Ellis, Terps Recruits Rave About Latest Visit

UMD played host to three prime local class of 2016 gridiron targets Feb. 11, and reports suggest that receiver Tino Ellis (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.), defensive end Terrell Hall (St. John’s/Washington, D.C.) and cornerback Trevon Diggs (Avalon/Gaithersburg, Md.) all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Maryland’s hoops team scored a major victory against Indiana Feb. 11, and apparently the Terps’ football program benefited from the exciting 68-66 down-to-the-wire bout. UMD played host to three prime local class of 2016 gridiron targets, and reports suggest that receiver Tino Ellis (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.), defensive end Terrell Hall (St. John’s/Washington, D.C.) and cornerback Trevon Diggs (Avalon/Gaithersburg, Md.) all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Joining the above trio was current Terps receiver commit Darryl Turner, as well as class of 2017 DeMatha quarterback Beau English.

“Oh, it was a great visit, a real good visit – and a real good game,” said Ellis, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound four-star prospect who has Maryland under prime consideration. “I was up there with Beau English, our quarterback, D.J. [Turner], Terrell Hall and Trevon Diggs, and we all had a real good time. Terrell and Trevon, they thought the same as me – they really liked it up there and had a great time talking to the coaches and at the game. Everyone was all into the game and just having a lot of fun.”

Ellis said the group arrived a couple hours before the 9 p.m. tip-off, allowing them to tour the campus, chat with the staff, try on some Under Armour gear and hang out in Gossett team house.

“I talked to Coach [Mike] Locksley, Coach [Keenan] McCardell and Coach [Randy] Edsall. It was real good. I talked to Coach Edsall like the whole time, and we were talking about life, football, things like that. It was real good,” Ellis said. “[The message] was pretty much the same things they had been telling me. You know, they all want us to stay home and commit there, things like that.

“But basically [the coaches] kind of just wanted us to have fun there, and have fun at the game, which we did. But they were showing us around campus, meeting people, showing us different things. It was cool.”

After seeing College Park, Md., and talking to the staff, Ellis and Co. ventured over to the Xfinity Center for the basketball game. The DeMatha wideout said he, Hall, Diggs and the like loved the electricity from start to finish, and got a sense of what Maryland fans could be like.

“The atmosphere was live. It was a good game and the fans were crazy,” Ellis said. “It was my first time coming to a big Maryland game. You know, they were playing Indiana, and that’s a great matchup right there. So it was live man, a real good time.

“And Terrell, Trevon, Beau, we were all into it. Everyone loved the game and the fans. It was great.”

This was Ellis’ first time back at Maryland since attending the Nov. 29, 2014, UMD-Rutgers football game. His next College Park visit could take less than a week, however.

“The [Maryland] coaches actually want me to come up with my parents. You know, it was just me and Beau that came up by ourselves [Feb. 11], so the coaches want me to come up with the family again so they can show us some new things,” Ellis said. “So that was the main thing. I think I’m coming back up next week, like [Feb. 17] or [Feb. 18], but we’ll see.”

Before heading back to UMD, though, Ellis will take in Wake Forest Feb. 14. The weekend after that, he plans to be at Rutgers, while he wants to see Kentucky, his latest offer, sometime in March.

Ellis has already seen West Virginia, Virginia Tech and UMD this offseason, with the Hokies and Terps holding appeal.

“Right now it’s kind of even between Virginia Tech and Maryland, but other schools could come into play,” said Ellis, who now holds offers from Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, Wake Forest, Virginia, Rutgers and Virginia Tech. “I have to take all my visits and all that and then see after that. But right now I’m really liking Maryland and I really like Va Tech.”

As for Hall and Diggs, Ellis said he wasn’t sure exactly who their leaders were, but he knows both do have an affinity for UMD. He said the DMV-to-UMD movement is on all of their minds, and is something they will be thinking about as the recruiting process moves along.

“You know, I didn’t talk to [Hall and Diggs] too too much, because I was with D.J. and Beau [Feb. 11], but I think they’re going to go through the process and take some visits like I am,” Ellis said. “We talk online and things like that, and I know everyone likes Maryland, but we’re all going to go through the process.

“But, you know, the feeling is if we [locals] stay around … we know we can do big things at Maryland. We know the talent that’s here, and if we all went to the same school, we can do really big things. But, like I said, we’ll have to see; we’re all going through the process.”

For Ellis’ part, he’s sticking to a late July college decision. He said July 31 is the announcement date – for no reason in particular.

“I just felt like that was the right time, right day. That’s when me and my parents and coaches thought would be a good time,” Ellis said. “It’s kind of a random day, but that’s what I’m going with (laughs).”

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