Zingale Can't Wait To Be A Terp

Terek Zingale (Nordonia/Macedonia, Ohio) committed to Maryland May 16.

The DMV-to-UMD Movement may not have registered with all the local talents as of yet, but the Terps have pulled two Ohio recruits in the last 48 hours. Earlier May 16, Terps' area recruiter Greg Studrawa heard from Jeffery Pooler (Chamiande Julienne/Dayton, Ohio) that he was on board with UMD, and a few hours later 6-6, 300-pound offensive tackle Terek Zingale (Nordonia/Macedonia, Ohio) joined the fray.

“Oh man, I can’t say enough about Maryland,” said Zingale, who holds offers from UMD, Illinois, Ohio, Marshall, Toledo, Syracuse, Akron, Minnesota and others. “The campus, the coaches, the academics – everything there is great. I love it at Maryland and I can’t say enough about the program.”

Turns out one of Maryland’s most recent pledges, quarterback Dwayne Haskins (Bullis/Potomac, Md.), has already been putting in the work. Evidently Haskins spoke to Zingale extensively May 16, convincing him to join the Movement in College Park, Md. Zingale said even though he’s from Ohio, Haskins made him feel like he was a hometown recruit someone who needed to be on board with the Terps.

“When Dwayne committed to Maryland, that was an eye-opener. In my eyes, he was the No. 2 quarterback in the country, so why wouldn’t you want to go where he’s going? And what he was saying about the school, man, I couldn’t turn that down,” Zingale said. “He was telling me about he academics there, which is a huge thing for me, and how there are so many connections right by D.C.. The new facilities, we were talking about those too, and those are so cool. So cool. And all the Under Armour connections, there’s just so many advantages at Maryland. How would you not want to play there?

“Just talking to Dwayne, I knew that I couldn’t turn that school down. I was going to wait to make my decision, but after talking to him, and watching him commit, I mean, come on. He’s like the No. 2 quarterback out there and he picked Maryland over like everyone. That’s huge, it’s big, and pretty cool. I wanted to be part of that.”

Zingale actually visited College Park for the first time back in April, he and his father raving about their stay. The two immediately connected with not only Studrawa, but head coach Randy Edsall, offensive coordinate Mike Locksley and others as well.

“Just seeing the campus and then meeting the coaches, it’s just awesome,” Zingale said. “Coach Edsall, Coach Locks, Coach Stud, those guys are awesome. I love those guys and just how they tell you things like it is. I’m not guaranteed anything; they want me to come in and work.

“Then I checked out the facilities, the Under Armour things, the engineering facilities and the dorms, and that was really nice too. The one thing that really stood out, though, was the way they ran their team with the academics. The coaches there ensure that you do good in school and are set academically. That was an eye-opener.”

Zingale said he spoke to Studrawa for about five Minutes May 16, and then talked to Edsall for a good while.

“Coach Edsall was just really excited and was happy to have me on board. He wants me on his line,” Zingale said. “He’s trying to build a championship team there and they only pick a select few players to help them do that. I’m honored to be one of them. Him and Coach Stud were saying how I’m a great player and I can help them be a national championship caliber program. So that sort of pushed me over the edge to [commit] to Maryland.”

Zingale’s relationship with Studrawa was really the main reason he opted for UMD over the Illini, Toledo and others, however. He said he’s been in touch with Maryland’s O-Line coach for upwards of two months, the two discussing everything form football to academics to Zingale’s social life.

“Of all the coaches I’ve talked to, I liked Coach Stud the best,” Zingale said. “He was my favorite coach, because he went beyond football. He always asked how I was doing, how my parents were doing, things like that. Then the things he was saying about Maryland, and how they were doing big things there, that was impressive. I mean, I can’t wait to play there, see those new facilities, and just represent that university.

“I mean, I’ve taken a lot of visits, and when you go someplace and the facilities are just like, “Eh,” then that’s a turnoff. But seeing what Maryland has and is about to build, oh man, I mean come on now. That’s awesome. Maryland is having an uprising for sure.”

Zingale went on to say that UMD’s academic’s rung true. He wants to major in engineering, noting Maryland’s strong program in that field. Zingale said the fact the Terps provide tutors and have mandatory study hall was “huge,” allowing him to focus just as much on his education as football.

“I love how Coach Edsall really stresses academics and getting good grades. Me and my dad both love that,” Zingale said. “I know football isn’t going to last forever, so the fact that I’m getting a great degree is awesome.”

The Ohio tackle went on to laud the campus, calling it “awesome.” He said he couldn’t envision himself anywhere else but college Park, saying the six hour drive was “nothing” for him.

Now, he’ll look to make an impact on the Terps’ O-Line. Zingale has been lacing up since he was six years old, a natural tailback until he sprouted up to more than six-feet in the eighth grade.

“I was a tailback until I got way too tall and had to move to the line,” Zingale said. “By my freshman year of high school I was all offensive line, and then by my sophomore year I really started to show I could dominate the position.”

Zingale said he played both guard and tackle, excelling at both positions.

“I remember this one play, it really showed how far I’d come,” Zingale said. “We were playing our rival, we were on our 40 yard line and we ran an off-tackle play. I pulled into the B-gap, the guard blocked down, and I pancaked the safety, just put him on his back. Then I moved out and pancaked the linebacker too, just drilled him. That gave our running back a wide-open lane and he ended up scoring on that play. It was awesome.”

Zingale hopes to continue doing awesome things in College Park in a couple years. He said he can’t wait to meet his fellow class of 2016 pledges and begin competing at UMD.

“Maryland is a special, special place. They’re doing big things there,” Zingale said. “The whole Movement thing, the guys they’re bringing in, the things they’re building… man… I mean, it’s awesome. I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else. I can’t wait to be a Terp.”

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