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Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football recruiting roundup.

Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football recruiting roundup.

All It Took...

Was an offer.

The Terps finally extended a verbal to Potomac (Oxon Hill, Md.) cornerback/safety Greg Ross March 12, and the DMV recruit immediately declared the Terps one of his leaders following said verbal. The 6-foot-1, 165-pounder had been waiting for a UMD scholarship for months, and when it finally came to fruition, it was difficult for him to hide his elation.

Ross said the fact College Park, Md., is minutes from home; his teammate (Keiron Howard) is heading there next year; the relationship he has with the staff; the chance to play in the Big Ten; and the academics all rang true. Moreover, he's enjoyed the multiple games he's taken in, likes the Under Armour gear he's tried, raved about the facility upgrades, and more. Ross also grew up a Terps fan and said his family would love for him to stick around so they can easily commute to his games.

"I'd say Maryland is at the top right now," Ross said. "What more can you say about Maryland? It's great."

We're not ready to forecast Ross to UMD just yet, but it could be on the verge of happening. Fact is, area recruiter Mike Locksley is now on Ross pretty hard, and we're inclined to believe the Potomac corner is listening intently. The two have known each other for a couple years, and Ross said Locksley is one of his favorite college assistants.

Ross also holds offers from Iowa, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin. He has visited UMD, Va Tech, WVU and Clemson, among others, and plans to be at Penn State March 28; followed by CU; Purdue; and College Park.

He believes the Tigers could be on the verge of anteing up, and, if so, Clemson could conceivably become a top contender for his services. That said, UMD has the inside track for now. (ARTICLE).

Linebacker News

The Terps offered some linebackers, hosted a linebacker, and had a linebacker commit ruffle some feathers. Needless to say, it was a linebacker kind of week in College Park, Md.

First up, let’s take a look at the most recent offerees:

Noah Burks, Carmel (Ind.): Carmel should be familiar to Terps fans by now as it’s become a frequent stomping ground for UMD area recruiter Chad Wilt, who has had contact with several of the high school’s recruits. The most recent is the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Burks, a potential “blow up” candidate with three Big Ten offers from Indiana, Illinois and now UMD.

Although Burks, who the Terps are recruiting as a MIKE, is drawing interest from schools closer to home, he’s intent on visiting Maryland and meeting the staff. He called the idea of playing on the East Coast “exciting,” mentioning UMD’s location near Washington, D.C., as a distinct advantage in the Terps’ favor.

The main reason Burks is coming out in late March, though, is his relationship with Wilt. Burks called Maryland’s defensive line coach “different” than other assistants due to his enthusiasm and how he addresses recruits. The Carmel backer said he’s had some “very personal” Twitter conversations with the coach, which have apparently hit home.

Moreover, Burks believes Maryland is on the up-and-up in the Big Ten and offers a “great brand of football.”

But that’s not to say UMD is the favorite quite yet. Burks has also visited nearby IU and Illinois a couple times each, and has both right in the thick of things. He’s not intent on sticking around town for college (“location isn’t a factor at all,” he said), but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s opposed to the idea either.

So, given his longstanding relationship with Indiana and Illinois, it’s possible Burks could be a Hoosier or an Illini in due time. Or, he could end up at a Big Ten bigwig if the likes of Michigan (his stated favorite) or Michigan State come calling (a definite possibility).

In terms of a decision date, Burks has no timetable for selecting his school. We’ll have a better idea where he stands later this spring. (ARTICLE).

Kyle Taylor, Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.): I was able to catch up with the local linebacker Taylor following his Terps offer March 5, and, frankly, it was difficult read his feelings about it. Taylor acknowledged “the whole ‘DMV Movement thing,’” as he called it, was “pretty cool,” but he didn’t sound as enthused about DMV-to-UMD as, say, a Marcus Simms (Sherwood/Sandy Spring, Md.) or a Travon Stott (Good Counsel/Olney, Md.) was.

That’s not to say Taylor isn’t interested in Maryland. Quite the contrary. It’s just unlike some of the other DMV recruits, the Gonzaga backer hasn’t had as much contact or exposure to the Terps.

He wasn’t on campus for either of Maryland’s junior days or the widely attended Feb. 24 Terps-Wisconsin hoops game, nor has he spoken extensively to the likes of UMD pledges Lorenzo Harrison (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.) or D.J. Turner (DeMatha).

