Turgeon Discusses Win Over Nebraska

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Maryland defeated Nebraska 69-65 Feb. 19. After the game, head coach Mark Turgeon addressed the media.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Maryland defeated Nebraska 69-65 Feb. 19. After the game, head coach Mark Turgeon addressed the media.

Opening Statement

I'm proud of my guys, they got it done. Melo [Trimble] was terrific down the stretch. You've got to give Nebraska a lot of credit, they played well. They shot the ball well. They haven't made shots like that all year. .. I thought we did a great job on Pettaway. The game-plan was to stop him, and I thought we did a pretty good job of that. Shields and Pitchford really stepped up for them. Considering the weather I thought we had a great crowd, supporting us and sticking with us.

Once again it was a close game, and I was telling the guys if they make shots on us and it's close, 'Let's enjoy it and let's figure out a way to win.' And that's what we did. We stepped up to the line and made free throws. What we do well, we do well.

On Melo Trimble hitting two big shots late. Surprised? No. Because I've watched him do it a lot. Now, the second one was really neat. I just hoped he had enough legs to get it there. I was surprised he missed a free throw -- he's that good. I thought he was very patient on double-teams all night, letting the game come to him. I thought he was extremely efficient.

On Trimble taking over

That was all Melo. It was Melo being Melo. We were trying to use clock and get it down, and I didn't know if he was going to pull up from deep and do that. I thought he was going to drive it and get fouled. And the second one I thought he just nailed it. The kid's just a winner. I've been saying that since we got him. He's just a winner.

On team finishing games

I have a really good point guard and we make free throws. Then when we absolutely have to have a stop, we get it. When we wait till we absolutely have to have it, we do it.. ... We're very confident. I never thought we were going to lose. Even when they cut it to one and then three, and we turn it over, the basketball gods were on our side. I have to watch the film. We had two timeouts, Jake [Layman] threw it to [Nebraska] and then all of a sudden Melo has the ball... It's just one of those years. We're figuring out ways to win these games.

On game-plan against Nebraska

It was all Nebraska. They were terrific. You watch film, this guy can't make shots, this guy can't make shots. But they were really hard to guard. Then No. 23 comes in, he hadn't played a lot. I'm embarrassed I don't know his name. I kept asking ... He must be a good shooter if he's out there, right? They were searching for offense and they found it tonight.

We had to go small just to try to match up and do the best we can defensively. I thought we were better defensively in the second half. We gave up a few layups, but I thought their 3s were more contested in the second half, but they made some tough shots.

On how big three home games in a row are

We're a good road team, I don't know what everyone is talking about. We've won five road games... But academically it's good to be home. We'll be home two straight weeks, and our guys can take care of business there... But it's always great to be home. We'd play 100 home games if we could... But we're a pretty good road team; we've won a lot out there. Iowa State is pretty good, Michigan State is pretty good, Purdue is pretty good. Don't slight the guys. We're a pretty good road team.

On Dez Wells and the role he played

Des just wants to win. He's at that point where he can feel it, taste it. He wants to be part of the NCAA tournament and he'll do whatever he has to win. Whether it's Dez scoring on the block or defending ... I told him at halftime, 'Dez don't take it personal' in the first half [when I took him out]. I thought he was trying to take it personal. He didn't switch on a ball screen and we gave up a 3. I told him, 'Play to our principles.' We gave up a 3 because he didn't switch, so, 'Just play.' ... He's a good player and he does a lot for us. I feel very comfortable when he's guarding their best player of the ball is in his hands. He's helping us win.

On team rebounding

Great question. It's going to be a huge priority. I'll watch the film. I wasn't too excited about our box outs. We'll work pretty hard on it. We've got time to practice and [the guys] are not going to enjoy it. We'll be a lot tougher by [Feb. 24] at 7 o'clock.

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