said. “Then [Dudzinski] said he had some good news, that Maryland was offering. I told him, ‘Thank you,’ and I appreciated the offer very much. It’s definitely a big one for me, and a school I’m definitely going to be considering.

“It’s big, because I can play with my friend Andre [Isaacs] if I go there. I tried calling him after I got the offer, but he didn’t pick up, but he’s been favoriting all my tweets. I know he’s excited for me; it would definitely be cool to play with him for a year.”

Quansah plans to take in his first Terps game Nov. 15 for the UMD-Michigan State bout. He said his defensive coordinator, Marco Pizzoferato, who knows Dudzinkski personally, should be able to take him down to College Park during that weekend.

“I haven’t seen a Maryland game live yet, so I’m really excited about it,” said Quansah, who grew up in the same neighborhood as Isaacs and used to play basketball with him when the two lived in Connecticut. “I want to see what the atmosphere is like there, and what the campus is like. It will be cool to catch up with Andrew [Isaacs] again too. I’m looking forward to it.”

Quansah does not have any other visits scheduled besides his November trek to College Park. He has already seen UConn, BC, Rutgers and Syracuse, though he said none of them are sticking out quite yet. Northwestern, Duke, Pitt, PSU and Ohio State have been showing interest.

“Right now it’s still very early for me, so I’m not naming any leaders or anything like that,” Quansah said. “I’m keeping everything open.”

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