Taylor has just started to build a rapport with D.C. Terps recruiter Mike Locksley, and he’s in the process of setting up a personal visit to College Park. It’s possible after talking to Locksley and meeting the rest of the staff Taylor will begin warming up to Maryland.

For now, though, his recruitment is wide open. Taylor has offers from BC, Iowa, Va Tech and Wisconsin, and plans to visit all of those and more this offseason. His older brother, Miles Taylor, just singed with the Hawkeyes last year, and Kyle Taylor figures to give that program a long look.

If all goes according to plan, Taylor will be able to see numerous campuses in the next couple months; talk each over with his family this summer; and then choose his college destination by August. (ARTICLE).

Elias Reynolds, Poly Prep (Brooklyn, N.Y): The Terps just offered this New York backer March 12. He also holds verbals from the likes of BC, Uconn, Rutgers, Syracuse, Wake and Umass. He's seen most of the schools in the Northeast and has an affinity for them, although he's wide open in his recruitment.

Reynolds has been in touch with Terps area recruiter Lyndon Johnson as well as Chad Wilt, and would like to see what UMD is all about. The Big Ten connection obiously has his attention, as does its location in reference to his home.

But it's tough to get a gauge on Reynolds right now. It's still early in his recruitment, and he has visits set up for Miami; Missouri; UMass; Boston College and UCLA.

We'll know more about where he stands following said trips.

Dontavius Jackson, Alief Elsik (Houston, Texas): Terps’ Texas-area recruiter Keenan McCardell might have a better chance at renewing his NFL career than pulling in the borderline five-star backer Jackson. This 6-3, 238-pounder claims more than 40 offers to date from schools throughout the Big 12, SEC, Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten. If he doesn’t wind up at in-state mainstays like Texas and TAMU, perhaps he’ll head to an Oklahoma, an Alabama, a Michigan, an Oregon or a Michigan State.

The Keandre Jones Situation

Aside from those three offerees, Terps pledge KeAndre Jones (Good Counsel/Olney, Md.) generated some buzz last weekend when it leaked he was visiting Ohio State March 28 and probably Michigan shortly thereafter.

Now, it’s true Jones does not hold offers from either the Buckeyes or Wolverines, but this guy’s a four-star talent and probably would’ve had both already if not for the early Maryland pop. You can bet he’ll have a scholarship from Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh should he follow through with said trips later this March.

But as far as we know, Jones is still firmly committed to UMD and just wants to check out a couple Big Ten elites with his friend from rival St. John’s (Washington, D.C.), Terrell Hall, who popped to OSU March 2. Jones had previously said how important it was for him to play near his mother and to represent the hometown school. For the moment, we’re inclined to believe he’s still thinking along those lines.

But, if you’re a Terps fan, you have to be leery anytime notable silver tongues like Meyer and Harbaugh get ahold of recruits. Will the DMV-to-UMD movement still ring true to Jones after he experiences the glitz and glamour of the defending national champions?

Stay tuned.

Recent Visitors

The Terps hosted one of their top linebacker targets March 12 when Kingswood Regional (West Hartford, Conn.) inside backer Koby Quansah made his way to College Park for the first time. The four-star recruit had been attempting to see UMD for the last couple months, but travel constraints precluded him from doing so.

But evidently Quansah was able to hitch a ride with his school’s baseball team on its way to a tournament down in Florida. The crew stopped off in College Park for a few hours before continuing its trek south, allowing Quansah to take in one his foremost suitors.

Quansah had been in close contact with UMD area recruiter Keith Dudzinski, while he counts his former neighbor, Terps tight end Andrew Isaacs, as a friend. While on campus, though, Quansah discovered there was plenty more he liked about the university than what Dudzinski and Isaacs had imparted.

"It was more than I expected," he said.

Quansah said the staff’s emphasis on education and UMD's business program stood out, while the new facility plans caught his eye too. Quansah also bonded well with the Terps’ coaches, immediately taking to head coach Randy Edsall’s high-character, academics-first mantra. Moreover, the Connecticut product felt a sense of community on campus and among the Maryland players themselves.

Following the trip, Quansah said an official visit to College Park later this fall is “definitely” in the cards.

But Quansah will be looking at numerous other schools in the coming months, so his recruitment is bound to ebb and flow. On the way back from Florida, the backer will see Duke and North Carolina in late March. After that, Quansah would like to check out Michigan, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers and Iowa this summer.

