The 2016 Maryland Football Hot Board

Here is the initial class of 2016 Maryland football Hot Board release.

Here is the initial class of 2016 Maryland football Hot Board release. Prospect names will be added and dropped changed throughout the next year, while temperatures will change on an intermittent basis. The hot board is fluid, and there are some periods where you will see updates every single day.


Dwayne Haskins, Bullis (Potomac, Md.): HOT

Offers: Maryland, Alabama, Wake Forest, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Texas, Notre Dame, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Boston College, Rutgers, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech

The Skinny: The most important recruit in the 2016 class has Maryland under firm consideration and may be ready to join the DMV movement at any time. He said he's also looking at Ohio State and Texas, as well as hometown Rutgers, but the vibe is he's the Terps’ to lose. Quarterbacks coach Mike Locksley and Randy Edsall have done well selling the hometown movement, while presenting Haskins with a chance to start almost as soon as he arrives in College Park. Haskins realizes he has the chance to be the face of the program for years to come at UMD. He has been on campus multiple times and is familiar with the program and its players as well, which works in Maryland's favor.

Running Backs

Lorenzo Harrison, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.): COMMITTED

Offers: Maryland, Virginia, ODU, Hawaii

The Skinny: Maryland's first 2016 recruit, Harrison popped to UMD back in July. He was the bulwark who started the DMV Movement among his peers, and helped urged other locals to jump on the Maryland Pride bandwagon. Harrison has a terrific rapport with the UMD staff, has been in College Park more times than he can count and is fully engaged in The Movement.

Robert Washington, Southlake Christian (Huntersville, S.C.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Arizona, Miss. State, Nebraska, N.C. State, Notre Dame, Florida, Ga. Tech, Louisville, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon State, Pitt, Stanford, Syracuse, TCU, Tennessee, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Wisconsin , N. Carolina, Arizona State, Boston College, Cal, Duke,Ole Miss,

The Skinny: Washington has taken a liking to Maryland, has visited UMD, and is also good friends with prime Terps QB target Dwayne Haskins. He has an interest in playing with Haskins in college, so perhaps if the latter joins UMD, Washington will be enticed further. That said, all of the bluebloods are after him, so it could be difficult to pry him out of the South. The Terps probably need to get him back on campus again this offseason to have a legitimate shot.

Tyliek Raynor, Imhotep (Philadelphia, Pa.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Temple, Syracuse, Rutgers, Buffalo

The Skinny: Raynor supposedly has a Terps offer, though we'll have to see how hard the staff actually pushes. If so, UMD would be in solid position for this under the radar runner. Raynor already has visited College Park and loves the school, while he's heard plenty of great things about the Terps from former teammate D.J. Moore. We'll have to see how Raynor's recruitment develops down the road (numerous major programs are interested), but for now John Dunn and Co. are in a good spot.


Darryl Turner, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.): COMMITTED

Offers: Maryland, Western Michigan, ODU, Toledo, Umass, Army

The Skinny: Turner was a Terps fan growing up and longed to join the hometown program. When an offer was presented in mid-January, he almost immediately jumped on it, committing a week later during a campus visit. Like teammate Lorenzo Harrison, Turner should serve as another local "recruiter" who promoted the DMV-to-UMD movement.

Tino Ellis, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.): HOT

Offers: Maryland, Rutgers, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Hawaii, ODU, Wake Forest

The Skinny: The Terps are in prime position to land the DeMatha WR with his teammates already on board. Maryland and area recruiter Mike Locksley have a long-standing relationship with him, and he's been in College Park numerous times as well. Ellis sees an opportunity to be the next Stefon Diggs at Maryland. On top of that, he's fully on board with the DMV-to-UMD trend that's taken hold in the area. Ellis insists Rutgers, WVU, Va Tech and UVA are all in play, but it's going to be difficult to pry him from Maryland's grasp. Expect a July commitment.

