Quansah Returns To Maryland

Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford, Conn.) linebacker Koby Quansah returned to Maryland June 19. He talks recruiting, UMD and more in this update.

Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford, Conn.) linebacker Koby Quansah has garnered more than 20 offers to date, including those from some renowned college football programs like Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin and others. But the 6-foot-1, 210-pounder still has one of his first suitors, Maryland, under prime consideration. In fact, Quansah was back in College Park, Md., for a second time June 19, and had naught but praise for UMD.

"You know, a lot of times I don't tell people where I'm heading, I just sort of set things up and go, unexpected," said Quansah, who holds offers from UND, UMD, Duke, Arizona, Boston College, UConn, Indiana, Iowa, UNC, UMass, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Pitt, Northwestern Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Vandy and others. "But me and Coach Dud [Keith Dudzinski] have been talking for a long time, and we had been talking about a time when me and my mom could get down to Maryland, and today [June 19] was the day. I was at Maryland a couple months ago, but my mom hadn't seen the school yet. So [June 19] was all about getting my mom on campus and showing her what it was like, and just talking to Coach Dud and the coaches again.

"And she loved it, and she loved the coaches there and what they're all about. And I have a very high interest in Maryland too. It's a great school academically and athletically."

Quansah said what stood out the most was his meeting with a UMD business professor and academic advisor. A high-GPA student-athlete whose primary concern is education, Quansah is looking for an institution that will provide him with both a great degree and a terrific athletic experience.

"I was at Maryland before and loved it, and I loved it again, just learning more about the academic side," said Quansah, who was last in College Park during his spring break. "I Iove how they emphasize the full student-athlete and really push acaemics there. They really want you to succeed after football there, and that means a lot. My mom loved how Maryland can make me not just a better football player, but a better man, and that meant a lot to me too. I know they're going to take care of me there."

The Connecticut backer went on to praise the campus, facility upgrades and new player dorms. He said he didn't have an opportunity to see all of College Park the last time he was at UMD, but on June 19 he explored pretty much all the ground.

"Maryland is a great, great place -- beautiful," Quansah said. "It's really big and everything you need is right there for you. Me and my mom both loved it. When the new facilities are built, they're going to be some of the best in the country."

Quansah had an opportunity to speak to several Maryland coaches and players too, though headman Randy Edsall wasn't one of them. The Kingwood Oxford product said Edsall had to leave around 1 p.m. June 19, and the Quansahs didn't arrive until around 2 p.m. (Quansah said he was setting up a Face Time conversation with Edsall, however).

"Mainly I was just with Coach Dud, and we were walking around with him and mainly chatting with him," Quansah said. "I've known him for a long time. It was great to see him again. He answered a lot of our questions and did a great job explaining things. We talked some football, but also just had some regular conversations too. He related really well to both me and my mom. He's one of my favorite coaches to talk to."

Quansah also caught up with his Connecticut neighbor, Andrew Isaacs, a Terps tight end. The backer said he's been in fairly regular communication with Isaacs, who has let him know "Maryland is a great place to be."

"I saw Andrew and it was great to see him again," Quansah said. "We live right across from each other and we've known each other for a long time. He was telling me how the coaches at Maryland had not only helped him as a football player, but helped him become a better man too. So that really stood out to me. I trust Andrew, and it was great to hear what he had to say."

After two trips to UMD, Quansah said Maryland is "one of my top schools right now." He doesn't have a true favorites list yet, but admitted the Terps would reside among his primary contenders. He said he's comfortable on campus, likes what the coaches represent and is intrigued by the school's high-academic standards.

"Maryland is going to be there for me," Quansah said. "I'm loving the Terps right now, although there's a lot of schools I'm still looking at."

Next up for Quansah are trips to UNC and Wake Forest. He has already been to BC, Rutgers, Yale, FAU, Duke, UMD and North Carolina.

"Right now I don't have any leaders. I like a lot of the schools I've been to," Quansah said. "But I'm looking forward to getting out to Notre Dame, that' a big one for me. I'm going out there in July and definitely looking forward to that. I'm getting out to Stanford too, thought I might have to take an official for that one."

Quansah said he probably will take several officials in the fall before deciding on a school. But there's a chance, if he find the right fit, he'll commit by August.

"There's still a lot of things I need to think about and schools I need to see. There's places out West I still want to get to," said Quansah, who plans to release a leaderboard in July. "If I can, I'd like to decide by August, but more than likely I'll wait until December so I can take some officials. But we'll see."

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