Boulware Setting Officials; New Suitor Emerging?

Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, D.C.) senior guard Quarvez Boulware updates his recruitment. He's set two officials to Alabama and Wake Forest, and plans to take all five. He said a new school could be entering the picture, although he's keeping the same top five of Bama, Wake, Maryland, Florida and UNC.

Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, D.C.) senior guard Quarvez Boulware just completed his final high school regular season, with the Knights finishing 4-5 coming off a decisive home victory to close out the campaign. But in two weeks, after a bye, FCA will square off against Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) in the first round of the DCSAA playoffs.

“We did OK this year; we could have done better, but we did get to the playoffs, and if we beat Gonzaga we have a chance to win a championship,” the 6-foot-2, 283-pound Boulware said. “I think I did pretty good myself this year, playing both offense and defense. But there’s always room for improvement, and there’s still a lot I can work on. I think, since I was going both ways, I wasn’t as productive, and I feel like I could have produced more on both sides of the ball.”

With his primary focus on his high school team, little has changed in Boulware’s recruitment since the fall began. That said, the four-star guard has started to schedule official visits, and admitted a new suitor could be entering the picture as well.

“I still have the same five schools standing out to me: Maryland, Alabama, Wake Forest, Florida and UNC,” Boulware said. “But there is one other school that’s been coming after me that I’m thinking about. I don’t really want to put it out there yet, because they got in there kind of late and I’m not sure whether I’m going to seriously consider them or not. But I am thinking about it, and we’ll see what happens with that.”

Regardless of whether he includes a sixth suitor, Boulware does seem to be focusing in on the aforementioned quintet, which have long resided atop his personal leaderboard. Previously, Boulware said Florida was making a hard charge for him, but he suggested that’s changed a bit in the last month or so.

“Florida is still pushing and they want me, but right now I’d say Maryland and Wake are coming the hardest,” Boulware said. “Both [UMD and Wake] are saying how bad they need me there and how they really need quality O-linemen to step in and play. The coaches from those two hit me up on Twitter all the time, just messaging me and trying to get me on board.”

The hometown school, Maryland, with area recruiter Mike Locksley spearheading the pursuit, has been on Boulware since his freshman year -- and just recently the Terps have ramped up their efforts. Boulware said Locksley visited FCA Nov. 7 and may have attended his game that evening as well.

The Friendship guard said he’s long had a close relationship with Locksley, but mentioned the Terps’ offensive coordinator has expressed a sense of urgency lately.

“Coach Locks keeps telling me how badly they need me, and how they really need help along the line,” Boulware said. “He always talks to me about staying home and keeping all the DMV guys at Maryland, but now he’s like really telling me how important I am [to the program]. He said they need guys that can step in and produce, and I’m one of his main guys.”

Boulware wasn’t able to speak to Locksley when he visited the school -- “I saw him there and just said, ‘Hi,’ but he couldn’t really talk to me. It was good to see him, though,” Boulware said. -- but he could talk to the UMD coordinator, as well as offensive line coach Greg Studrawa, while at a couple Terps games this year.

So far Boulware, who plans to attend Maryland’s game against Michigan State Nov. 15, said he’s comfortable around the entire staff, and has been impressed with the program’s progress during its inaugural Big Ten season. He didn’t watch the Maryland-Penn State game, but he paid attention to the highlights and called the UMD victory “really big.”

“That was a big win for them coming off the Ohio State loss, to rebound like that,” Boulware said. “It’s big, because it puts them right into the mix in the Big Ten and shows they can compete in that conference. It was a big road win for them…. Now they got Michigan State coming up, and I think they have a chance to compete. That would be huge [for UMD] if they can stay with [MSU]. I should be there for that one since my [playoff] game isn’t for another two weeks.”

Although Boulware has been to College Park, Md., on multiple occasions he’s still planning to take an official visit to the hometown school, likely in January. He’s already set up one official to Alabama Jan. 17 and Wake Forest Jan. 24. Boulware plans to take all five allotted trips, with the Terps, UNC and Florida likely receiving the other three.

“Alabama, I talked to Coach Aazzar [Abdul-Rahim] and Coach [Mario] Cristobal, and they’ve been asking how I’m doing, how my season is going. I’m excited to go down there [for that official],” Boulware said. “Wake Forest, they really want me there and I can play early there. I have a really good relationship with their coaches.

“With North Carolina, they want me for offense now (he said UNC was recruiting him as a defensive tackle at one point), and I’ve been talking to their O-line coach a good bit. I was supposed to go down there for their game against Georgia Tech, but I couldn’t make it. I still want to see them too. And Florida, I still want to keep them up there. I’m not basing my decision off a coach or what their record is; I still like the school. They need linemen too, and I feel like I can play early there too.

“So, like, right now I want to keep all five [leaders] on the same page. I don’t want to say one is sticking out until I take my officials.”

Boulware said he plans to announce his college destination on Signing Day, either during a ceremony at his school, or via a local TV station broadcast.

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