Eric Kumah, Forest Park (Woodbridge, Va.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Old Dominion, Pitt, Temple, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech

The Skinny: Maryland has apparently offered Kumah, though it's one of those "tentative" verbals. Either way, he does like the program, has a developing rapport with area recruiter Lyndon Johnson and has visited College Park three times in the last few months. That said, the vibe is in-state Va Tech is the team to beat for his service.

Kobay White, McDevitt (Harrisburg, Pa.): COOL

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Virginia

The Skinny: White has a Terps offer, and John Dunn has been through McDevitt multiple times to see his coach about him. But White hasn't really given too much though to favorites or leaders yet, and has yet to see College Park -- or many other campuses for that matter. We're unsure how mutual the feelings are between White and UMD.

Zack Hawkins, Bullis (Potomac, Md.): COOL


The Skinny: An under the radar WR from New Jersey who transferred to Bullis. The Terps know about him, and could consider offering him if he has a big camp/fall. Hawkins is good friends with top Terps QB target Dwayne Haskins, which may or may not play a role in his being offered. Hawkins has already been in College Park and said he'd love to attend school there if possible.

Tight Ends

Naseir Upshur, Imhotep (Philadelphia, Pa.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Alabama, Arizona St., North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Miami, Mich. State, South Carolina, Temple, UCF, West Virginia

The Skinny: It's still early in the process for Upshur, but Terps area recruiter John Dunn has made solid inroads. Upshur has visited College Park three times now, has had former teammate D.J. Moore in his ear and likes both the campus and school. He's also expressed an interest in playing with prime Terps QB target Dwayne Haskins. That said, Upshur is the nation's No. 1 TE recruit, and has every program and their brother after him. Arizona State, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma and others all hold prime appeal.

Offensive Line

Terrance Davis, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.): HOT

Offers: Maryland, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan, Penn State, Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois, Rutgers

The Skinny: Davis likes the glamour programs, but we have him forecast for Maryland. Why? Because he's on board with the DMV-to-UMD movement, wants to play with his teammates in college and has a strong rapport with Terps area recruiter Mike Locksley. It might take Davis some time to come around, but we think he'll eventually be a Terp if the rest of the DMV Movement falls into place. In the meantime, Davis will look around and explore all his options.

Josh Ball, Stafford (Fredericksburg, Va.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, Old Dominion, Penn State, South Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Ball has been at Maryland for games and campus visits at least four times in the last few months. He has a very good relationship with UMD area recruiter Greg Studrawa and likes that College Park isn't far from his home in Stafford, Va. WVU and UVA are also heavily involved, while Ball will undoubtedly have numerous other prime contenders as well. The Terps have made an impression; let's see if they can make enough of one to trump some major college football powers.

Devery Hamilton, Gilman (Baltimore, Md.): WARM

Offers: Stanford, Maryland, Clemson, Georgia Tech, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, South Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Hamilton has given little definitive in the way of leaders or standouts as he feels through the recruiting process. We do know, however, that he likes Maryland and has been on campus four times in the last few months. That said, his profile continues to expand, and he now has Stanford, Michigan, Michigan State and others coming hard after him. Hamilton has taken to the idea of staying home for college, but he isn't as infatuated with the concept as some other local recruits. The Wolverines, Spartans and Cardinal hold prime appeal.

Jauan Williams, Carroll (Washington, D.C.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Alabama, Mich. St., Nebraska, N. Carolina, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, Illinois,Auburn, Clemson, UConn, Iowa, Michigan, N.C. State, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Penn State, Temple, Tennessee, UCLA, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

The Skinny: There's a long way to go in the process for Williams, so his recruitment is bound to ebb and flow. He has all the bluebloods after him and is currently starry eyed, talking up the likes of Ohio State and Penn State. Williams does have a longstanding relationship with area recruiter Mike Locksley, however, and has expressed a desire to represent his hometown school. He's been in College Park numerous times and knows what Randy Edsall's program is all about. But it's just going to take awhile for the Terps to lock Williams down, as he's not likely to decide on a school until the winter of 2016. Expect him to entertain all of the big wigs in the meantime.