Other trips are bound to crop up as his offer list expands.

Quansah could possibly make his college decision this summer, though he's inclined to wait until taking several officials this fall/winter. (ARTICLE).

Besides Quansah …

About five prospects from Hylton High (Woodbridge, Va.) made their way to College Park, including junior quarterback/athlete Donovan Williams and freshman phenom running back Ricky Slade.

Williams only holds a pair of Division I-AA verbals from JMU and Fordham for the moment, but given his athleticism and measurables (6-3, 200 pounds with a 4.6 40-yard dash), he has a chance to garner plenty of “high-major” attention. He said Wake Forest could be closest to offering, while UMD, Penn State, Va Tech, Toledo and others are in contact as well.

Williams, who suggested he’d likely be a receiver or defensive back at Maryland, has been in College Park on a few occasions now, including the UMD-WVU football game last fall. But March 11 was his first chance to see the Terps’ coaches in action, tour the campus, and learn more about the inner workings of the program.

But while the Hylton product genuinely enjoyed himself, he’s still unsure where the Terps stand with him. Williams hasn’t had an extensive conversation with new Northern Virginia Terps recruiter Keenan McCardell yet, and believes he’ll have to show out at a one-day camp to draw a closer look.

If Williams can eventually snag a Maryland offer, however, it’s likely the Terps would be in solid postion for his services. The chance to play near home, represent the DMV (yes, he considers himself to be part of The Movement), and shine in a Big Ten program all appeal to the emerging athlete.

We’ll monitor Williams’ status this spring and summer to see what transpires between him and the Terps.

As for Slade, it’s way too soon to start prognosticating the 2018 recruit’s future destination, especially with schools such as OSU, South Carolina, Clemson, PSU, Tennessee, Clemson, Virginia Tech and others already after him. Slade did admittedly have a great experience in College Park, but that’s probably his response in regards to every visit at this point. (ARTICLE).

Receiver News

Donald Stewart, WR, Paramus Catholic (Paramus, N.J.): We’re getting a bit skeptical about Maryland’s chances with the Paramus receiver Stewart, who couldn’t say enough about UMD following its mid-February offer. Recall, Stewart talked up Terps area recruiter Keith Dudzinski, receivers’ coach Keenan McCardell and the school’s academic reputation. He went on to call Maryland one of his foremost suitors, subsequently setting up his first College Park trip for March 8.

But, at the last minute, Stewart reneged on his intended visit and instead went to nearby Rutgers, a school he’d already seen several times. It’s clear the hometown school is now resonating, while Stewart is hoping to pull other “name” suitors in the coming months.

Currently, he has offers from UMD, RU, Wake, Temple, Syracuse, BC, Illinois and, most recently, Iowa and Washington State. But universities like Stanford, Northwestern, Virginia Tech, Michigan, South Carolina, UVA and more are in touch, many of which could pull through with verbals.

Stewart has no other scheduled visits coming up, but that could change depending on what programs ante up. He has yet to confirm whether or not he’s still looking to check out College Park.

It seems like the more his profile grows, the less likely he’ll be a Terp.

Marcus Simms, WR, Sherwood (Sandy Spring, Md.): We still like Maryland’s postion with in-state receiver Marcus Simms, despite his recent comments that UMD and Rutgers were now “co-leaders” for his services. Simms was just in Piscataway, N.J., for RU’s junior day, and the highly impressionable recruit was, naturally, impressed. The Scarlet Knights’ coaching staff put forth its best recruiting pitch, and in the immediate aftermath Simms ate it up.

Next up, Simms will take at least one more visit to West Virginia March 14. WVU has an offer out to him, and the Mountaineers’ staff will surely sell their program the way Rutgers’ coaches did theirs. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if Simms returned from Morgantown, W.Va., calling UMD, RU and WVU his “top three.”

But Simms’ mind will undoubtedly be back on the Terps once he returns to College Park later this month or in early April. I briefly touched base with the Sherwood product this week, and he’s excited to see Maryland practice at some point in the near future. And once he does come back, we’re inclined to believe Simms will end up popping to head coach Randy Edsall -- barring a snag.

