Terps Intrigue Ohio DT Pooler

The Terps have a number of offers out in Ohio, and one of their most recent was to Chaminade Julienne (Dayton, Ohio) defensive tackle Jeffery Pooler.

The Terps have a number of offers out in Ohio, and one of their most recent was to Chaminade Julienne (Dayton, Ohio) defensive tackle Jeffery Pooler, an under-the-radar recruit Greg Studrawa, Chad Wilt and Co. have jumped on early. The 6-foot-4, 275-pounder said the Terps’ offensive line coach, Studrawa, visited his school April 29 and let him know the scholarship was on the table.

“That was a huge offer for me. I was really excited,” said Pooler, who previously held verbals from Uconn and numerous MAC programs. “It was my first Big Ten offer, and my dream has always been to play in the Big Ten. Plus I like the couple coaches I’ve talked to from there a lot.”

Pooler said he initially contacted UMD’s defensive line coach, Wilt, via Twitter, sending him his film. A couple days later, Pooler said Wilt messaged him back, letting him know he “liked the way I made plays all over the field.” The Chaminade recruit then explained how Wilt recommended that head coach Randy Edsall extend the offer, which came to fruiting April 29.

“After I contacted Coach Wilt and he looked at my film and recommended me, Coach Studrawa, who recruits this area, started following me [on Twitter]. So we’ve been talking [messaging] for about one-and-a-half weeks, just going back and forth about football and Maryland,” Pooler said. “He probably stayed in touch with me more than anyone else who’s recruiting me right now. He asked for my grades and transcripts, and when he got those approved he came up here to let me know I had the offer.

“[Studrawa] seems like a great guy and I like him a lot. I couldn’t really talk to him when he came up here because of NCAA rules, but it was exciting to see him and to get the offer.”

Pooler admitted he doesn’t know too much about the Maryland program yet, but will delve deeper now that he has the offer. He’s also planning to visit College Park, Md., for the first time this June.

“I watched Maryland like three times on TV, and I love their uniforms,” Pooler said, chuckling. “And Coach Stud was telling me about their business school, so that’s something I want to check out since that’s going to be my major. I have to get out there and just see what they’re all about.”

When asked if the Terps were now his most prominent suitor, however, Pooler hesitated. He said “they have the potential to be,” but didn’t want to name any leaders just yet. Pooler said a number of programs are keeping tabs and could be close to offering, so he’ll wait out the process before claiming standouts.

“I’m just taking visits and trying to get offers right now – no favorites,” Pooler said. “I think Pitt and Purdue might offer next, and those would be big offers for me too. I’d like to hear more from Ohio State, Michigan State and West Virginia too, those are like some schools I grew up with. Ohio State and Michigan State are kind of like dream schools.”

So far this offseason Pooler has visited Kentucky, Purdue, Indiana and several MAC programs. He said no trip really caught his eye as of yet.

Pooler is unsure which school he’ll take in next, mentioning that he’d wait until more offers materialized before deciding on a visit schedule.

“Staying close to home really isn’t a major factor for me; location isn’t a big deal,” Pooler said. “Mainly I’m going to be looking for the place where I have the best relationship with the coaches and there’s a real brotherhood with the players. Those are the main two things.”

The Ohio recruit, who is looking to commit mid- to late-summer, is coming off a season where he recorded 67 tackles, eight sacks, four breakups and two forced fumbles. He said most programs, including Maryland, view him as an interior lineman, with the potential to develop into an edge rusher in a 4-3 scheme.

“Coach Wilt, he was saying how he likes my versatility and how I move up front, and that’s what most coaches say about me,” Pooler said. “[Wilt] thinks I’m quick off the ball and can make plays up and down the line. [Maryland] likes me at tackle, but they think I can play end too.”

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