Richard Merritt, Carroll (Washington, D.C.): WARM

Offers: Maryland, Auburn, Boston College,Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Mich. St., Miss. St., Nebraska, N. Carolina, N.C. State, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Rutgers, Temple, Tennessee, Virginia, Clemson, UConn, Florida, Florida St., Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Va. Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Slowly but surely, we're getting the feeling Richard Merritt is warming up to the Terps. The likes of Adam McLean, Quarvez Boulware and other UMD players have been in his ear, and he's starting to buy into the hometown movement. Moreover, area recruiter Mike Locksley has been on him and has a good relationship with him, while Merritt has been to UMD for games and the like. Merritt does want to check out all his prime suitors, however, so expect him to play up Alabama, Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson and the like this offseason. We'll see if the Terps can fend off the charge by next winter.

Andrew Boselli, Providence (Jacksonville, Fla.): COOL

Offers: Maryland, Illinois, Miami, Mississippi State, Missouri

The Skinny: Boselli has expressed plenty of initial interest in Maryland, given the school's strong academics, his relationship with area recruiter Keenan McCardell and his belief in Randy Edsall's message. That said, Boselli is gaining steam on the trail and has a stated desire to play at some of the top SEC programs. If his recruitment explodes -- and it's trending in that direction -- he's going to be a tough pull. Boselli is supposed to visit College Park at some point, however, so Maryland is off to a solid start.

Will Fries, Cranford (N.J.): COOL

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Uconn, Penn State, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, Miami

The Skinny: Fries appreciated when Maryland offered and he has a developing relationship with Terps area recruiter Keith Dudzinski, but he's another one of these "blow up" recruits who is going to be a tough pull for UMD. Penn State and South Carolina are already on him, and in-state Rutgers has been making inroads as well.

Stephen Spanellis, Gilman (Baltimore, Md.): COOL

Offers: Virginia Tech, Michigan, Tennessee, Maryland, Michigan State, Georgia Tech

The Skinny: Spanellis has been to Maryland and has said plenty of positive things about the program given its academics and location to his home. That said, we're not sure how hard UMD will really push on this one. Spanellis is also interested in Va Tech, Tennessee, Michigan and a couple other programs. We'll know more about where he stands after he begins taking visits.

Clark Yarbrough, Woodberry Forest (Woodberry, Va.): COOL

Offers: Maryland, Duke, Florida, Illinois,Arizona State, Arkansas, Boston College, Cal, Clemson, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCF, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Yarbrough had some contact with Maryland and has visited College Park previously, but his recruitment has increased exponentially. Right now, he's probably bound for a blueblood like Michigan or Penn State, or perhaps an in-state program like Va Tech or UVA. He's not going to be easy for the Terps to pull out of Virginia.

Jay Jay McCargo, O’Connell (Arlington, Va.): COOL

Offers: Boston College, Clemson, Duke, UNC, Temple, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, South Carolina, Wake Forest,

The Skinny: The Terps have monitored McCargo, but for whatever reason haven't offered yet. The nearby lineman would be interested in UMD should it ante up, but in the meantime he's racking up offers like no one's business. Clemson, Duke and UNC are three early standouts. Maybe the Terps will make a move if he visits this offseason, which should happen at some point.

Defensive Line

Ellison Jordan, Gilman (Baltimore, Md.): HOT

Offers: Maryland, Arizona State, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, NC State, Wake Forest, Marshall, N. Carolina, Penn State, Rutgers, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

The Skinny: Maryland is hot on the trail of the state's No. 1 defensive recruit, and the interest is mutual. Jordan loves it in College Park, has a terrific relationship with the entire staff and likes the school's strong journalism program. Plus he's one of the "hometown movement" recruits who seems to buy into the DMV-to-UMD trend. UNC and Virginia Tech also seem to have caught his eye, but for the moment we'll give the edge to the Terps.

