TT Terps Team Camp Eval 1: Prentiss Hubb

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- A talented, local 2018 prospect is emerging from Gonzaga High School by the name of Prentiss Hubb, and he is turning heads more and more after every tournament played, including at the Xfinity Center this past weekend.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- A talented 2018 prospect is emerging from Gonzaga High School (Washington, D.C.) by the name of Prentiss Hubb, and he is turning heads more and more after every tournament played.

Hubb is an athletic, left-handed, long-armed and lanky 6-2 guard. Many observers believe he is a true two-guard, though he can handle as well. But with Chris Lykes a no-show this past weekend at the Terps first Team Camp, Hubb had no problem sharing the ball-handling duties with teammates Eddie Scott and Myles Dread, among others.

Hubb is a quick leaper who releases his shot before defenders have time to react. He uses that same timing and quick-twitch ability to block shots and beat his opponents to the glass for rebounds. While watching him play, he looks and plays much taller. If he happens to grow a few more inches, he will be an excellent small forward.

Hubb is Gonzaga's shut-down defender, and he made life tough for Player of the Year Markelle Fultz with his quick feet and in-your-face style. He does a very good job of working his way through screens and closing passing lanes with his length and quickness.

Defense is definitely his strength at this time. However, Gonzaga is loaded with upcoming talent, and Coach Steve Turner likes to move the ball quickly to find the open man with the best opportunity to score. So no one person gets the lion's share of points.

If Hubb has any weaknesses it may be his concentration at times, though he is still just a youngin. He let many balls slip through his hands over the weekend due to maybe being over-eager and anxious to help his teammates get on the scoreboard. Also, like many players his age, Hubb needs to find a rhythm with his shot and work on his consistency. In this offense, Hubb needs to be thinking ahead at all times. The passes come quick and hard. They rotate well.

But the skills are all in place. The high-majors are following him based on potential, including the Terps very much so. He walks with a swagger on and off the court but remains humble. Hubb realizes how good he can be with increased time and effort. This rising star is one to watch for DMV fans. And his statistics will increase with additional playing time and an upgraded skill level.

Gonzaga will be a force the next few years as they possess a fine group of young underclassmen, and Maryland is all over this program right now.

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