Wake Forest, Boston College and Pittsburgh also have offers out to Simms, with others potentially about to jump on board, so it’s conceivable the Sandy Spring native could check out the Deacons, Eagles or Panthers. But, again, Simms has been Maryland’s to lose ever since it offered -- DMV-to-UMD resonates with him; former DeMatha teammates LoLo Harrison and D.J. Turner are already committed; he’s raved about both recent campus visits -- and it remains in the pole postion regardless of what the wideout suggests publically.

Hasise Dubois, WR, DePaul (Wayne, N.J.): I had to remove this standout Jersey wideout from the hot board after he failed to pull in a Terps offer, and then released a top five favorites list that included OSU, UVA, Kentucky, Pitt and Rutgers.

Dubois checked out College Park for a junior day and thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Garden State-area recruiter Keith Dudzinski and receivers’ coach Keenan McCardell. And after speaking to said coaches, Dubois left believing an offer would materialize soon enough. But it hasn’t happened yet, and it sounds like, at this point, he’s out of UMD’s grasp even if the staff does pursue.

The Scarlet Knights are firmly in play, while Ohio State is considered a front-runner as well (if Urban Meyer accepts his commitment).

Running Back News

Tyliek Raynor, Imhotep (Philadelphia, Pa.): We mentioned a couple Shells ago that Maryland’s staff might not be making a potent push for Tyliek Raynor, who claims verbals from Maryland, Temple, Syracuse, Rutgers, Buffalo and West Virginia. The teammate of Terps’ signee D.J. Moore, Raynor was absolutely thrilled when he heard from UMD area recruiter John Dunn. Remember, he immediately expressed interest in joining his fellow Imhotep product at the college level, and wanted to visit College Park again either for a junior day or spring practice.

But the visit never materialized, and, at this point, we’re not sure it will. Raynor updated his status late last week and said he’s looking to see WVU, Uconn, Wake, Purdue and Arizona State this offseason. He was most recently at Rutgers and Temple, with the Owls currently the decided favorite for Raynor’s services.

Perhaps the Terps will change course if/when top target Robert Washington (Southlake Christian/Huntersville, N.C.) takes his talents to Alabama, TCU, USC, North Carolina, etc., but for now the vibe is both the Maryland staff and Raynor aren’t seeing eye to eye.

Upcoming Visitors

Several recent out-of-state Terps offerees chimed in that they had set up College Park visit dates this spring.

Robert Washington, RB, (Southlake Christian/Huntersville, N.C.): Speaking of Washington, it looks like his intended April 3 trip to Maryland is still a "go." The four-star running back has been in touch with Terps recruiting coordinator John Dunn as well as new Carolina-area Terps recruiter Lyndon Johnson, along with his friend from Bullis (Potomac, Md.), quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Apparently Haskins and Trevon Diggs (Avalon/Gaithersburg, Md.) will be at UMD April 3 as well, the Bullis triggerman urging the Southlake running back to join him. Indeed, perhaps the main reason Washington is considering Maryland is the possibility Haskins could be a Terp too.

But don't get too excited yet, Maryland fans. Washington did just give another interview March 9, and once again did not mention UMD as a school he intended to see before making his college decision April 25. Unless he's specifically asked about the Terps, he typically doesn't bring them.

Right now, Washington's top five suitors are Alabama, USC, TCU, UNC and Syracuse, and he plans to release one more next week before finalizing a visit schedule. Based off Washington’s most recent comments, that sixth school will either be LSU or Notre Dame -- not Maryland. Perhaps he'll change his thinking following his trip to UMD, but even if he does, we're not ready to forecast him to UMD.

Washington will trek to Bama and UNC in the next couple weeks, while he’s attempting to fly to Texas (for TCU) and California (for USC) during spring break.

We’ll leave Washington listed as “cold” on the hot board for now, though it could change after April 3.

Noah Turner, TE, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein, Ill.): One of Maryland’s foremost tight end targets is set to see College Park for the first time March 23. Turner has had consistent contact with UMD area recruiter Chad Wilt, and has been eager to check out one of his top Big Ten suitors for the last month or so.

Turner cited Wilt’s overtures as one of the primary reasons he’s trekking east, although Maryland’s Big Ten connection; strong academics; and need for tight ends intrigue him as well.

The Terps are competing against numerous Midwest suitors, however. Indiana and Illinois are both on him, while Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, Penn State, Nebraska and others are monitoring Turner.