Terrell Hall, St. John’s (Washington, D.C.): COOL

Offers: Maryland, Florida State, Kentucky, Clemson, UConn, Iowa, LSU, N. Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

The Skinny: The Terps are going to have some work to do on Terrell Hall. Although he's acknowledged the hometown movement and is friends with many Terps commits and soon-to-be Terps commits, it might take more than that to convince him join in. Area recruiter Mike Locksley had done well, but for now Hall is seeing stars. Ohio State is considered a leader, while Penn State, Michigan State, Tennessee and even UCLA are involved heavily as well.

Karamo Dioubate, The Preparatory Charter School (Philadelphia, Pa.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Florida, Boston College, Miami, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

The Skinny: The Terps jumped on Dioubate early and have visited his school, but he's given little thought to recruiting yet. He hasn't taken any visits or expressed much interest in a particular program. All the elites are after him, however, and he figures to be a difficult lure out of the Keystone State.

Shane Simmons, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Penn State, Alabama, Maryland, Arizona State, Baylor, Cincinnati, Miami, Georgia, Florida State, Ole Miss, Miss. State, N. Carolina, Notre Dame, Mich. State, South Carolina, Rutgers, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wake Forest, Wisconsin

The Skinny: Simmons is a firm Penn State pledge at this point, and word is he's sticking with the Nittany Lions. That said, there is pressure on him from his teammates and Terps commits to give the hometown school a longer look. Area recruiter Mike Locksley will undoubtedly stay on this one. Simmons is a name to monitor down the road.

Rashan Gary, Paramus Catholic (Paramus, N.J.) : COLD

Offers: Maryland, Alabama, Boston College, Cincinnati, UConn, Florida, Florida St., Miami, Michigan, Mich. State, N. Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, Temple, USC, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

The Skinny: Someway, somehow Maryland has gotten an initial jump on the nation's No. 1 recruit. Gary visited UMD for a game last fall and has expressed some interest in the program. He already has a connection with area recruiter Keith Dudzinski and seems to have taken to him well. How long UMD stays in the game remains to be seen, but stranger things have happened. Ultimately, Gary is going to have his pick of schools, and all the major players will come after him hard. If the Terps can stay in the game past his senior season, it will be impressive.

Anthony Long, McDevitt (Harrisburg, Pa.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Arizona State, Arkansas, Boston College, Cal, Clemson, Duke, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCF, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Long has an expansive offer list, and the Terps have jumped into the fray as well. Area recruiter John Dunn has made his presence known and has begun to establish a connection. But Long hasn't really taken any visits yet and is wide open in the recruiting process. It's tough to get a gauge on him, but based off his offer list, Maryland is going to have to go toe-to-toe with the big wigs for his services.


Keandre Jones, Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) : COMMITTED

Offers: Maryland, Penn State, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia

The Skinny: Jones committed to the Terps out of the blue Dec. 1, 2014. The hometown movement really hit home with him, while he wanted the chance for his mother to see all his home games. In addition, area recruiter Mike Locksley jumped on him early and extended an offer his freshman year. Jones chose Maryland over Penn State, which made a strong run.

Keith Simms, Landon (Bethesda, Md.) : HOT

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Va Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, NC State, N. Carolina, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia, Wake Forest, West Virginia

The Skinny: Simms has been effusive in his Terps praise, and could be UMD's to lose. He's been on campus at least once each month since receiving an offer last summer. Area recruiter Chad Wilt has a terrific rapport with him, while Simms has personally taken to the DMV-to-UMD trend. He knows D.J. Turner, Keandre Jones, Lorenzo Harrison and other current Terps. Maryland's strong academics also stand out to Simms. He is looking around at some other regional suitors, but UMD is in the pole position right now.

