Gonzaga Has Another Emerging Underclassman

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) has another merging young standout in sophomore small forward Myles Dread, who TT scouted this past week in the loaded DeMatha Summer League.

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) has another young emerging standout in sophomore small forward Myles Dread. Since the winter session ended several months back, one can't help but notice the amount of extra work Dread has dedicated to the physical and mental aspects of his game.

His sometimes timid attitude with his movements on the court, with or without the ball, have seemingly changed dramatically. His winter game went largely unnoticed, although you could see glimmers of hope and promise.

Well, in the weeks following the playoffs, and leading up to summer camps and leagues, Dread has been working on his body and the finished product is noticeable. He added an inch or two in height as well. He looks about 6-foot-6, 215 pounds and is more chiseled.

Dread has also been in the gym honing his basketball skills, obviously, improving every aspect of his game. There is no hesitation in his game, defensively or offensively. His aggression on the court has resulted in Dread beginning to fill up the stat sheet as the summer leagues come to a conclusion.

Dread fights hard for rebounds and slams the ball with his hands tightly, never losing grip. It echoes throughout the gym. He never gives up on any loose balls and if they were playing outdoors, Dread would have the dirtiest uniform.

Dread's ball-handling has also improved as well. He is at ease bringing the ball up the court in man coverage or when double teamed with a zone trap. Dread's biggest weakness right now is knocking down his shot consistently. He attains good height on his jumper with a pretty release and rotation.

Dread needs to live in the gym and shoot jumpers maybe a bit more. He is already one of the best sophomores in the area, which includes teammate Prentiss Hubb who we profiled last month.

In a few of the games we witnessed recently at DeMatha, Dread found himself in foul trouble early, so he may need to tone down the aggressiveness just a bit during the upcoming period. But he is a bundle of energy and pleasure to watch, and Gonzaga, with its good young nucleus, will have to be reckoned with again this season.

In the very competitive game we watched on Saturday, Gonzaga met a similarly tough defensive foe in Paul VI and Dread's shots were contested by a deep, athletic front-court lead by V.J. King and the double teaming help of Brandon Slater and Aaron Thompson.

For the game, Dread finished with just six points and three assists, but he created many open looks. Using his strength to break through traps, he will only get better in this area and others. On the defensive end, he brought down 10 rebounds to go along with three steals and two blocked shots.

So we have another talented local youngster with all the tools whose hard work is beginning to pay off. Watching the Eagles this year against the usual DC powerhouses should be exciting considering all of the freshmen and sophomores showing their stuff, and the Terps keeping a very watchful eye (not to mention Mark Turgeon's son plays for the Eagles).

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