The Hoosiers, a program Turner just visited March 7, has made a serious impression with their coaching staff. As has hometown Illinois, which the tight end will be seeing for the second time March 13-14. Turner has also taken in Purdue, while he plans to be at Northern Illinois March 20; UMD March 23; and Iowa State March 28 before setting up his April schedule.

We think the Terps do have a shot with Turner, though a lot is going to depend on his College Park visit and what other suitors emerge.

Brandon Ford, OL, Upper St. Clair (Pittsburgh, Pa.): The Terps are in a solid spot with Ford thanks to head coach Randy Edsall’s and area recruiter Greg Studrawa’s early offer. The Pittsburgh product was thrilled to land his first Big Ten verbal from UMD Feb. 23, and is now set for his initial College Park visit April 4.

Ford has heard plenty of positives about Maryland from his good friend, Brian Yates, a former Terps lacrosse player, while Studrawa has done his part to sell the program as well. The school’s academics and conference affiliation are two factors working in UMD’s favor too.

Ford, though, also holds an offer from nearby Pittsburgh, and many believe the Panthers will be difficult to beat. The Upper St. Clair prospect was back at Pitt Feb. 24 and once again raved about the school, the staff and the opportunity to play just minutes from family and friends.

Penn State, which Ford visited Feb. 28, is also hot on his trail, and should the Nittany Lions offer, they could very well leapfrog all other pursuers.

Regardless, expect Ford to let the recruiting process play out beyond this summer. Ford does not want to commit until he’s able to send out senior film to several inquiring college assistants, who weren’t as impressed with his junior tape.

Rashad Wheeler, DE, Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, Pa.): Wheeler, who landed a Maryland verbal Feb. 26, has a budding relationship with Terps’ Pittsburgh area recruiter Greg Studrawa, and the defensive end will be checking out UMD April 4.

Wheeler said Maryland’s Big Ten affiliation, Under Armour connections, educational opportunities and need for defensive linemen have his attention. He’s also taken to Studrawa quite well, the two in touch several times each week.

Wheeler also has offers from Pittsburgh, Boston College, Temple, Virginia, and Wake Forest, with hometown Pitt catching his eye. The edge rusher has visited the Panthers on a couple occasions and suggested he wouldn’t mind staying home for college.

Wheeler has also delivered positive reports about trips to Wake and BC.

Meanwhile, PSU, which he just saw for its Feb. 28 junior day, would become a prime contender should a Nittany Lions scholarship come to fruition. In fact, Wheeler basically said PSU was the team to beat, and he would consider committing on the spot if head coach James Franklin antes up.

Michigan State, Wisconsin, Va Tech, Northwestern and others are keeping tabs on Wheeler and could become players in this recruitment too.

Christian Colon, DL, Independence (Charlotte, N.C.): This four-star defensive lineman has about 20 offers to date, including those from South Carolina, Penn State, WVU, UNC, Maryland, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt and others. He’s been in touch with new Terps’ area recruiter Lyndon Johnson, as well as defensive line coach Chad Wilt, and will be checking out College Park for the first time April 3. Colon said UMD’s need for defensive linemen and its belonging to the Big Ten are two of the main reasons he’ll be looking at the school.

But Colon, who will be coming up with Robert Washington, is going to be a difficult pull out of the South. Hometown UNC is on this guy hard, while he just visited PSU Feb. 28 and has the Nittany Lions on the brain too. Notre Dame is another prime player that figures to get a long look after Colon visits South Bend, Ind.

At this point, we’re not inclined to include him on the hot board.

Chandler Reeves, OL, Eagles Christian Landing (McDonough, Ga.) More than two weeks after pulling a Terps scholarship, Maryland is still the only school to have an offer out to this Georgia lineman. And apparently Reeves plans to repay area recruiter Lyndon Johnson and head coach Randy Edsall by visiting College Park April 11.

Reeves has had contact with Johnson for more than a month now, and the two have a mutual respect. The Georgia lineman said he’s looking forward to meeting Johnson, as well as the rest of the UMD staff, in person.

Reeves doesn’t know a ton about Maryland yet, but wants to learn more about the academics; facility upgrades; and direction of the program during his stay. He said the school’s noted business school and Big Ten affiliation, in particular, resonate with him.

Besides Maryland, Reeves is hearing from the local university, Georgia Tech, along with Purdue, Va Tech and South Carolina.

Tech, which Reeves just visited in early March, could very well offer next. If so, it’s possible the Yellow Jackets could vault into the lead for Reeves’ services, as the Georgia native would like the chance to represent his hometown school.