Koby Quansah, Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford, Conn.) : WARM

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, UConn, Duke, Northwestern, Rutgers, Syracuse

The Skinny: Quansah has been wanting to visit College Park and has a direct connection to UMD in the form of friend Andrew Isaacs. He's also developed an early rapport with area recruiter Keith Dudzinski. At the same time, Quansah is keeping his options open and has no early leaders. Boston College, UConn, Duke and others are all in play, while PSU could become involved as well.

Greg Simmons, Fort Pierce Central (Fort Pierce, Fla.) : WARM

Offers: Cincinnati, Maryland, FAU

The Skinny: We're not entirely sure Simmons has a committable offer or not, but if so, the Terps are in solid early position. In fact, Simmons came right out and called UMD his No. 1 suitor following the verbal. He's established a rapport with area recruiter Keenan McCardell, likes the fact UMD competes in the Big Ten and wants to visit College Park as soon as possible. But we're a bit skeptical Simmons' intentions will hold true. If he starts to accumulate more offers from the SEC or the Sunshine State powers, he's likely to rethink his initial claims.

Cameron Brown, Bullis (Potomac, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Boston College, Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Rutgers, Virginia, WVU, Pittsburgh

The Skinny: It's a little perplexing why the Terps haven't offered Brown, who has all the measurables you look for in an outside linebacker. Maybe they're content to go with Keandre Jones and top target Keith Simms, though I'm not sure why that would preclude UMD from offering. Either way, Brown hasn't heard a whole lot from UMD, and in the meantime continues to rack up the scholarships. Notre Dame, PSU and Michigan State are three programs that have caught his eye off the bat. Brown would show interest in UMD should it ante up, but until they do so, we don't project him to wind up in College Park.


Aaron Hansford, St. John’s (Washington, D.C.) : WARM

Offers: Maryland, Duke, Pitt, ODU

The Skinny: Hansford was thrilled when the Terps offered and called it "special" to have a chance to play at his hometown school. He already knows both Mike Locksley and Randy Edsall, and has been to College Park several times already. Hansford is well aware of the hometown movement, and acknowledged it would be cool to represent him home state in college. But Hansford also wants to entertain his other suitors and see what offers he can accumulate. Maryland is in a good spot early, however.

Khaleke Hudson, McKeesport Area (McKeesport, Pa.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Michigan State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Temple, Syracuse, Cincinnati

The Skinny: Maryland has offered Hudson and area recruiter John Dunn has been through the school. But Hudson has been pegged as a Penn State or Pitt lean early, and the belief is he's going to be hard to pry out of the Keystone State. That said, Hudson has gone on record to say he's open to all suitors, so we'll see if UMD can get him down for a visit.

Damar Hamlin, Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, Pa.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Temple, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

The Skinny: Maryland area recruiter Greg Studrawa has been up to Central Catholic, and Hamlin has at least entertained the idea of checking out College Park. But as his offer list grows, the less likely it is for UMD to land him. Hamlin has already said PSU, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State hold his attention, and that's a tough crowd to beat.

Keyvone Bruton, Lake Taylor (Norfolk, Va.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Temple, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

The Skinny: Maryland has checked in on Bruton but has not offered yet. That said, he's receiving interest and has been in touch with area recruiter Lyndon Johnson. If Bruton camps at UMD it's conceivable he could pull the verbal. For now, though, the southern ACC schools like Wake Forest, Duke and Va Tech hold appeal.

Eric Burrell, McDonogh (Owings Mills, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Boston College, Virginia, Virginia Tech, ODU

The Skinny: Maryland knows all about Burrell, but they may not offer him unless other options fall through. His 40 time apparently underwhelmed, and the staff may want to see more of him this season or during a summer camp. If the Terps do ante up, however, they'd have a strong chance of landing Burrell given UMD's pipeline to McDonogh and the prospect's admitted affinity for the school. For now, though, UVA looks to be a prime contender.


