DE Hall Feeling DMV Movement, Updates Status

St. John’s (Washington, D.C.) junior defensive end Terrell Hall was one of the fastest-rising recruits in 2014, going from just a couple FBS offers before the fall to 25 by the time mid-December rolled around.

St. John’s (Washington, D.C.) junior defensive end Terrell Hall was one of the fastest-rising recruits in 2014, going from just a couple FBS offers before the fall to 25 by the time mid-December rolled around.

And the buzz surrounding the 6-foot-5, 238-pounder hasn’t subsided, even during the dead recruiting period. Hall just landed an offer from West Virginia a few weeks back, and before that added Notre Dame and Michigan State. Moreover, he’s been in touch via Twitter with assistants from pretty much every program that’s verbaled him.

“As far as recruiting, it never really stops. I’m in touch with most of the schools that have offered me,” said Hall, who holds offers from the likes of Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Iowa and Duke, in addition to UND, MSU and WVU. “Maryland has definitely been pushing for me, Penn State most definitely, Ohio State is there, Tennessee is there and Iowa is always on me as well. Right now I don’t have any leaders, but those are some of the schools that have been pushing for me.”

It took until October for the Terps to pull the trigger on the local product, but since then they’ve done well to make up ground. Hall said he’s had contact with both area recruiter Mike Locksley and head coach Randy Edsall, and thinks highly of the hometown school.

“Maryland, they definitely want me to come there, and they keep talking about the DMV movement and guys from D.C., Maryland and Virginia staying home. They keep saying to come there and represent your hometown,” Hall said. “I was talking to Coach Edsall just recently, actually, and he wants me up there [to visit] after the dead period is over. And Coach Locks, we don’t talk too often, but he’s trying to get me to join the Maryland movement. He keeps saying to come play with some old teammates like Will Ulmer and other guys I know on the team.”

Which is a concept Hall is receptive to. The St. John’s edge rusher said he and numerous other local recruits have discussed the Maryland Pride movement and potentially turning the Terps into a power.

“We definitely talk about it, and we talk about it often on Twitter and stuff,” Hall said. “Like me and Devante[Brooks, the St. John’s junior tight end], we are still talking about it in school, and during the season all of us [recruits] were definitely talking about teaming up and making a movement the way some kids do in Florida or Texas. I know it’s still in the back of everyone’s mind.”

Of course, two of those recruits have already jumped on the Maryland bandwagon. Junior running back Lorenzo Harrison (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.) committed to UMD back in July, and Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) outside linebacker Keandre Jones joined in in November.

“Me, KeAndre, Lorenzo, we’re all close friends, and we have talked about going to school together,” Hall said. “With Lorenzo, I’ve known him since middle school and he always talks about staying home and playing in front of the friends we’ve known all our lives. So that’s something I’ve definitely been thinking about. I think Maryland is moving in the right direction.”

Hall went on to comment on Maryland’s 2014 season, which ended at 7-6 and a loss to Stanford in the Foster Farms Bowl. The Terps scored signature road victories over Penn State and Michigan, however, which caught the eye of numerous local prospects.

“It was a big step for the program, making it to a bowl game and having a winning record. Then with the new [indoor] facility they’re getting, Maryland looks good right now,” Hall said. “I mean, I never really paid that much attention to Maryland before, but this year you could tell Maryland was important in this area, especially playing Michigan State and Ohio State and staying competitive with those teams, and beating Penn State and Michigan. You could tell there was a buzz around Maryland this year, and that definitely helps them with recruits like myself and others in the area.”

The Terps may have Hall’s ear, but they’re not the only ones. Penn State is a prime contender, as are Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan State, UCLA, Virginia Tech and a couple others. Hall visited Va Tech, PSU, OSU and UMD this fall for games, and plans to return to Penn State, Maryland and Ohio State this spring. He’d also like to take in Tennessee, LSU, UCLA, Notre Dame and possibly North Carolina and Duke.

“All the games I went to were good games and I enjoyed them all,” Hall said. “I liked the Va Tech game; that was my first visit and I liked the atmosphere there. Penn State, that was a good game. The fans were all into it and they love their football players and program. Ohio State, I really liked that game, and their fans were real energetic. Every third down they’d ring a bell and the fans would go crazy. And Maryland, I was there for the Michigan State game, and that was real good too. The fans kind of rolled out after the third quarter, but they were real energetic before that for the ‘black out’

“And this spring I plan on taking a bunch more visits. I’m trying to get to a whole lot of schools so I can experience different places before I make my decision.”

Speaking of decisions, Hall would like to have his college selected before his senior season. He said the target date is sometime in August, though that’s tentative.

“I want to do it before the season, but if I’m not completely sure it’ll probably be afterwards. I’ll most likely make it before, though,” Hall said. “A lot is going to depend on how these visits go this offseason and how I feel after that.”

Hall is coming off a junior campaign where he recorded 16 tackles for loss and eight sacks. His St. John’s squad ended up going 6-4, but had just one conference victory.

“I did well I guess. I feel like I do really well at pass rushing, using my hands and getting my hands on linemen before they can get on me. And getting off blocks, I’m doing well there too,” Hall said. “But there’s things I want to improve on. Mainly just improving on my rush and dealing with bigger linemen, and then technique and all that can always use work. Just getting off the ball fast and being explosive, I want to get better in those areas too.

“But as far as the team, we came up short as far as what we wanted to do. We’re just trying to get better and come back strong next year.”

Hall said he’s already put on 15 pounds of muscle this offseason and is up to 238 pounds. He’s been spending plenty of time in the weight room, but has done his share of conditioning work as well.

“I’m trying to gain weight, I’m at 238, 240, but I’m trying to get to around 250, 255 before next year,” Hall said. “So mainly it’s a lot of weight lifting, though I’ve done some type of drill and running every week too. It’s been a good offseason so far.”

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