Morgenstern Has Terps Among Top Contenders

St. Luke’s School (New Haven, Conn.) linebacker Jacob Morgenstern has about 20 verbal offers heading into the final days of the spring evaluation period, but he’s begun to focus in on a few standout suitors.

St. Luke’s School (New Haven, Conn.) linebacker Jacob Morgenstern has about 20 verbal offers heading into the final days of the spring evaluation period, but he’s begun to focus in on a few standout suitors. The 6-foot-4, 210-pounder said staffs from Maryland, Duke, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and Pittsburgh have stayed in contact the most, and Morgenstern has each under firm consideration.

“It was pretty busy this spring with all these coaches coming through, but the schools that were most interested in me and want me the most had already offered,” Morgenstern said. “The only school that hasn’t offered I might take a look at is Stanford and maybe UVA, but the rest [UMD, Duke, BC, Vandy, Wisconsin, Pitt] have all made it known they want me and are recruiting me intensely. They’re consistently hitting me up every day or every other day.”

Morgenstern didn’t want to claim any firm “leaders” out of that aforementioned grouping, but when pressed he admitted Duke and Boston College would be difficult to top. He’s visited Chestnut Hill, Mass., a couple times already, while he’s eager to see Durham, N.C., this June.

“It’s a tough call on leaders without seeing all the schools yet, but if I had to say, Duke and BC would be at the top,” said Morgenstern, who will see Pitt June 14, Wisconsin June 15, Vandy June 17, Duke June 19, UVA June 21 and Maryland June 22. “With Duke, it’s awesome academics and I have a friend who goes there too. The coaches have a great relationship with me and have really been telling me great things about the school. And BC is one of the closer schools to me, only about 3.5 hours away, and it’s an awesome school too. I’ve been there before and I’m very comfortable on campus.”

Nos. 3-5 were a bit harder to pinpoint, but Morgenstern said “Pittsburgh, Maryland and Wisconsin off the top of my head” were standing out. The Connecticut product said he’s had daily contact with UMD area recruiter Keith Dudzinski, who has told him plenty about the Terps.

“Coach Dud is great. Over the last few months we’ve developed a great relationship,” Morgenstern said. “He’s telling me how I’d fit into the defense, how much he wants me down there and how I could excel there. He’s visited Connecticut like twice this spring, and he’s probably the coach I speak to the most. He’s eager to get me down there on campus June 22 and show me what Maryland is all about.”

Morgenstern, though, already has connections in Maryland. Moreover, he’s done quite a bit of research both online and through various contacts who know the school well.

“I actually have family in Maryland, my cousin lives down there,” Morgenstern said. “He’s been pressing me to go there and has told me how great it is over there. Then I know Shawn Forte too, and he played at Maryland. He goes to my gym, and whenever I see him he tells me how much I’d like it there. He said he loved every second he was down there.”

The backer went on to laud UMD’s Big Ten affiliation, strong academics and the Under Armour connection.

But he also had plenty of praise for Wisconsin and Pitt, too. Namely, he said the staffs at both have left and impression, while the Badgers offer a chance to play at a Big Ten power.

Stanford, meanwhile, could very well enter the mix should the Cardinal pursue. Morgenstern is still debating whether or not he wants to attend their camp in order to cull out the scholarship.

“Stanford would be in the conversation because it’s Stanford. It’s the No. 2 school in the nation, and plus I have friends that went there and tell me great things,” Morgenstern said. “Stanford is a school that’s sitting in the back of my mind.”

Morgenstern said the foremost factors he’ll be looking at on his upcoming visits are academics, the vitality of the football program, how the coaches treat him and where he feels most comfortable.

“After I take these visits I’m going to take some time and then I should be ready to decide [on what school I’m attending] by the end of the summer,” Morgenstern said. “I don’t want to wait too long because I know spots will fill up. By August I should be ready.”

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