Trevon Diggs, Avalon (Gaithersburg, Md.) : HOT

Offers: Maryland, Clemson, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, Nebraska, N. Carolina, N.C. State, Penn St., Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech

The Skinny: Diggs was wavering back and forth on whether or not he wanted to follow in his older brother, Terps great Stefon Diggs', footsteps. But we get the feeling he's come around to playing at his hometown school, mainly because many of his good friends in the 2016 class are on board or about to jump on board. Diggs already has a longstanding relationship with the UMD staff, and he's been on campus so many times he can't remember the number. Diggs has several other attractive suitors he'll be looking at like Georgia, UNC, Penn State and Clemson, with PSU holding particular intrigue. But he's Maryland's to lose at this point.

Patrice Rene, Episcopal (Alexandria, Va.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Boston College, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

The Skinny: Rene has been in College Park several times and does like the program given its academic reputation, location, campus life and coaching staff. He is starting to develop a rapport with new area recruiter Lyndon Johnson. But Rene, a Canadian native, is developing into a national recruit and is keeping his options wide open. Penn State and Ohio State hold his attention early.

Robbie Robinson, Phoebus (Hampton, Va.) : COOL

Offers: Maryland, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Hawaii, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Temple, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

The Skinny: One of Virginia's hottest recruits, Robinson has piled up the offers. The in-state programs UVA and Va Tech are on him early, and Duke holds appeal as well. Maryland has been ramping up the pursuit as well, and Robinson has taken to area recruiter Chad Wilt. He also knows several recruits looking at Maryland, and could be influenced by them down the line. He hasn't visited College Park yet, though, so unless he does we can't elevate Robinson's status above "cool."

Sir Patrick Scott, Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Kentucky, Michigan State

The Skinny: Scott is maybe the most talented class of 2016 cornerback in Maryland, but some issues may preclude some schools from making a run at him. Maryland knows all about him, but it remains to be seen whether the Terps will pounce given said issues. He's a recruit worth monitoring going forward, however, because he is quite a player.

Patrick Johnson, Bullis (Potomac, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Boston College, Illinois, Marshall, Rutgers, Virginia

The Skinny: Johnson has made no bones about his desire to play his college ball in College Park. He's down with the DMV Movement, grew up a Terps fan and wants the chance to play with his friends. But thus far he hasn't heard too much from UMD and may need a big offseason/fall to draw a look. Rutgers and UVA are early contenders.

Greg Ross, Potomac (Oxon Hill, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Virginia Tech, Buffalo

The Skinny: Ross is an emerging cornerback recruit who figures to see his offer list expand in due time. Virginia Tech is on him early, but others are sniffing around. Maryland's Mike Locksley knows all about him, but so far the Terps have taken a wait and see approach. Should they pounce, UMD would be in good position to land Ross given the Terps' relationship with Potomac and the fact they just pulled in a Wolverine in the 2015 class -- Keiron Howard.

Kareem Felder, St. Frances (Baltimore, Md.) : COOL

Offers: Boston College, Cincinnati, Iowa, New Mexico, UNC, Pitt, Rutgers, WVU, Virginia Tech

The Skinny: Felder is an emerging Baltimore City product who the Terps have shown interest in but haven't offered yet. Felder is intrigued by Maryland and has plenty of connections to the school, but he may have to go to camp to convince the staff to extend the verbal. He has plenty of other options, though, and will be taking a long look at WVU, Va Tech, UNC and Rutgers.

James Green, Forestville (Md.) : COOL


The Skinny: Green is an under the radar local recruit who Maryland has checked in on, and who has been on campus before. He's a smallish speedster with good skills, who could possibly impress during camp. Green is one of those guys like Ty Johnson Maryland may try to keep underwraps, and if he does well in a one-day setting, the Terps could pounce.

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