Turner Likes What He Sees At UMD

The Terps extended an offer to Carmel Catholic’s (Mundelein, Ill.) tight end Noah Turner in mid-February, and a little more than a month later the 6-foot-3, 240-pounder took his first trip to College Park, Md.

The Terps extended an offer to Carmel Catholic’s (Mundelein, Ill.) tight end Noah Turner in mid-February, and a little more than a month later the 6-foot-3, 240-pounder took his first trip to College Park, Md. Turner, along with his father, are on an East Coast swing that includes stops at UMD (March 23), N.C. State (March 24) and North Carolina (March 25).

“My first time at Maryland definitely left a big impression,” said Turner, who holds offers from UMD, Illinois, Indiana and most MAC programs. “I came in not really knowing what to expect since I wasn’t too familiar with Maryland, but I left with a really good feeling about the school. I’m really excited about Maryland, and my dad is too. He has the same outlook about the school as I do – he came in not knowing much but came out loving it.”

Turner said he and his father did “it all” during their day-long stay in College Park. The Illinois product had a chance to tour the campus, learn about the facility upgrades, talk to most of the offensive coaches, watch practice and sit down with head coach Randy Edsall.

“It was a great trip overall,” Turner said. “I couldn’t tell you one thing that stood out – I liked it as a whole. It was just a really good time all-around.”

The hybrid tight end spent most of the day with his area recruiter, Chad Wilt. Turner said Wilt has trekked through Carmel Catholic about three times now, and the two have a “very strong” relationship.

“We have a real good bond, and it’s even better now after I spent the whole day with him,” Turner said. “I felt like I knew him pretty well before, but I know him more now. He just has a great attitude, and he’s so easy to talk to. Like, he’s a laid back guy, but energetic about the program. I like how he can talk to you about football, but he’ll make it personal too. We’ve had some great conversations.”

Turner spent a good amount of time with Terps tight ends coach John Dunn as well. The recruit said Dunn envisions him in the H-back slot at Maryland, someone who can fill a variety of different roles in the backfield.

“Coach Dunn was saying how I’m kind of an in-between type of tight end, so I’m not quite a big, fast wideout, but not like a 5-tech fullback either,” Turner said. “But [Dunn] likes how I can move around and do pretty much everything in the offense. He said I can play in tight, I can block, I can split out and I can move into the backfield. He thinks I can do it all, and that’s something that sounds real good to me. It’s a good role, definitely.”

In addition to chatting of the aforementioned assistants, Turner and Co. spoke to Edsall as well. The headman’s academic-oriented message certainly appealed, but apparently Edsall made another comment that hit home.

“The thing that really struck me about Coach Edsall was how confident he was in the program and its future,” Turner said. “He said flat out, ‘We’re going to win a Big Ten championship and I want you to be apart of it.’ So he just had a real positive outlook about here Maryland is now and where it will be. That confidence, it was awesome, and I think you’ll see it translate to the field.”

Turner went on to call the new indoor facility upgrade and the proposed tunnel “really sweet, it’s going to be awesome.” He also enjoyed watching the Terps practice, paying particular attention to the tight ends.

“Practice was really fun; I liked how organized and energetic everyone was,” Turner said. “I was watching how the tight ends worked, and it looks like Maryland is trying to get them involved in the offense. So that’s obviously a good thing.”

It’s conceivable Turner could return to College Park sometime this fall for an official visit, though that’s a long way off. In the meantime, he’s looking forward to trips to N.C. State and UNC, followed by Michigan State, Michigan and Western Michigan in April. Turner has already seen nearby Indiana and Illinois multiple times, as well as Northern Illinois.

“Obviously I’m very familiar with Illinois and Indiana; they’re both great schools and the coaches are constantly giving me feedback,” Turner said. “And Northern Illinois, I was just there for the first time and that was a good trip too.”

Turner isn’t claiming any early leaders, but he’s made it know he covets offers from the Spartans and Wolverines. In addition to visiting each, he’ll likely attend camps in East Lansing, Mich., and Ann Arbor, Mich., to try and draw each staff’s eye.

“Michigan State, Michigan, those would be big [offers],” Turner said. “Both [staffs] have been talking to me lately, so hopefully if I do well at camp I’ll get those offers.”

Turner said he does not plan to commit until mid-fall or later. He’d like to follow through with the official visit process, but admitted an earlier pledge is possible depending on circumstances.

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