Either way, Reeves will probably drag his recruitment out until December, just so he can see what other offers he can procure this fall.

Noah Burks, LB, Carmel (Ind.): See section above. Visiting late March.

More News & Notes

J.J. Givens, S/CB, Atlee (Mechanicsville, Va.): Give Terps’ southern Virginia-area recruiter Chad Wilt props: Even if the defensive line coach hasn’t been able to secure a pop from an elite 757, 703, 804 or 571 recruit, he’s certainly left favorable impressions. Maybe this year, his second at Maryland, Wilt’s efforts will pay off.

Givens is yet another top prospect Wilt has made significant in-roads with, the latter convincing the Atlee hybrid to visit College Park March 9. Givens said he and Wilt had been in contact for more than three months, the 6-2, 170-pounder calling the assistant “one of my favorite college coaches." Givens went on to laud Wilt's personality and ability to relate to high school athletes.

As far as his visit is concerned, Givens raved about UMD’s campus; future facility plans; and the program as a whole. He said he had a one-on-one conversation with Randy Edsall, the headman’s message resonating with the Mechanicsville native.

“Coach Edsall was saying how they just don’t hand offers out there – they want a certain type of student-athlete. So it meant a lot, because they’re so serious about who they give offers out to,” Givens said.

Look for Givens to return to College Park at some point this spring or summer.

So, given (no pun intended) the above, why is Givens still listed as “cool” on the hot board?

Because he’s one of those “love every school” recruits. After some prodding, Givens admitted he has no leaders and has every program that’s offered him “on an even playing field.”

Moreover, he has yet to see the likes of Michigan and MSU, two of his more notable verbals, and his thinking could change following trips to each. Meanwhile, Notre Dame (no offer yet), West Virginia, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech are firmly on his mind, in addition to UMD.

We’ll know more about where Givens truly stands later this offseason. (ARTICLE).

Jauan Williams, OL, Carroll (Washington, D.C.): Maryland’s top offensive line prospect continued to make the rounds last week. After taking in Alabama and Auburn in late February, the 6-6, 300 pounder saw North Carolina March 8. Williams spoke highly of the campus, the facilities and some current Tar Heels, while he praised the experience at the much-anticipated Duke-Carolina hoops game too.

Next up for Williams is a trip to Tennessee. After that, he’ll likely begin planning a swing through Florida and perhaps a trek north to the likes of Ohio State and Michigan. A return to College Park, which he’s seen numerous times, is also in the cards.

But Williams will not be selecting a college until next Signing Day, so his recruitment isn’t one to watch all that closely until he begins announcing official visit possibilities.

Ellison Jordan, DL, Gilman (Baltimore, Md.): Another week, another visit for the elite DMV defensive tackle. Jordan was just at Penn State Feb. 28, and March 8 he ventured up to Rutgers, extolling RU’s academics and defensive line coach Jim Panagos.

While PSU could be a threat to Maryland for Jordan’s services, we don’t foresee the Scarlet Knights gaining much traction with him, despite his comments.

The next two universities Jordan visits, though, are bound to resonate. He’ll be at Ohio State and Michigan State later this month, and both are firmly on the Bowie, Md., native’s radar. The Buckeyes haven’t offered yet, but the Spartans jumped into the Jordan sweepstakes several months ago, and have been on the Gilman product’s mind for some time.

Should Terps fans be worried? No, not yet.

Jordan still has much love for the hometown school and Gilman recruiter Mike Locksley. We still believe UMD has the inside track for the four-star’s services.

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Bullis (Potomac, Md.): Well, we had to mention him eventually. The four-star quarterback hasn’t generated too much news recently, except he did just set a March 21 visit to Notre Dame. After that, he’ll try to take in Michigan, Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU and possibly Arizona and Arizona State.

Haskins is still set for a spring decision date, so we doubt he’ll be trekking to all of the above locales. And, yes, we still believe the Terps are in position to land the local gunslinger, although the Jarrett Guarantano (Bergen Catholic/Oradell, N.J.) situation bears watching.

Guarantano was supposed to be committed to Ohio State by now, but he may be getting cold feet. If Guarantano chooses hometown Rutgers or Tennessee instead, would Haskins, who originally called the Buckeyes his No. 1, reconsider his situation?

We’ll have to see how it plays out.

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