Player Evaluations: Eddie Scott & Chris Lykes

Here are evaluations of guard Chris Lykes and wing Eddie Scott from the Gonzaga D.C. Classic.

Player: Eddie Scott
School: Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.)
Position: SG/SF
Height: 6-4
Class: 2017

Scott's a guy to keep an eye on. He doesn't start yet for a strong Gonzaga squad, but he will soon, and we like what we've seen so far. He's a wing, who will could grow into a 3-man at the next level. A good athlete, Scott knows how to play, is solid from the mid range, and has a solid perimeter shot as well.

He won't post big numbers, but colleges know about him. He's already been to Maryland for an unofficial visit, and he'll be one of the better sophomores in the DMV. An added bonus is that he's rock solid in the classroom, and will have many high academic schools coming after him. Keep the name in mind.

Player: Chris Lykes
School: Gonzaga
Position: PG
Height: 5-7
Class: 2017

Ok, so you're saying, "wait a minute, this guy is 5-7; why are you writing about him?" Here's why -- this little guy can really play, and you won't find a more entertaining player in the nation. A teammate of Scott's at Gonzaga, Lykes runs the show, and his ability to push the pace and get others involved has given Coach Steve Turner the opportunity to play Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest) off the ball a good amount of time.

The popular question being asked Dec. 12 was, What level can Lykes play at? Well, he's a star at a lower D-I school, a force at a mid major, and he won't embarrass himself at a high major in my opinion. In fact, it might be the poor opponent who might wind up being embarrassed. Tough as nails, Lykes has blazing speed and quickness, puts incredible pressure on defenses and can nail the three ball .

I saw this kid get it done in one the toughest leagues (WCAC) in the country last year as a freshman. Pay your $5 and go watch him play -- you won't be disappointed.

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