Meet Top Local Baseball Recruit Kody Milton

SEVERN, Md. -- A look at local first-base prospect and Terps target Kody Milton

SEVERN, Md. -- Now that Eric Milton, ex-Major League pitcher for the Minnesota Twins and Terps alum, has taken the reign as head coach of Severna Park High School (Severn, Md.), the team's play has improved dramatically. He brought with him a talented group of baseball veterans who know the game inside out and have imparted their knowledge on the group.

The Falcons have come a long way in a short period of time under Milton, who has installed discipline and instilled the basic principles back into Severna Park baseball. By the way coach moves around the field, one senses an air of both confidence and sternness around his squad.

The Falcons are a start-studded group with a lineup full of upper class thumpers. They are full of juniors and seniors leading the way, except for a big, tall first baseman wearing No. 23: Kody Milton. This ninth grader, large for his age, carries himself on and off the field with the maturity of an upperclassman. Never too down on himself or too high, his reaction to a single up the middle is what you will see when he strikes out.

Milton has a classic stance with legs shoulder-width apart, while keeping his bat behind his neck and raised above his shoulders. His front foot is slightly out of the batters box with his weight on his toes. His back foot is buried deep in the box behind the plate. Milton's balance seems perfect with every swing. His tremendous hand speed allows him to wait as long as possible to decide to take or swing at the incoming pitch.

Of course the hand speed allows the bat to come through the zone at a terrific pace, and it seems he wastes no energy making contact. Third basemen, especially, need to be on their toes when Milton is in the box.

Milton is patient in the box and has good, soft hands at first with a strong arm to turn two.

Milton has a bright future ahead (people in the Maryland area are already comparing him to a right-handed Mark Teixeira) and plans on attending college before turning pro. He claims many offers and Maryland is right in the thick of his early-recruiting cycle.

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