Turgeon: 'We Like Where We're At'

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon addressed the media Feb. 13 ahead of the Terps' Feb. 14 8:30 p.m. game against Penn State.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon addressed the media Feb. 13 ahead of the Terps' Feb. 14 8:30 p.m. game against Penn State.

See what he had to say in the video below:

On Approach To PSU Game

I don't think you can erase the last three games [before Indiana], you have to learn from them. But we have to remember we were a pretty good road team in December, early January. We played good teams. We have to understand it's a big game for people because we're ranked. It's a chance for those teams to have a statement victory. But I expect us to be better. I think the IU game gave us a lot of confidence. 8-4, 20 wins, it gives us a lot of confidence going into Penn State. But we have to play like we did the other night.

On first Penn State game

They're a really good team and they have really good players. They're deep, physical, well-coached and that's what I take out of it. We'll see. Our guys respect them. I remember at halftime I was like, 'This is a really good team we're playing.' So our guys understand they're talented, and they've won three in a row at home.

On decompressing after emotional IU game

We took yesterday off; we had to just to get away and get our energy level back. Our third game in six days, two on the road, it's not easy in mid-February to do. ... We'll cut back practice today, get up to PSU tomorrow. We just have to get mentally and physically ready for the game at 8:30 tomorrow night.

On what team has to work on

I don't want to talk negative about our team, because we have a great team, but the most important thing is finding a little swagger on the road. ... But if I had to say one thing it's taking care of the ball. We have to do a better job with turnovers.

On getting to foul line on the road

Yeah we try to get the same results on the road that we do at home. We'll try to get to the foul line, and we'll see. Penn State is a good defensive team, so we'll see. It's part of the game plan.

On first game against PSU and preparing this time around

I don't know if it's something we have to prepare for ... I don't really want to get into that with you guys right now. I love you guys, but I really don't want to get into it (laughs). But it's a constant with us. What we want to get better at, we want to get better at against Penn State, against Indiana, against whoever else we play.

On handling success at road vs. home

Obviously we haven't handled it very well on the road. We've taken care of business at home. Our guys should know we're pretty good. We have six games left, and our guys understand we've gone most of the season being pretty good, so hopefully we'll finish strong.

On relationship with Trimble

I don't know, he's so fun to coach. He doesn't say, 'boo.' He's so quiet, he does exactly what you ask and I don't have to motivate him. He motivates himself to play well and be good. Do I like to talk to him? Yes. But I try to take the pressure off of him, let him be a young guy, tell him to enjoy it. Sometimes as a coach you have to step back and have fun. So we have fun with him.

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